How much do React.JS Developers Earn and What Does It Depend On?

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It is one of the world’s most extensively used frontend frameworks and was created using JavaScript, one of the most well-liked and widely used computer languages. It’s no surprise that there are several popular React JS websites all around the globe. Given this, you’d expect ReactJS engineers to be easy to locate and hire. However, with more firms creating in this framework than ever, developers have many employers to select from. As a result, the average ReactJS pay continues to climb.

What Exactly is a React Developer?

A software engineer that uses the React JS or React Native frameworks to create and implement user-facing features for websites and apps is known as a “React developer.”

React JS is a declarative, fast, and adaptable JavaScript library used to create user interfaces. It enables software and application developers to create sophisticated user interfaces out of tiny, isolated bits of code known as components. React Native, on the other hand, is a Javascript framework used to create actual, natively rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Factors Influencing React Developer Salary Experience

Your knowledge and competence, as well as your seniority, can affect React developer hourly rates. As a result, it’s normal for more experienced developers to seek higher pay than entry-level React engineers, which is fair.


Where you reside may also affect how much money you can earn as a React developer. Working in a major urban location often equates to a greater wage as well as a higher cost of living.

Size of the Company

Working as a junior, mid-level, or senior React developer for a huge firm such as Netflix or Facebook is more likely to earn you a higher compensation than working for a small business with limited resources. However, it is critical to realize that this is not the norm.

Salary of a React Programmer Around the World

So, let’s talk about the genuine React pay in the world’s largest nations. Given the significant demand for React developers’ abilities and expertise, the market for these individuals is undoubtedly competitive. Because JavaScript is at the heart of ReactJS, we’ve included JavaScript programmer pay as well as junior ReactJS salary in our search for the yearly average ReactJS developer salary from across the globe.


Several significant tech centers in the United States draw skilled developers and IT organizations from all over the globe. For example, an entry-level React developer’s compensation ranges from $110,000 to $130,000 per year in these locations. Senior-level front-end engineer salaries may reach $165,000 per year, while full-stack experts at the same level earn an average of $168,000 per year.


The annual average pay for React developers in the UK is £55,007, or £28.30 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment may begin at £45,000 per year. You can also check for statistics on how much React.js engineers make in various places around Europe on the web – the figures are quite approximate.


According to the German pay statistics website, the average yearly compensation for a React developer is €62,190, with a salary range of €55,560 to €69,580 omitting the top and bottom 25%iles. The average monthly compensation for a React developer in Germany is €5015.


In Eastern and Central Europe, Ukrainian developers charge the most affordable and alluring rates for their services. Junior front-end React engineers earn $28,500 a year, while senior colleagues earn $70,000.

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Where to Find ReactJS Developers for Your Project

Employers that cannot afford to hire full-time employees in their own country may find some answers in the ReactJS average wage variance. Hiring offshore developers in low-cost nations will significantly reduce your costs.

One option to locate people is advertising for remote workers or outsourced project-based employment on prominent platforms. However, considerable human resource investment is required to identify, interview, onboard, train, and manage this new personnel.

Using outsourcing or outstaffing businesses, your organization may optimize its foreign IT workforce. Many of these can assist organizations in connecting with talent at a far cheaper cost.


React is significantly more popular than Vue and Angular. Although Vue is rapidly increasing, React continues to grow at the quickest rate. This shows that React is incredibly popular, and this tendency is expected to continue in the near future.

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