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How Bad is 5g radiation | 5g technology & Health: How Dangerous is 5g to Human Body

Technology has been a boon to us. Like the different generations, it has improved and is more feasible for everyone to depend...

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how dangerous is 5g to the human bod

Technology has been a boon to us. Like the different generations, it has improved and is more feasible for everyone to depend on. And nowadays, people have become fully dependent upon technology. 

health problems such as insomnia, miscarriage, memory problems and other neurological issues, and there are widespread reports of annihilation of insect and bird populations.

how dangerous is 5g
how dangerous is 5g

Like they are so much dependent that within the cell phone, their world lives. With just one click, they want to have everything within them. So the development of the networks has often been from 1st generation to 5th generation.

We know that because of the cellular data in our mobile phones, it is easy for us to connect through the world from any corner of the world. And due to the development of this day by day, it is an improvement from all the previous problems.

And 5G is one of the new advancements in technology, and it will be one of the fastest networks in the world. With every further generation advancement, the advancement in technology has so much to do. To make the life of people so much fast. With just one tap on the phone, you can connect to many devices. Moreover, 5G has a more precise and accurate location tracking capability. 

What is 5G Network?

5G is the aberration of the fifth-generation network, and it is the new Global wireless platform. This 5G network has been designed to connect uniformly and like machine objects, and the devices connected to it can smoothly be done together and uniformly. It is used to deliver high speed and reliability. 

With this generation network, our work will be easier. And the connection of many internets of things will be done. Like being in one place, you can also operate your other devices. So uniformly, you can connect different types of IoT devices.

Do we remember when it used to take so long to download from the phones, but technologies have made it so much easier? Like just within a few minutes, we can get so many things on our phones. from any corner of the world, we can attain real-time meetings. But Have you noticed that all these kinds of networks,5G networks, work in a fraction of a second? sounds so much easier, but the radiation from networks is harmful to health.

Is health dangerous from a 5G network?

Health is so much related to the things that we use as the cell phones use in our hands we feel so much easy to work to do anything tap on the device, but the radiations produced from the machines are so much harm to our health than we imagine. 

The pocket-size phone is 24/7 with us, and our mobile phones are always with us, but the radiation and diseases that their frequencies can cause can be more harmful. And also, the phones we keep in our pockets have a direct connection to their harmful radiation to our bodies.

We all know that there is already talk about the adverse effects of the radiation from mobile phones and cell phone towers that are very harmful to us. But, this 5G radiation is being said to be even more dangerous than the previous one because 5G uses higher frequencies than 4G network 3G networks. That installation of 5G will need more means of installing the antenna every few hundred meters to increase the potential exposure and because installing more antennas is creating danger to people in general.

5G Health Impact

The biological and health impacts of electromagnetic fields created by cell phone radiation have been studied by several scientists. EMF can lead to serious health problems, including alterations in the structure and function of the reproductive system.

But it is also said that the World Health Organization doesn’t have the particular evidence to establish the scientist’s concerns.

The fact that 5G will use a microwave band where the microwave will produce heat in the object through which they pass through it is a very to use the 5G technology, which is likely to cause radiation-related health problems.

Because of the harmful radiations produced from mobile phones, frequency waves are dangerous. Where the most common symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic fields (emf) are headaches, migraines, aches, pain, and dizziness, we feel we use the phone too much.

Many experts from different departments like health, toxicology, and science have agreed that 5G radiation is toxic to humans and creates many health problems. Much more buy of the 5G network will lead to new devices that will emit different greenhouse gasses. And also, know that the temperature rise is also the cause of the increase in electromagnetic radiation.

5G produces dangerous Electromagnetic Radiations

Emf (electromagnetic frequencies) waves are produced due to the motion of electronically charged particles. It includes frequencies from different mediums like radio waves, tv waves, ultraviolet rays, etc. 

Emf had with high ranges are very bad for our health condition. It is the harmful radiation produced by different technology means, and it can interfere with our body’s natural frequencies. And harm our health. this type of emf radiation can lead to various stress-related responses in the body, like hypersensitivity.

If we use mobile phones for a long time, it can be very harmful to our health. And create so many problems related to short-term and long terms problems. So the limitation of everything is good than widely using the radiation. And this electromagnetic radiation produced from different mobile phones creates problems for the birds and animals because slowly, these rare types of birds and animals are going extinct.

Short-term effects of health problems due to 5G

The radiation produced by cell phones creates a tissue-heating effect where it damages the human body from the different radio-frequency. It can lead to skin rashes, fatigue, back pain, dizziness, causes eye-related problems, and sleeplessness; these are signs of our health problems due to electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phones. The problem related to joint and hand pain problems is also an issue. These problems can be seen in a very short use of mobile phones, leading to more problems. 

Long term effects of health problems due to 5G

We all know that radiation is not good for our health in the long term. Radio-frequency includes brain tumors with cell phones. Which can lead to cancer, and it has also been shown that it can lead to cellular and DNA damage, Anxiety, Reproductive harm, and impaired cognitive function. So these are the problems that can be caused by harmful radiation in the long term.

5g Effect on Kids Health. The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health

Scientists, doctors, and specialists worldwide have warned about the dangers of 5G, citing published data on MMWs and thousands of studies revealing the problems caused by previous mobile and wireless technologies.
Because of their small bodies, children are the most sensitive to 5G damage. Friends, acquaintances, and their children in Vienna are already reporting nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, lethargy, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain as symptoms of EMR poisoning. A tight band around the skull, pressure on the top of the head, brief, stabbing sensations all throughout the body, and buzzing inside organs are also reported.

Pros of having 5G technology

1. Speed

Which 3G was better in the average amount? We can download or do something with 4G  within 10 to 15 minutes, and we can download a movie or something with 5G. We can download anything that the fraction of a second to the speed will matter a lot.

2. Efficient          

5G bringing all devices together will be much easier to connect with the devices. It will be very comfy for us to know our appliances with just one click.   

3. Reliable

5g is much more reliable than other generation networks and it provides better bandwidth than any other generation.

4. Cost

It will cost lower than other generation networks.

5. Less power

Consumption of power is less at 5G than in other generations. 

Cons of having 5G

Mobile communications are faster with 5G. This will help support the growing number of electronic gadgets and services, such as:

  1. self-driving cars
  2. virtual reality appliances
  3. telemedicine
  4. remote surveillance
  5. telesurgery

1. Infrastructure problem

You know that infrastructure for 5G will be more costly than before. And installing it will be more problematic because we need to have more neutral hours with me, and we need to have more new devices which will support the 5G network. And creating all the new antennas will take time and cost also, and it will create many problems.

2. Effect on ecology

Studies have shown significant figures and impacts on the health of birds and animals from these kinds of millimeter waves, which will harm the ecological system. And if the birds and animals are affected, it will have a disastrous impact on the country’s ecology.

3. Health problems it will create.

Many studies have shown that it will negatively impact our health by leading us to cause cancer and many harmful diseases.   

Other 5G technology effects on our health?

  1. Tissue heating
  2. Cognitive function
  3. Cancer
Is 5G frequency or radiation harmful to animals?

Mice or rats have been used in the majority of 5G studies. EMFs from mobile phones, for example, have been related to DNA damage in mice and rats, according to a 2019 animal studyTrusted Source. EMFs of any frequency can impair the nervous system, according to a 2016 animal studyTrusted Source.

Does 5G technology have any effects on health?

small 2017 studyTrusted Source showed that mobile phones use 1.8 to 2.2 GHz frequencies. These frequencies cause tissue heating, according to WHO.


5g network evolution is good, like bringing new technologies is good where your job is done in a fraction of a second. It will connect your cell phones to the appliances in your home, and with just one click on your phone, you can turn the Ac on, your washing machine is off, and many more. It will make our life way easier than we think.

But on the other side, there are the harmful effects caused by the radiation of cell phones. And it can create health damage to the human body, leading to serious problems. And this kind of development will lead to installing more antennas and buying more devices that will cost much and produce more electromagnetic rays that will affect our human health. 

Still, with this, we also need to know about environmental problems because we all have to leave in an environment where its ecological system needs to be balanced.

So 5G can provide much faster services than any other generation network, but we have also to see the radiation and health impacts it will create on us. The health of humans should not be ignored while advancing technology.

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