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10 HARO Alternatives & its Competitor to HARO

One of the best site like help a reporter out

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HARO or Help a Reporter Out is one of the best PR services where journalists get expert quotes or feedback from other sources or readers. Over 75,000 journalists and bloggers use this platform every day. 

Originally HARO was meant for journalists, but now PR professionals, bloggers, reporters, writers, and influencers can also use it for building quality backlinks and content marketing. Not only HARO makes a great PR platform for brands that want to connect with the best media outlets in their industry but also helps them get the visibility in the market they desire. The journalists come from huge media outlets like New York Times, Refinery29, Time, and Washington Post. In addition, HARO also provides a streamlined process for exchanging quotes and tips from experts. But there are some significant drawbacks associated with it that can make you search for a perfect helpareporter alternative.

Why Choose An Alternative For HARO?

Despite the big audience visibility this platform provides, some drawbacks can not be ignored. Here are some of the drawbacks of HARO to consider. 


The platform does not provide the full comprehensive bio of the user, so as a result, you might think that you are chatting with an expert when you are not. As a result of the anonymity, HARO has several users who don’t deliver useful advice or quotes. 

Doesn’t Scale Well 

HARO might not be the best choice for professionals who constantly require links. Several other websites can fill this need in a comparatively less fuzzy way than HARO does. 

Slow And Irrelevant Responses

Some reporters’ reactions are delayed and inconsistent while Others make ambiguous, anonymous, or illegal requests. On top of that and because thousands of people utilize HARO, you may receive dozens of replies to your question, flooding your email. When analyzed, most of these responses will likely be irrelevant to your requirements.

Top 10 HARO Alternatives To Must Try

If the HARO’s cons drive you away from the platform, here are 10 of its top competitors and alternatives you can try.  

1. Quora 

The first and one of the most well-known alternatives to HARO is Quora. This question-and-answer platform allows users to ask questions and publish answers while connecting with people with unique perspectives. Also, the platform has become one of the world’s top 100 most visited websites. When created with genuine thoughts, and knowledge, the Quora motion can attract views and send referral traffic to your business. Personal or any other website. In addition, the questions selected from quora are also published on other platforms so if your answers or questions are good, you can receive additional traffic to your website. Quora is a better alternative to HARO as here you can focus directly on your interest rather than searching for it in a wide variety of articles. 

2. Cision Communications Cloud

One of the best site like help a reporter out

Large companies, PR agencies, and any government agencies running campaigns can take from Cision Communications Cloud. It works as an all-in-one marketing and PR platform where users can search for journalists and influencers to create media listings for the pitching. 

Cision owns PR Newswire, the world’s largest press release distribution network, making it one of the top alternatives to HARO. With Cision, you can send companies’ news and share it with media lists you’ve created. Another possible feature that this platform includes is the journalists and influencers database. It will help you always stay updated about what your competitors are doing. 

3. SourceBottle

HARO Alternatives
HARO Alternatives

SourceBottle distinguishes itself from HARO by providing possibilities centered on Giveaways & Case Studies. On the real grounds, SourceBottle is a military service that links journalists with sources online. You can buy its different services like the Giveaways on paid subscription service. Platform case studies allow PR professionals to help create the best impressions to incorporate in a media pitch. Unlike HARO, it also allows insignificant, freelance media like bloggers and podcasters to seek expert sources for quotes and guest blog authors. With source bottles, you don’t have to follow a minimal condition unlike HARO, where you must have an Alexa ranking of 1 million or fewer.

4. Twitter

Twitter has become as interesting with its users continuously sharing the events of the world. The platform has also created a new career path for serious business reporters and writers. Here, journalists can independently cover news and produce their content. So it’s easy to overlook other platforms with reporters reflecting irrelevant, fake trends and breaking news.

When it comes to PR advice, Twitter lets reporters have strong opinions as well. Reporters, journalists, PR representatives, and other people can connect freely and share quarries and thoughts. 

5. Qwoted

HARO Alternatives You Should Try
HARO Alternatives You Should Try

Qwoted connects the reports and sources free of cost. It is both like and unlike HARO in certain ways. For example, unlike HARO it lets the journalists eliminate PR spam. In HARO you receive hundreds of answers from the queries generated through the submissions. With Qwoted also happens the same, but it lets you help and mute discussions you don’t find useful. It solves the HARO’s fake experts issues by manually approving each account and ensuring that the journalists only speak genuinely. 

Qwoted allows journalists to access all site expert comments and filter experts based on gender and location. Journalists connect you using Qwoted if your gender, location, credentials, or media experience match their criteria.

6. Meltwater 

An all-in-one media interaction, monitoring, and analysis tool, Meltwater enables sources to contact the most appropriate journalists as well as media specialists in their fields. It also allows sources to monitor a variety of social media platforms, so they know what’s popular and where to sell their views. This feature makes it stand as a full worthy of the HARO alternatives list. 

Just like HARO, it focuses on marketing, public relations, and communications operations rather than sources looking for routes to increase its credibility and exposure to market footprints. It allows you to receive the weekly and daily newsletter and media coverage. Further, sources can also gather the report’s contact information for more references. 

7. NinjaOutreach

Ninja Outreach is the right place for users needing a full-featured CRM. Here, journalists and specialists have prospecting, administration, analysis, and reporting capabilities. NinjaOutreach website offers a 

large database of influencers & journalists sorted through industry-specific keywords. The platform makes an ideal option for bloggers and marketers who want to reach due to its automatic campaign management features, including email follow-ups to alleviate some of the administrative efforts. The sources can gather and share the information through the instruction video. However, this alternative has one drawback, when compared to the HARO. It has a highly right UX/UI which can cause the termination after the template change in content or information shared. Users, sources, journalists, and reporters also have time to learn the basic uses of the platform. 

8. OnePitch

OnePitch connects small entrepreneurs and tech experts to journalists and public relations specialists easily compared to HARO.

Using the OnePitch to send targeted pitches, establish relationships with relevant journalists, and earn media attention and contextual backlinks, can help the sources. As users and a source, you can keep track of the pitches by creating a custom media list and following them, when the time is right. 

Unlike HARO, OnePitch employs AI in assisting you to develop pitches that elicit reactions. All you have to do is simply fill out a pitch template or upload your press release. Providing you with a tailored media selection, the AI will examine your proposal as well as its data. On the platform, you can pitch any of the reporters on the list. All of its features make it a complete competitor of HARO. 

9. JustReachOut

For you, JustReachOut can find journalists, podcast hosts, and bloggers who have provided articles related to your industry or keywords. The platform verifies journalists’ contact information to protect the content’s quality. Working with it is comparatively easy as you can customize proven templates to pitch them. Just to mention, it has built-in tracking for pitches you send from the platform to let you know if the journalist opened it or not.

You will find it a perfect competitor of the HARO as it provides PR strategy calls, brainstorms, email support, pitch reviews, and lessons to help finetune your search keywords. It improves your pitch angle so that you can receive replies from reporters. You can also search for requests from journalists seeking sources with keywords related to your industry or company.

10. Musk Rack 

It’s not just one of the sites like help a reporter out, Muck Rack is a public relations platform allowing you to connect with journalists and influencers to pitch. The platform allows you to overlook reporters’ stories, beats, and interests to determine their relevance to your firm or industry. Overall it can help you find the pitch angle that might be most appealing to them. You can also set up notifications for your search terms to keep track of new stories on such topics.

The platform also tells you if a reporter you’ve added to your media list switches their position, it can help when considering the media industry’s high turnover. Allowing you to create reports, newsletters, graphics, and article excerpts, you can share the status of your PR efforts and pitches with your customer or organization.

5 Best sites like help a reporter out

  1. Terkel
  2. Muck Rack
  3. ProfNet
  4. PitchRate
  5. OnePitch

Wrapping Up!

Finding the best help a reporter out alternative is easy if you have specific needs in mind. You can compare each of these platforms’ features and choose what satisfies your business needs the most. HARO is a really good platform, but it has some drawbacks that other platforms have very specifically tackled and provide more reliable information sources. That’s all about the HARO alternatives. Thank You.

Written by Ashok Kumar
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