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How to Convert and Download Facebook Video in MP3

Facebook video download in MP3 can be done in a very simple way. Learn how to do so by using the Facebook...

Written by Tamana Khullar · 3 min read >

Facebook is a lovely place where you can share everything you created with anyone. Whether it’s friends or not, every user can share happiness within them. People can share their content in the form of videos and pictures. For music, it’ll usually be accompanied by a video, or as we call it, a music video.

Although the platform is still considered usable (despite the troubling bans and the “Meta”) for some people, Facebook has its limitations. Unlike TikTok, Facebook doesn’t have a feature to download videos to your phone, let alone extract audio from a video file. 

This is the main reason why people are looking for alternative solutions, for example, third-party apps to download Facebook video in MP3

These downloaders can be the only solution to download Facebook videos, especially if you want to convert them to MP3. Maybe you need the audio within the video, not the content as a whole. Downloaders can give the exact thing you want, in a simplistic way.

Is It Possible to Download Videos from Facebook to MP3

Of course! Downloading videos (not only from Facebook) to MP3 is possible. The process is called media converting, which changes the file format into a new one.  

Using the right tool, you may easily convert Facebook videos into MP3s. That way, you can play the MP3 file offline or use it as the background music. Now, you can finally work on anything you need to finish without opening the podcast video.

Although the process itself is easy, what’s hard is to find the proper downloader to do Facebook video download in MP3. When you type “Facebook Video Downloader” on the browser’s search bar, you’ll meet tons of them, each with a different brand but with the same functionalities.

If you happen to be in the same shoes, we’d like to recommend Snaptube to do Facebook MP3 song download.

Starting from its features, of course, Snaptube has plenty of them that may be suitable for all kinds of users. It has a very simplistic UI and straightforward downloading methods. No one would find it hard working with Snaptube.

What’s good is the choices of formats and resolutions. Users can freely choose video or audio formats and their resolutions or types. Picking different options is made easy thanks to the intuitive design.

Snaptube also supports more than 50+ websites, including Facebook and Instagram. So feel free to use it on any popular social media networks you know.

Use Snaptube to Download Facebook Videos to MP3

Snaptube functions as an app to do Facebook song downloads and a video downloader that supports multiple formats, resolutions, and, most importantly, websites.

To begin the process, you need to do these steps:

1. Download the Snaptube app

To enjoy the features of Snaptube, the first step you need to do is to install the app (Surely). The thing is, Snaptube isn’t included in Play Store or App Store. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean Snaptube isn’t safe to use.

It’s all because of the rules applied by Google, stating that apps that can download videos or music from social media platforms are prohibited. Snaptube is sadly included as one of them, so finding it on Google Play Store would only lead you to confusion.

Instead of visiting the Play Store, you can open its official website called Upon entering the page, you’ll be greeted with a sign that says Download, marked in red.

So, click it, and the apk, or the app package, will be downloaded to your device automatically. 

2. Copy the video link to Facebook

After installing the apps, to save from Facebook video to MP3, you need to copy the link to the video you want to download. Simply search for it, or if you have bookmarked it, see the Save Video list on your profile.

Select the video, click Share, and then copy the link. Easy, right?

Now, it’s time to go back to Snaptube.

3. Paste the link on the Snaptube app

Open the Snaptube app again and paste the link inside the given space. The space should be easy to notice since it’s right in the middle of the page. Select the blank page, hold the screen, and select paste. Then, click the Download button next to the FB video.

4. Choose the MP3/M4A format

After you click the Download button, you may notice some options start to appear. First, you can select the file format. You can either download the video as video or audio. If you choose video, you’ll be given other options about resolutions. Pick the one from the wide range of resolutions.

Since we want to download Facebook video in MP3, you only need to pick the audio and MP3 format. In the audio, you can also choose M4A if you want a higher audio quality.

And that’s what you need to know about Snaptube. As mentioned above, Snaptube is a great tool for downloading music from Facebook since it has many features and provides a wide range of download options for users. So, if you ever need a good downloader, Snaptube is the answer!

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