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How Do You Record Gameplay Without a Watermark?

The gaming market has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times. That is because more people are developing an interest in...

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The gaming market has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times. That is because more people are developing an interest in gaming. According to an anonymous user on TikTok, her husband plays games for relaxation. Gameplay is something that cuts across different age strata in our today’s society. 

However, with varying IQs, different players with the different rates at which they can master a particular game. Little wonder that experienced gamers go online to share their gaming adventures with others to teach them how to master their gameplay. 

Is there any screen recorder without a watermark?

This is where a screen recorder comes in handy. It would help if you had a standard screen recording tool like iTop to share your gaming experience with your fans. The following features make iTop thick. 

No Watermark

Everything is evolving around us, including how people share their gameplay. Formerly, the only way gamers could communicate their experience with fans was through lengthy articles. But, the use of articles was inadequate in showing new players what they needed to know. 

Fast-forward to this day, screen recording software has become normal. While sharing your gaming experience with a screen recording tool is the best, ensure you use a recorder that does not leave any watermark. 

Watermarks on your video may reduce the quality of your recording because they may hide important details from your audience. iTop recorder allows you to capture your screen without any watermarks. 

Record for As Long As You Want

iTop Screen Recorder, an online screen recorder, which is straightforward to use. Anyone can use it because it only requires a few clicks to start recording your gameplay. This screen recorder is unlike others where you need to do several configurations to get your recording right. 

With one or two clicks on iTop, you can start to record your screen.

Another advantage of using iTop is that it lets you record your gameplay for as long as possible. There is no specific time limit for your screen recording. However, you may need to download the paid version of iTop to enjoy limitless recording. The free version allows you to record your screen for a limited period. 

Several Output Formats

iTop puts you in complete control of your screen recording. You do not have to be boxed into a corner where you can only manage some unfavorable output formats. iTop is equipped with multiple output formats. You can save your recorded video in any of the formats. Just save it in a format compatible with the platform you intend to use it on. 

This screen recorder gives you access to over 10 output formats. Isn’t that amazing for a gamer?


Share your gaming experience today with the rest of the world through a reputable screen recorder like iTop. This online recorder is also essential regarding how to record screen on Windows 10. Leverage the exciting features that make iTop the number one screen recording software. 

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