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How Does AI Video Editing Work?

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With online tools, video editing was already easy, but with artificial intelligence apps, the process has become much simpler.  From video transcription to captioning, AI tools have made every aspect of the video editing process less time-consuming and more efficient. Be it short videos for social media platforms or long videos for interviews and feature films, the best artificial intelligence apps have got it covered for video editors.  

To help you better understand the truthfulness of the statement, read on to learn what AI video editing apps are, their benefits, how to use them, and the features they offer.   

What is an AI Video Editor?

AI video editor leverages AI to create, process, edit, and share video content. It helps editors by increasing the sharpness of the image and clarity of the sound, transferring images, videos, and audio, adjusting the color, and several other features.    

Why Opt for AI Video Editing?

If appropriately leveraged, artificial intelligence apps providing video editing services can help beginners and professionals in the following manner.

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1. Speedy and Efficient

In comparison with the traditional video editing process, AI video editing helps create an equal impact speedily and efficiently. It can analyze the footage, select high-quality shots, detect emotions, and add video styles in a few clicks.

Additionally, they also offer seamless integration with other AI tools to help with video uploading and sharing, making the entire video generation and editing process efficient.

2. Adds a Touch of Personalization

AI video editing tools try to understand user preferences and leverage that information to create personalized videos for users. With frequent use, the tool becomes capable of analyzing choices and preferences and thus suggests edits that align with the style and vision of the user.

3. Helps Develop Consistency

With traditional video editing apps, maintaining consistency in lines of style, tone, and color across the video becomes straining. But, with AI video editing apps, this process becomes streamlined. These apps allow users to create and customize templates that help editors develop consistency. They also make it easier for editors to align the videos with brand-specific guidelines and style.       

4. Cost Effective

AI video editing tools save tons of resources on high-end equipment that otherwise would have been used in traditional editing. These apps eliminate the need for green screens, high-quality cameras, lenses, microphones, and other video editing software. Additionally, it also does not require multiple video editors, saving on their hiring costs as well.     

How to Edit Videos with an AI Video Editor?   

While AI apps have a distinguishing user interface, the following are the common steps in most AI video editing apps.    

Step 1: Upload the Video    

The first step in every AI video editing process is to upload the video on the tool. AI tools enable users to upload raw video footage from the gallery, laptop memory, cloud storage, and even from platforms like Zoom and YouTube.  

This easy video uploading feature integrating various platforms makes the AI video editing process easier for editors.   

Step 2: Edit the Video   

After the video is uploaded, the next step is editing. AI video editing tools offer features like auto frame, face blurring, thumbnail generation, noise removal, and others that enable video editors to create the intended video.   

Read the next section to know in detail about these features!  

Step 3: Export and Share the Video   

The last step is to export the video from the app/tool and share it with your viewers. AI tools make downloading the edited video hassle-free with just one click. Additionally, some apps also allow users to re-edit the video to make further changes.     

AI video editing tools also offer direct publishing to social media, helping the video reach its target audience more easily.   

Top Features of AI Video Editors That Enable Creative Video Editing  

These are the top features of most AI video editing apps. These features make the process of converting raw footage into impactful videos effortless.    

1. Smart Background Editing

AI tools replace green screens with smart background editing features. It allows users to paint over unwanted backgrounds and objects; thus, those parts get automatically removed from the video clips.   

Moreover, they also have preview modes that enable editors to choose the best version of the video clip.     

2. Auto-Frame    

Framing is an important part of video editing. With perfect framing, editors can emphasize the essential action occurring in the video. AI video editing tools offer an auto-frame feature where the tool identifies the focal point of a clip and ensures that it is visible in the video.   

3. Blur Faces

Another essential feature of apps like AI video editing tools is that they easily allow users to blur unwanted faces, like faces captured in the background, and make the video content better and aligned with the intent. 

4. Thumbnail Generation

The thumbnail is the still image preview responsible for attracting viewers and informing them about the content of the video. This is an important part that needs to capture the essence of the video creatively.  

The editors who struggle with this can leverage the thumbnail generation feature offered by several AI video editing tools. These tools create thumbnails that stand out, increasing the number of viewers.    

5. Noise Removal 

With automatic noise removal features, editors can effortlessly upgrade the quality of the video. Additionally, with no unwanted background noise, the actual audio of the video becomes clear, thereby putting across the content of the video more impactfully.       

6. Multiple Language and Voice Variations    

AI video editing tools also offer AI voice generation in multiple languages with variations in tone and accents, making the video fit for a global audience.    

7. Easy Morph Cut

The transition from one scene to another is essential for better visual continuity. AI tools offer an easy morph cut feature, where jump cuts in video clips are handled perfectly. These are particularly useful in editing interview footage.   


The various features offered by AI video editing tools and apps make the video editing process easier than ever. Additionally, these apps have a user-friendly interface that makes them equally beneficial for beginners and professionals alike. In just 3 simple steps, video editors can unleash their creativity, create high-quality videos, and increase the impact of your videos.

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