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Honor Fold Vs Samsung Fold | Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Honor Magic Fold 5G

Honor is dedicated to being a worldwide digital icon and allowing a smart life for everyone, in all settings and across all...

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Honor Fold Vs Samsung Fold

Honor is dedicated to being a worldwide digital icon and allowing a smart life for everyone, in all settings and across all channels.

HONOR is committed to building advanced technologies that enable people around the world to go further than throughout its R&d investments and forward-looking new tech, and also constructing a separate intellectual globe for those with its investment of innovative products, all with a decisive focus on technology, quality, and service. 

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HONOR has developed a number of industry-first innovations and has strong R&D skills to promote the growth of its entire smartphone and smart device line.

So far we have seen smartphones with multiple displays, phones that fold flip, and handsets of varying sizes. But the most intriguing and maybe the future of smartphones is the rollable display phones. We saw OPPO rollable concept phone called oppo x 2021. Now, you might never launch it for commercial use, but it gives us a glimpse of what the future may hold.

LG was another company that took a look at this tech but the company stopped making handsets altogether. And few others give it a try. Now we are hearing that honor the company which became independent from Huawei last year is working on a rollable smartphone with a wraparound screen, they have filed a patent showing this phone from all angles, it still remains to be seen which company will be the first to announce and release a low-level smartphone for commercial use.

However, it feels good to know that there is development going on and many companies are interested in it. The main advantage of this tech is there’s no crease. One of the knocks against the foldable phones is that there’s a visible crease on the display where the phone folds in half.

HONOR Magic V | HONOR’s First Foldable Flagship

Unfold unlimited possibilities; experience uncompromising design.

Even in the recently launched see flip three decrease looks identical to its predecessors, which means it is very noticeable and you can feel it most of the time. The Z for three screens meanwhile is less noticeable as the horizontal divider screen just visually absorbs it better. But there is no such problem with rollable displays. That’s not to say that rollable design doesn’t come with its own trade-offs. The most obvious of these is that unlike a foldable, which lets you open its display as quickly as a book, rollable displays take the better part of two or three seconds to fully extend which may or may not affect you, but that’s the thing.
Also with foldable, there is a lot of space for components on both sides but with rollable, it’s actually the size of a regular phone that can also extend so it will be hollow inside for the extended part which could compromise the durability it also makes the phone substantially thicker.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the honest rollable phone. As you can see its large wraparound screen covers the entire front and the back and there is no front camera either that or it’s hidden completely. The display is likely to major around Levin inches which is actually tablet-sized, unlike foldable which gets a seven to the eight-inch panel. Given that it has a wraparound screen, the power button has been moved to the top. The back panel features a quad camera setup with an LED flash.

So that’s everything we know about the rollable phone. With that said Honore is planning to launch its first foldable before the end of this year. A Chinese tipster says that the phone will be called the honored magic x and that it will have a rather familiar design like Huawei Mate x two, meaning it will be a foldable phone like Galaxy fold two and three. The best thing about this foldable is that it will ship with Google services pre-installed. When it comes to its specs. We don’t have any information other than the display specs, which include an eight-inch foldable display and the 6.5-inch cover panel.

Let see the detailed comparison between Honor Fold Vs Samsung Fold 

Honor Fold

Honor Mobile Phones has been making its mark for decades. Honor is known for its long-lasting battery, good display, and lag-free performance. Honor 7c display was the best in the segment, Honor 9X was popular for the long battery, and the Honor 50 series is making is the mark for designs

Before being released, every HONOR smartphone must pass over 400 testing and maintenance more than 20 global certification standards*.

HONOR operates over 3,000 service centers and 43 contact centers in over 100 regions, offering quality care to the best services to consumers.

In this article, we will compare honor mobiles with their previous variants and with other brands so let us begin…

Honor Fold Vs Samsung Fold 

Samsung Fold 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Honor Magic V Fold are both available now, with basically two strategies to foldable phones. Both were developed with the purpose of inspiring and improving the way people think of smartphones thus replacing the huge variants that are rather difficult for your pocket.

Cellphones with folding screens, often known as foldable, are a unique type of electronic gadget that promises to combine the finest features of both a smartphone and a tablet into a single system. The following factors determine the better performances of honor fold vs Samsung fold:

  • Dimensions

If we compare the honor fold vs Samsung fold on the basis of dimensions when unfolded, the Honor Magic V dimensions are 160.4 x 141.1 x 6.7 mm. On the contrary, dimensions of Samsung fold is 160.90 x 62.80 x 17.10mm (length x breadth x height). Hence Honor Fold leads the way here. 

  • Build Material

Both the devices offer an aluminum frame and glass back giving an astonishing look for themselves.

  • Display Size

On comparing Samsung fold with the Honor fold we out to the conclusion that the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 offers a 7.6inches whereas the Honor Magic V fold offers 8inches display size.

  • Display Type

Talking about display type, both the devices offer an FHD+ that provides a great push to their display quality.

  • Battery & Charging

The battery is an important aspect of every device so the Samsung galaxy offers a 4400 mah battery with 25W Fast charging whereas the Honor Fold offers a 4500mah battery with 66W Fast charging. 

  • Chipset

Samsung Galaxy usually provides Qualcomm snapdragon whereas Honor fold offers the latest 8Gen1 Snapdragon chip and hence leading its way ahead.

  • Screen Protection

Samsung Galaxy offers Gorrila Glass Victus while Honor Fold offers Gorilla glass.

  • Operating System

Samsung is offering android 11 OneUI 3.1 whereas in Honor Android 12 MagicUI 6 is offered


Honor has been one of the leading suppliers of smartphones with advancing innovations in its concept and upcoming projects. They are ahead of every tech in some or another way making their brand a luxury. They are still working to enhance more quality in their projects. 

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