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A Short Guide to Medical Transcription? How Does Medical Transcription Work?

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Today, medical transcription services are critical for healthcare providers. With such services, hospitals can eliminate data entry work which is very hectic for medical specialists and physicians. They can concentrate more on other critical tasks when they hire transcription services from a reliable provider. So, what is medical transcription all about? Why should you hire professionals? And how do you choose the right service provider? Read this simple guide to answer these questions and learn more about the work involved.

What Is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of converting medical reports dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals from audio into text format. The verbal descriptions consist of lab results, clinical summaries, surgery notes as well as other medical procedures. Medical transcription aims to produce a text file of a patient’s treatment history. The transcripts can be printed and stored in a medical file or saved as a soft copy.

How Does Medical Transcription Work?

The process starts when a patient visits a healthcare provider. After the patient completes the appointment, a physician records medical info using a recording device. The verbal reports then go to a medical transcriber who listens to them and types down what they hear. There are various ways you can transcribe audio medical recordings. They include:

In-house transcription

This is where a facility hires professional healthcare transcriptionists to convert their files. Usually, these experts undergo training to understand medical terminology so they can transcribe the audio accurately. Unfortunately, this process has some challenges. Accurately transcribing medical recordings requires a particular set of skills. Therefore, finding a suitable candidate may take time and effort. Furthermore, it is expensive to hire in-house transcribers since you have to pay them salary and allowances. Do you wonder how one becomes a medical transcriptionist? This might help!

Voice recognition software

The other option is to use software to transcribe medical files. Of course, automated transcription tools have improved drastically over the last few years. Today, they are cheaper and faster. But machine-generated transcripts are still prone to errors. Although some programs have an accuracy level of up to 97%, they are still unsuitable in the medical field.

Medical transcription services

The last but best option to transcribe medical files is to hire a company like GoTranscript. Choose a vendor with trained transcriptionists. They should have experience creating and transcribing various medical documents. You don’t need to worry about accuracy and overhead costs with such services. Nonetheless, there are tons of transcribing agencies, so be careful when choosing one.

Choosing a Professional Medical Transcription Company

So, what should you consider when selecting a medical transcribing vendor? You might need help figuring out which one to choose. Make the process simple by aiming for the following points:

Quality and accuracy

Start by carefully accessing the quality of services provided. An accuracy level of at least 99% is critical for medical transcription. So, choose a company with the highest accuracy level.

Transparent pricing

How much does a vendor charge for its services? Does its plan have any hidden costs? Go for a company that provides medical transcription services at affordable prices.


Your transcription company should have rigorous internal privacy processes. This way, they can ensure your info is safe and prevent leakage of sensitive data. Also, they should be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Qualified personnel

You should also consider the qualifications of the transcribers working on your files. The best professionals are natives and well trained. This way, they can easily understand medical jargon, slang, and colloquialisms, enhancing the quality of transcripts.

Why Should You Outsource Medical Transcription Services?

Outsourcing transcription services to a reliable provider offers many benefits to medical practitioners and the industry. Some benefits of hiring a professional transcription provider include the following:

  • The ability to save time and money by reducing administrative tasks
  • Increased workflow and productivity by allowing doctors and other healthcare officers to focus on what matters most
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Less worker burnout
  • High-quality transcripts

Hire the Best Medical Transcription Service

Now you know what a transcription service is and how it can benefit your facility. To enjoy all these benefits, ensure you pick a reliable provider to avoid shoddy work. Ensure you thoroughly research and compare various agencies before settling on one.

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