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How To Hire Angular Developers Source Around four billion websites in the world are built via the use of the Angular JS...

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Hire Best Angular Developers in USA

How To Hire Angular Developers


Around four billion websites in the world are built via the use of the Angular JS framework. Angular is comfortably one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks

Companies such as PayPal have been using Angular to build their apps. Smaller businesses are also increasingly using the framework to reap its benefits. 

If you are a business operating in today’s times, you will be requiring exceptional Angular developers to keep your digital presence up to date.

The Angular job market is flourishing today. Here is a handy guide to help you find the most suitable Angular developers with ease.

How to Hire Angular Developers

Before we go to the hiring process, let us first understand some of the nuances that come with the role. Angular developers work on the user interface i.e., UI, to make them look a certain way. 

They create web applications of varying interfaces and features. With the rise of the Angular framework, the job market of developers specializing in it has also risen exponentially. Companies need to find developers that suit their needs. 

To do so, you need to first understand the role and define your requirements. This helps paint a clearer picture for the applicants and find you the perfect match quicker. You should also be clear about what you can provide to them. 

This makes your job appear as a lucrative alternative to the prospective employee. Eventually, you should pick someone that fits your company culture and is a quick learner. Efficient employees directly impact the productivity of a business. 

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Here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the ideal Angular developer for your company. 

  1. Define your needs


There are quite many skills an individual needs to possess to be an Angular developer. But you need to shortlist the ones that you would require at your organization. These are skills that you may test potential candidates on. 

These requirements should be based on what you require at your company in the present with an eye on the needs that may arise in the future. You will have to decide whether you want someone freelancing from outside or working full time with you. 

Similarly, do you require an Angular developer or an Angular JS developer? That’s another distinction you need to make. Additionally, you should consider what you can provide for your employees. 

Offering an employee assistance programme helps you cultivate the positive and growing environment that awaits a candidate. They will know that their skills will be appreciated and there are various benefits to enjoy as they work with you. 

  1. Angular vs Angular JS


Many people make the mistake of using Angular interchangeably with Angular JS. Angular is in fact the modern version of the latter. Angular is sometimes used as a term for all modern versions from 2 to 9.

Angular is a TypeScript framework whereas Angular JS is a traditional JavaScript framework. The former uses a hierarchy of components and the latter uses the terms of scope and controller. 

Lastly, Angular JS has set standard directives that cannot be customized while Angular allows customization. Being a modern and developed version, Angular is usually better but you may have a need for Angular JS if you are Java-focussed. 

You should determine whether you need an Angular developer of Angular JS. Preparing a test will help you identify candidates’ skills better. The Angular test by TestGorilla will set one up for based on your unique needs in no time. 

  1. Freelance vs In house

Another aspect you need to consider is whether you want to hire a developer full-time or on a freelance basis. Developers are usually hired on a full-time basis simply because you can always go over plans with them easily and be in touch as they progress on a project. 

In-house developers also give you the luxury of working on more than one project at a time or just completing more projects in a given period of time. However, if you work on a project-to-project basis, freelance may be the way to go. 

You may also factor in how much you pay to your developers. You can perhaps hire more freelancers for different projects in the amount you spend on a single in-house developer. Both the salary and workload should equally decide your final decision. 

  1. What you need them to do

Every organization has its varying needs when it comes to web applications and the digital space. You should make a comprehensive checklist of qualities you may need in an Angular developer you hire. 

Here are some general ones you should always look for:

  • Should be proficient with TypeScript as it is the primary medium they will be operating in. 
  • Added proficiency in JavaScript and CLI should also be considered 
  • Should know how to debug and test various applications. They will make up a big part of their day-to-day responsibilities. 
  • Hands-on experience with JavaScript built in tools will mean they are efficient at given tasks. 
  • Experience using the project management tool Git will come in handy. 
  • Should be well aware and keep up with the current and new trends in the digital space. This shows that they are agile with work. 

There are many other requirements you may add in there, depending on the needs of your organization. However, it is important to be flexible when choosing a candidate. You should always encourage people who may be missing some of the less important requirements as long as they fulfill the necessary ones. 

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  1. Create an inviting job post

Once you know what you want, it is easier to convert it all into a job post stating the requirements in an exact manner. Remember to make the distinction between Angular and Angular JS

State whether you need a freelancer or an in-house developer. Describe the roles and responsibilities neatly. Don’t forget to mention what your organization will bring to the table and how it will help the candidate’s career. 

If you plan on conducting an Angular test of the candidates, mention it as well. They would know to come prepared for the test and know about there being multiple steps in advance. 

  1. Lead the hunt


As you wait for responses on your job postings, you should also lead the hunt in various other ways. Firstly, you may ask for recommendations from your employees. They are a great source for finding talent that is both great and dependable. 

You may reward employees for recommendations if you wish. Other than that, you may search online. Post about the opening on your own website and social media channels. You may also search on popular job portals. 

HoneyPot and ZipRecruiter are some of the portals you can look at. They offer both free and paid job postings, depending on the outreach you want. Physical or online events may also be used to hunt for the ideal developers. 

Conversing with people before you present them with an offer helps you gauge their personality without a filter. As stated above, you should always be willing to give a chance to deserving candidates, even when they may not fulfill every criterion on your checklist. 

  1. Test the candidates

Your job postings and hunting side by side for the ideal candidate will land you with a bunch of candidates that make the cut. One of the best ways to weed out less than desirable people would be to make them take the Angular test you would have prepared beforehand. 

The test lets you assess the capabilities of every applicant in a measurable way. More importantly, you can see if they have the specific skills you are looking for. If they don’t match the criteria, you can drop them. 

Secondly, you get a very small pool to interview and assess in any other step. The group that emerges victorious in your Angular test would most likely be a great fit for the job. It reduces the stress of extracting every bit of information in the interview.

  1. Make your pick

Lastly, you may go ahead and host interviews with the group that passes the Angular test. With the help of technology, it is possible to interview and work with people from anywhere across the globe. So you may not have to worry about getting people into your office just for an interview. 

Keep the interview light and focus on their teamwork skills. Also, note how well they take constructive criticism. As you finish up the interviews, you should the best candidates for the job ready to go. 


Angular developers are an important cog in the wheel in the digital life of an organization. They make web applications functional and organized. 

The market for Angular developers is flourishing. You can find many excellent talents in the pool. It’s about picking the most suitable candidates. 

Understand what you need from a candidate and test them on all fronts before making the final call. Always put more weight on actual expertise than bookish knowledge to choose the best. 

Let us know in the comments what you think is the most important criteria to consider when hiring Angular developers. 

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