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How can I start my own blockchain company? Blockchain Startup Guide

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how to start a blockchain company

Starting a blockchain company can include a lot of hustle and tasks. However, following the right path can not make the establishment easy, but also ensure the further success of the business. This guide will cover all the necessary steps that anyone can follow to start a blockchain business. So let’s get started. 

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Start a blockchain company by following the below easy steps:

  1. Plan A Business Strategy
  2. Get A Legal Name 
  3. Register Your Business 
  4. Start Your Dedicated Business Banking 
  5. Get the Permits and Licences For The Business
  6. Get Insurance
  7. Have A Logo
  8. Know Target Audience 
  9. Make Sure The Business Have A Website
  10. Have a Legal Contact Number
  11. Solve the Issues
  12. Generating Revenue
  13. Decide The Initial Cost & Plan A Business Strategy

To succeed a business needs a clear vision about certain things like the business operating cost, services fees, and the base of the audience. Not just in blockchain matter of fact, it is important for every business. Practically every business needs the cost of computers and internet to start an initial setup. The insurance and the liabilities offer a great way to buy these assets. A business should also have some investors to create a good financial backbone. 

Another thing a business must consider in its initial stages is that every business has a client base who has issues and the business tries to provide solutions for those issues.

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These three things play a crucial part while answering the question” how to start a blockchain business. 

But it is not yet, a business also needs to figure out what kind of charges it should have for business-to-business services and business-to-client services. Figuring out all the costs and expenses that might or might not occur in the blockchain business comes to the first step. Without this step, there is no backbone and foundation for the business. 

  • Know Your Target Audience- 

Blockchain is a technology of the future, there will be, practically, every industry participating in it. Blockchain offers endless possibilities to the business to expand their target vision or shrink it as well. 

Once the business has decided whom it is going to provide the services, the next thing a business should know is whom it is going to solve the problems for, for example, finance, healthcare, or education. 

The blockchain brings the trust of the customers into the company as it provides essential security and has made it difficult to hack into a company’s information, which prevents most of the customers from fraud.

The blockchain ensures security with the help of smart contracts. It provides versatile ways for the business to reach out to its customers.

For example, a company or say a business becomes free of anomalies when they see blockchain to form a reaction with target customers. Let’s say a business mostly wants to target finance customers, then it should reach out to the blockchain which offers financial services or translation. Another example is the real estate industry which has coordinated sales and even makes investment easier. In every sector, the blockchain can efficiently world work with extremely small numbers as well as extremely large numbers as well.

  • Get A Legal Name For The Business- 

Choosing the right name becomes critical when a business is new. After gathering the investors, it’s time to move to the next step in the quest of how to start a blockchain company. To find the right name a business can consult with its legal adviser along with taking care of the state’s business records, federal and state trademark records, social media platforms, and also web domain availability. These are something that a business always needs to take care of. 

The business needs to encase a secure domain before someone else does. A brand’s name represents a lot about it. So, the name must be associated with the vision of the business.

Also, the business name is what identifies a business among the other businesses. Having just a name is not enough. The business has to have a good name. The name is going to reflect the business face among its customers.

For example, naming your business something like XXX Blockchain Micro Solutions and not delivering any solutions isn’t a fair thing to do with your customer. 

  • Register The Blockchain Business- 

A business must register and require a legal entity (LLC) and register for a variety of state and federal taxes. To do so every business has to send an application for EIN. It is free. And any business can acquire it from the IRS website by sending a fax or a letter. The number of taxes that a small business can apply can depend on the state sales tax cost, and the number of units the business operates.

  • Start Your Dedicated Business Banking 

Businesses need to have dedicated business banking as well as credit accounts to maintain their financial assets. Having a dedicated business account reduces the risk of fraud and any complications in the business. The up next for the business is opening a business account. Along with keeping the personal asset secure the business needs dedicated banking for tax filing easier and at the fingertips. 

Some other accounts that a business needs are the Net30 accounts. These business accounts are established and build business credit as well as increase business cash flow. Businesses can use this account to buy goods and services and repay the full due within a 30-day term. Mostly if a business has a major business has a net of 30 accounts in the major business credit bureaus like Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax Business Credit.  

The next thing along with dedicated business banking and a net 30 account is the business credit card. The business credit car becomes necessary when separating personal and business expenses by putting business expenditures all in one place. Also, the credit card helps a company to build its credit history, which makes it easy to accrue a future loan. 

  • Get the Permits and Licenses For The Business

Failure to acquire necessary permits and licenses can result in hefty fines, or even cause your business to be shut down. 

As blockchain business is an IT business certain state permits and licenses are required to operate a blockchain services business. The perfect way to know everything about legal licensing and requirements is to visit the SBA website.

When thinking about how to start a blockchain business most businesses start to consider the facts of SBA. Most businesses have to pay sales tax for the services and goods they provide. Which is usually mentioned in the local license. To gather the full information about the local licenses and permits a business can check with the clerk’s office. Or the business can also local associations that will be listed in the US small business association directory of local business records. 

Along with the licenses business also needs a general certificate of Occupancy. A blockchain business runs in the office. So the business needs a physical location and its CO. A CO is all about the codes that a business has met all the building requirements and location codes. 

There are two ways to obtain a CO, first when a business leases a place generally it is the owner’s responsibility to obtain the CO. The owner can obtain the CO that goes well with the blockchain business. And also, after a major renovation, the old CO is revoked and new COs are often issued. 

However when a business purchases land the business itself is responsible for obtaining the CO from the local authority. The CO mainly reviews all of the building blocks and sites to know zoning requirements and then ensures that a business has met all the requirements. 

  • Get Insurance-

Obtaining the required permits and licenses for the business insurance, like licenses and permits, becomes necessary for the business to thrive safely and legally. In the event of a covered loss, business insurance can protect the blockchain companies’ financial well-being.

There are various forms of financial policies designed for various types of businesses with varying risks. When a business is unsure of the risks that can come ahead, the business can start with “General Insurance Coverage”. This is the most prevalent coverage required by small businesses, so it’s a fine place to begin not just for blockchain businesses, but also for other businesses too.

Another insurance that business needs is workers’ compensation insurance. It is an important insurance policy that blockchain businesses require. As the blockchain business will have employees, it may require to ensure Workers’ Compensation insurance.

  • Have A Logo

The company’s brand is what it stands for, and how the public perceives it. A brand image will help the company stand out from the crowd.

If the business already has a logo, it is good, otherwise, it must start preparing for it. 

The business can focus on the obvious advantages that a blockchain can provide to businesses of all sizes. For example, if a business sells a blockchain platform to retailers, emphasize how the blockchain reduces fraud. The best place to start may be right in the near neighborhood, but the business may also want to network on a global scale at one of the many blockchain conferences held around the world. Internet advertising via paid Google ads can also help potential clients find specific services.

  •   Ensure That The Business Have A Website

The next step is to build a website for the company. While building a website is an important step, some may be concerned that it is out of their reach due to a lack of website-building experience and don’t know how to start a blockchain startup. While this was a reasonable concern in 2015, web technology has made significant advances in recent years, making the lives of small business owners much easier.

 Every legitimate business has a website, period. When it comes to finding your business online, it doesn’t matter what size or industry it is.

  • Have a Legal Contact Number

Getting a phone for the company is one of the best ways to keep personal and professional lives separate and private. That isn’t the only advantage; it also helps the business to automate business, gives it legitimacy, and makes it a lot easier for customers to find and contact you.

Business owners that want to set up a business phone system can choose from a variety of services. They can choose the top companies based on price, capabilities, and ease of use. 

  • Solve the Issues- 

Last but not least a business must look for common sticking points and how blockchain can help to solve them. Businesses can try not to solve a problem that does not exist.

Instead, ensure that there will be enough individuals out there who want the solution. Also, the business doesn’t have to set lofty goals for resolving large-scale issues. For example, the education sector requires numerous improvements. However, blockchain cannot solve all of education’s problems. It may fix either one or two issues, so concentrate on that one instead of rotating business rims trying to solve everything.

Finally, determine whether Future blockchain technology is the best solution for the problem. Many businesses apply blockchain to any problem, wasting time and money and ultimately frustrating their customers. The business must focus on a more micro-issue when starting a blockchain technology business.

  • Generating Revenue- 

Last but not the least, the business starts to generate revenue. The business does not have to wait until they have the perfect product. In reality, the business can just begin by charging platform users small fees. Once revenue begins to flow, it helps the business try to move forward at a steady pace. Meanwhile, loyal users can provide ideas and suggestions to help the business improve its services. However, remember that having a large initial revenue does not guarantee continued success. More users will increase the likelihood of your blockchain startup’s success. Invest in gaining new clients as it becomes the base of success.

These were the steps that can help everyone who is dreaming about their blockchain business. The steps can help everyone to build a blockchain business from scratch. The guide has tried to provide precise answers for “how to start a blockchain startup.”

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