How Much is a PSP Worth | Reasons to Own a PSP in 2023

Can you believe it? It’s been almost 14 years since Sony’s PlayStation Portable first came out feel old yet. Well, that’s what...

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how much is a psp worth

Can you believe it? It’s been almost 14 years since Sony’s PlayStation Portable first came out feel old yet. Well, that’s what I’m here for to make you feel old. Today we will review the PSP once again and list a couple of reasons why you should own one in 2022.

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It’s time to revisit one of the best handhelds of its time – the Sony PlayStation Portable. Selling over 75 million units over its lifetime left its mark on the gaming industry. The PSP was a really good way to play some of the best games in a fully portable form factor, pioneering so many services that are taken for granted today. The PSP also acted as Sony’s main introduction into the portable gaming market and became a direct competitor to Nintendo, which released the DS in 2004. The PSP was a more powerful system and served as a portable gateway for people eager to play some of PSP’s greatest titles. It was a truly revolutionary device. And here’s why you should pick one up in 2022. 

First of all, to understand why you need to buy a PSP today, we should dive into how such a great console was made. 

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A Bit of History 

Sony first announced its new handheld at a press conference in 2003. The company didn’t provide much information on the upcoming system, still initiated the public into some details. In the 1990s, Nintendo dominated the handheld scene and was considered PSP’s main rival. Still, despite the DS’s indisputable advantages and fans’ support, the PSP quickly won over millions of loyal users due to its advanced graphic capabilities, smart design, and a considerable number of multimedia features, which PSP consoles are famed for. Moreover, the PSP was the only system to use the optical disk format known as UMDs. This feature allows you to play favorite games in the form of a PSP ISO, meaning you can use the images of PSP titles to run them on your emulators!

Lots of gamers fell in love with the console, that offered tons of features that were not common on portable gaming systems of that time. The PSP was initially seen as superior to its main rival, the Nintendo DS when both devices were introduced to the public back in 2004. 

Reasons to own the PSP system in 2023

#1 Cool Design 

Most long-standing PSP fans are fascinated with the PSP’s design. It’s glossy and has a glossy finish, which adds to its stylishness. Overall, it’s very slim and can fit into any pocket. Still, if you plan to carry it in your pocket, you may want to get a screen protector because your screen can easily scratch.            

#2 Comfort 

On the front of the system, you have the gamepad buttons, such as triangle, circle, and square, as well as the joystick and D-pad. The PSP features the same button layer as its predecessors, so you won’t have any difficulty controlling your games. All the buttons on the PSP are in perfect placement for any beginner to get comfy with. 

#3 Nice Screen

Back in the day, the size of the PSP screen was quite impressive. Today, most players may find the lack of resolution and color accuracy somewhat detracting from the overall gaming experience. Still, if you’re looking for an authentic retro gaming experience, this isn’t something that can get in the way of the pleasure you get from playing your favorite PSP titles. 

#4 Remote Play

One of the big reasons to buy the PSP today is Remote Play. It means you can easily connect your PSP to another console like PS3 and play its games on portable systems. Thus, you get a universal retro gaming device that ushers in new gaming opportunities for you. Most gamers who have tried this feature note that it works quite well. And this trend stuck to later PSP models like the PS Vita. 

#5 Battery Life

The battery of the PSP can last up to eight hours of usage. But under load, like actively playing your games, the battery life might go down to five hours, which is still very good in 2022. But this won’t even be a problem if you use emulators and dedicated emulator games instead of a physical PSP device!  

#6 Ability to Play Movies

Another feature the PSP is famed for is the ability to play movies with the UMDs. This was actually Sony pushed back in the day so that you could watch films on the go. But UMDs became so obsolete a feature by the point of the late 2000s that they now it’s considered more of a fad. That being said, this option is still valued by all connoisseurs of vintage systems. So, if you’re one of them, watching movies in the old-school format might be a plus for you.  

Let’s take a look at PSP Design & Hardware

how much is an original psp worth
How much is an original psp worth
  • Size-wise, it’s light small and can fit in your pocket.
  • PlayStation Portable had five different models during its lifecycle, the 20231002 usually considered to be the best of them all.
  • PSP also had tons of movies released on UMD format.
  • PSP has a widescreen LCD with 480 by 272 resolution.
  • PlayStation Portable has a huge library of excellent games you can play some great exclusives like Crysis, Gore, Dissidia, Dexter, and a bunch of more.
  • When you buy a PSP, you buy a great retro gaming machine.
  • No other console lets you play almost half of the entire history of gaming like PSP does. It clearly shows that how much is a sony psp worth in 2023.

how much is an original pSP worth in 2023

Knowing how much a PlayStation Portable (PSP) is worth now is crucial to the process, whether you’re trying to buy or sell. With four different models launched in the United States alone, determining the price of a PSP might be tricky.

ModeleBay (average sold price)Amazon (lowest price)
PSP 1000$65$101
PSP 2000$78$109
PSP 3000$119$121
PSP Go (black)$152$189
PSP Go (white)$183$197

So, what is the current value of a PSP? According to recently sold eBay auctions, the original PSP sells for an average of $63. The revised PSP 2000 model costs $68 while the PSP 3000 model costs $115. Furthermore, the revamped PSP Go consoles sell for considerably more — on average, $152 for the piano black model and $183 for the white model.

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