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How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

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Have you decided to start making money by selling feet pics and do not know how much do feet pics sell for? Well, we have a detailed answer for you.

However, there is no set amount or range of money we can recommend for selling your foot content; however, a few factors can assist you in determining the answer. In this guide, we have covered everything from the types of clients in the foot fetish industry to how much do feet pics sell for. So, we have got it all for you.

Scroll down to learn about the factors influencing for how much do feet pics sell for.

Who Buys Feet Pics and Videos?

Before we learn how much to charge as a foot model, let us look at the market and buyers. You might be surprised to learn that the foot fetish industry is rapidly expanding, with more foot lovers joining daily. With more buyers, there is also a greater demand for foot models. These foot content creators can capitalize on their popularity by setting the prices of their choice for feet photos and videos.

Are you curious about this audience and why they are willing to pay top dollar for foot content?

Following is the list of the top categories of foot content buyers:

1. Foot Fetishists

Foot fetishists make up a sizable portion of the foot fetish audience. These users have foot partialism, commonly known as podophilia. It is a condition where a person is sexually attracted to foot pictures and videos.

Some foot fetish clients are only interested in simple feet pictures, while others prefer jewelry, nail paints, or pornographic content in addition to the feet pictures and videos. Generally, men comprise this foot fetish audience and are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a single foot pic to satisfy their sexual needs.

2. Foot Care Companies or Shoe Brands

You have probably seen feet pics on foot care beauty products or shoe brand advertisements. These companies spend huge sums on foot models to buy content or place custom orders with their products or shoes on the model’s feet. These brands invest in foot photos and videos for marketing purposes and to obtain copyrights.

3. Paint or Sketch Artists and Photographers

Women’s feet have long been acknowledged as a subject for artistic creation. Feet are known to represent eroticism, submission, and sexuality. Therefore, feet pictures are displayed in art galleries and exhibitions by artists and photographers to praise the aesthetics and beauty of this unique body part.

4. Stock Photo Websites

Advertising agencies, stock photo websites, and internet marketers all invest in foot content to resell to businesses and brands. These companies even pay top dollar for high-quality content to obtain the copyrights from the model and then upload the content to their marketplaces.

5. Others

The foot fetish audience is not limited to the buyer categories listed above. Many publishers also invest in foot content to display in magazines, digests, reports, and newspapers. Moreover, medical professionals or podiatrists buy feet pics to present in their clinics or books. Other clients include production companies, bloggers, and content creators.

How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

You may have seen models charging over $100 for a single-foot photo on the top platforms, and they also have buyers. On the other hand, numerous foot models are on the same platform with high subscription fees and not a single buyer. Therefore, there is no fixed standard for setting the price of a feet pic.

Therefore, before asking for a price for your content, you must consider all the factors mentioned below, including the selling feet pics platform you are using, the type of clients, the quality of your content, and your level.

If you are at a beginner level and have just started monetizing your content, starting with free creator accounts to attract buyers is recommended. You can later charge a fee from your clients after growing a genuine fanbase. Otherwise, the starting price for a feet pic or video should range between $5-$10. We hope you have found this article appropriate to understand better how much feet pics sell for.

What to Consider When Selling Foot Photos and Videos

We have thoroughly explored various online platforms, pricing plans, and effective revenue-generation techniques. After the research, we have concluded that there are some key factors that you have to consider before putting a price tag on your foot content. Below is the list of those factors:

1. Best Platform to Monetize Feet Pics

The platform or website you use to sell your feet photos or videos is the most critical factor in determining your income. The more established the venture, the more opportunities there are for growth and profit.

However, remember that top platform such as FeetFinder already has top foot content creators, and most users prefer subscribing to them over new models. In this case, setting high subscription or custom content charges will only work against you. Therefore, consider setting reasonable, realistic, and comparatively lower prices to gain potential buyers.

FeetFinder homepage

You can Sign Up for FееtFindеr from this link. Similarly, if you are working on a new or less popular platform, set lower prices because these ventures do not have large-scale clients. But FeetFinder is the best platform to sell feet pics and have large community.

2. Check Your Customer Base Before Pricing

As discussed above, there are various types of clients in the foot content industry, including foot fetishists, publishers, bloggers, artists, stock photo agencies, movie or drama producers, and medical professionals. Each of these clients may have a different requirement related to the foot content. Some might need HD-quality pictures, while others will be satisfied with a regular foot video.

Therefore, as a foot model, you and your charges must be adaptable to the type of client and his needs. For example, a publisher or a moviemaker client may request that you create high-quality foot images or videos using advanced equipment and settings. His budget will be higher for these requirements, and you also have the option to set a higher quote.

A regular foot fetish client, on the other hand, would be satisfied with a feet picture or video taken from your phone’s camera. His requirements would not be higher, and you would not have to put in extra effort. As a result, he would anticipate lower fees from you.

Everything depends on the type of client, their budget, and their needs to determine how much you should charge them for the shoes.

3. Your Foot Fetish Status

Are you a newbie, an intermediate, or a professional-degree pinnacle model? Your modern-day degree as a creator is important in determining your foot content material fees.

You may have come across the creator accounts of top models on platforms like FeetFinder or OnlyFans, and you might have seen them charging even $100 for a single-foot pic. It does not mean it applies to everyone. Many foot models are on the same platforms, taking just $5 for a full-length video.

As a result, the price you set for your feet image depends on your creator level. Typically, a feet picture costs between $5 and $100.

4. The Physique of Your Feet

Everyone has a unique look and physique for their feet. While some models have lovely curves and arches, others have long toes; some have attractive, athletic feet, while others have unattractive ones. A buyer is willing to pay more for a pretty-looking pair of feet than an ugly one.

As a seller, you must first assess the size and shape of your feet and then set a reasonable price for your foot content.

Do not worry if you have ugly, unattractive feet; the foot fetish industry is vast, and you can still find buyers. All you need to do is be realistic and set a justified price for your content.

Please read our detailed guide about how to sell pictures of ugly feet for further assistance.

5. The Quality of Your Foot Content

Of course, a picture taken with a professional camera with the help of a photographer will cost more than a regular image taken with a phone.

As a result, if you have an HD camera and advanced lighting or create content with a photographer’s help, your content will reflect this. On the other hand, taking photos of your feet with your phone’s camera won’t produce the same results. So, before you set a price for your content to attract potential buyers, be realistic and ask for a reasonable amount.

It is optional to invest in expensive equipment to produce high-quality content. You can also learn basic or advanced Photoshop and editing skills to improve the quality of your regular content.

6. The Format of Your Content

Another critical factor to consider when charging your client a fee is the format of your feet content. If you are selling feet pics, the price will be accordingly lower. A foot video, on the other hand, will command a higher price based on its length and quality.

The same goes for custom content; if a client requests that you click a picture, your asking price should be less than that of a teaser or full-length video.


As you have learned above, how much do feet pics sell for, and what factors impact the price? The number of models selling their feet photos and videos is growing daily, making competition fierce and tough. In this case, beginning with a lower price is ideal to attract buyers from the market. You can raise your charges later based on the abovementioned factors and conditions.

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