How Can Couples Make Money on OnlyFans?

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Hello guys It’s Hellen and today we’ll talk about working with the most known subscription based resource — OnlyFans. Earlier, I have already described how beauty bloggers can make money on the platform in this article. Today, I will tell you whether it makes sense to register on the site in 2022, how monetization tools work and how couples can make money on OnlyFans.

In addition, I’ll share about brand new blogger-oriented social network with the best content promotion service (FriendsOnly).

Find out how to start a couples OnlyFans account

Brief description

OnlyFans is a platform with paid access to content, including adult materials.

Since nudity is not prohibited by the rules of the service, many webcam models and adult film stars have registered on the platform. Fans of such content followed them from adult sites and other 18+ resources.

The increase in viewers and content creators came during the pandemic. Filming for adults stopped, strip clubs closed. The lack of communication, opportunities for earning and entertainment has led to the fact that the site has become so popular. Now more than 130 million people use the site every day, and more than 2 million of them create content.

Such popularity naturally led to high competition among authors. Of course, well-known bloggers, influencers and even world-famous stars are still earning on the site. But newcomers without a loyal fan base collected on other resources will have to try hard to start earning decent amounts.

However, first things first. Let’s talk about how singles and couples can make money on OnlyFans.

Only Fans income (couples and singles)

The resource offers a standard set of monetization tools that work on almost all content platforms:

  1. Subscriptions. The main source of income for most platform authors. Users pay the subscription fee and get access to the creator’s works for a month.
  2. Paid posts. Not all posts on the blogger’s page will be available to members after subscribing. You can create paid publications that users will pay to view separately. You can buy subscribers as an easier process to increase income.
  3. Tips. You do not have to put your content behind a paid wall to make a profit. Some authors create free accounts and receive donations from grateful users on a voluntary basis.
  4. Paid messages. You can earn by chatting and fulfilling the requests of your fans. Create exclusive content on demand and sell access directly in private messages.
  5. Streaming. Perhaps the only unfinished platform monetization tool. Yes, you can conduct live streams and wait for donations from subscribers. On the other hand, you can register on FriendsOnly and get guaranteed income from streams with paid entrance.

Only you determine the cost of a subscription, access to paid posts and exclusive content in messages. However, if you’re new to the platform and don’t have that many followers, don’t jump up the price right away. Start with the minimum and gradually increase the cost as the number of subscribers grows.

Couples can make money on OnlyFans just like a single blogger

OnlyFans: how to start a couples account

Working on OnlyFans as a couple is no different from posting solo. First, you need to pass verification, register an account and only then start earning.

As with any other content platform, the key to success is high-quality shooting, posting regularity and, of course, the direction of the content created.

2022 OnlyFans couples trending content topics:

  • home videos;
  • pair fitness;
  • lifestyle blog;
  • erotic photo sessions;
  • cosplay;
  • fetish blog.

Of course, only you choose what content to create. However, remember that OnlyFans is a very competitive platform where users expect to see certain (at least erotic) content.

How much can a couple make on OnlyFans

The platform takes a commission from all transactions of 20%, the authors are left with 80%. However, even with such a large percentage of the service and the minimum number of subscribers models can earn good money.

The subscription price on the platform varies from $5 to $50 per month. In addition, authors can sell access to individual publications starting from $3. Even at the minimum price, having 20 subscribers, the monthly income is $100. You can earn, but the final amount of your income will depend on promotion.

Here begins the saddest (for newbies and little-known bloggers) part of working with the platform. Consider how OnlyFans couples and singles promote their work on the site.

Income of OnlyFans couples depends on the effectiveness of content promotion

OnlyFans couples: content promotion

I think you have heard about how world-class stars such as Cardi B, Blac Chyna and Tyga created accounts for themselves on the platform. You may have heard about the young rap singer who, on her 18th birthday, registered an account and earned a million dollars in 6 hours. It is clear that celebrities do not need to worry about promoting content, but now let’s look at how little-known creators can attract subscribers.

I already mentioned that authors can use a free account. However, in fact, according to the rules of the resource, creators can have two accounts at once. A free account, with publications available to all users of the platform, is used to attract subscribers to the main profile.

The key is to post engaging but not overly explicit content. You must create intrigue by promising even more after the subscription. If you show everything in a free account, then users will not have the motivation to go beyond the pay wall. Conversely, if the content is not attractive and erotic enough, viewers will simply not want to subscribe.

Unfortunately, this is the only promotion tool that the platform offers to its authors. Besides, it’s not even the most efficient way.

Social networking

The most effective way to attract new subscribers is to promote the OnlyFans page on other social networks.

As with the free page, don’t post too explicit content (especially new ones) on social media. Moreover, some platforms, such as Instagram, simply will not let such content pass. Follow the golden mean and the flow of new subscribers will not keep you waiting!

Top platforms to promote your work on OnlyFans:

  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • YouTube;
  • TikTok;
  • Reddit;
  • Webcam platforms;
  • Sites for adults;
  • Own web page.

Be sure to attach a link to your OF profile in your social media bio.

As you can see, recruiting subscribers to the OF is quite hard work that requires regular attention. Moreover, novice bloggers without a large audience or creators who do not want to advertise their work on the platform will find it difficult to succeed.

Fortunately, there is a platform to help bloggers promote their work without outside resources where couples can make money like on OnlyFans.

FriendsOnly is the best OnlyFans alternatives with the most advanced promotional tools

Best alternative for OnlyFans couples

FriendsOnly is a new social network created specifically for web models, bloggers and just talented people who want to make money on their creativity. Unlike most hyped platforms, our goal is to provide each of our authors with financial independence regardless of the number of their subscribers.

That is why we have developed a whole set of tools for promotion within the platform:

  1. Free publications to attract attention. Moreover, you won’t need to create an additional account to boost your main profile. Make free posts, content on subscription and paid posts in one profile.
  2. Recommendation system showing free works of our authors on the main page.
  3. Statistics tools for audience analysis.
  4. A trial period that turns casual viewers into loyal fans.
  5. A team of affiliates ready to take care of page promotion.

And that’s not all! Join FriendsOnly to find out what else gets the authors of the most advanced content platform.

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