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Google Fi Plans, Deals, and Prices: All You Need to Know

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Google Fi Plans 2023

Want to get the best cellular service? Wondering about trying out Google Fi? It’s a good idea as it is an opportunity to get flexibility in communication without borders. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about what Google Fi is, whether it’s worth using, what it takes, and how much it costs. Let’s start!

What is Google Fee?

As you understand, the owner of Google Fi is Google. If we skip the history of the project and will talk in simple terms, this is a mobile operator from Google. At the same time, not only 5G, US Cellular, and T-Mobile are used here, but also Wi-Fi connection. That is the service switches between networks and uses open Wi-Fi connections. Sounds great! But you have to remember that there is a need to own Google Fi-supported phones. It is impossible to use the services of this provider without a special device, but fortunately, some of the Google Fi phones are quite affordable, so it is not a problem.

So, what will you get with Google Fi? Google Fi allows you to exchange text messages as well as calls, international calls, and free coverage of LTE, and 5G in more than 200 countries around the world. International text messages are also free, and it is possible to receive calls using a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, this is the best option for those who travel frequently and are not ready to constantly look for new tariff plans due to a change in location.

What Interesting Features Does Google Fi Offer?

What is so special about Google Fi, and why should you pay attention to the tariff plans of this communication provider? There are several interesting features that make Google Fi stand out from other providers.

The operator places great emphasis on privacy and security by adding Google One VPN to its plans. There is also automatic end-to-end call encryption for Android devices when you chat with other Google Fi users. In addition, Fi has a built-in spam call filtering feature that automatically blocks incoming calls identified as spam. Spam filtering combined with Google’s Pixel Call Assist package means you can virtually avoid unwanted calls and text messages.

Google Fi also offers a handy feature to control your data plan in case you use more than one line in your family. For example, you can find out how much data each user consumes and even create automatic alerts. If you have kids on your network, then you can block all calls and text messages from unknown users. You can also customize the content filter, limit screen time, approve app downloads, and even track device location. Thus, Google Fi offers many options for those who need such a function as control.

Another interesting feature is that you can make calls, send messages, and so on directly from your computer. In this case, your phone may be turned off.

What Phones Are Suitable for Google Fi?

So, the key condition for using Google Fi is the appropriate smartphone. For example, on its official website, Google Fi sells various phones from Google, Motorola, and Samsung. However, this is not the entire list of smartphones that are compatible with Fi. 

A wide range of such smartphones is based on Android. However, most of the latest Apple models are also suitable for using Google Fi. By the way, there are some additional benefits for iPhone owners. But it should be borne in mind that when using the iPhone, there is no function to optimize switching networks and Wi-Fi.

The Features of Data Plans That Google Fi Offers

What Phones Are Suitable for Google Fi?

So, Google Fi offers three plans. We are talking about Flexible, Simply Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus packages. Let’s look at each in a little more detail and highlight the key points.

The Flexible plan offers you unlimited calls and messages at a fixed price. As for gigabytes, the cost is $10 for one. As for the Flexible tariff plan, this is the best option for local use, as it is a basic plan. That is, it is an option for those who need quality services but do not need to travel. The features of this plan are quite enough to provide the best experience. 

The following tariff plans are variations of the unlimited tariff plan. There will be unlimited conversations, text messages, and data (Canada, USA, and Mexico). However, such a tariff plan as Unlimited Plus offers free calls to more than 50 countries, in addition to Canada, USA, and Mexico. This plan also offers 100 GB of Google One storage.

Which Google Fi Plan Should You Choose? 

So which plan should you choose? If you know that 15 GB will be enough for you, then you should pay attention to such a tariff plan as Simply Unlimited, the cost of which starts from $50 per line. As for the cost of gigabytes, you will not pay for them. However, if the consumption exceeds 35 GB, the speed will be significantly reduced. It is also worth noting that this is not the best option for those who constantly travel as there is no SIM card.

If you need a little more than you can get from the previous plan, you should look at the Unlimited Plus, which starts at $65. Here you will get 50GB as well as travel benefits. You will receive a free SIM card and a high-speed hotspot.

It is worth noting that when registering several lines, the cost of the tariff plan can be lower. You can get more detailed information regarding the cost on the official website.

Note that Google Fi provides 24/7 online customer support and has no contracts or activation fees. You can always ask for help from customer support. Moreover, you can cancel your plan at any time without additional fees. 

Final Verdict

So, should you give preference to Google Fi? Many things make Google Fi a great choice. You get improved coverage by using multiple carriers and Wi-Fi networks. It is also worth noting that the pricing policy is friendlier than that of other operators. It is also possible to get a package at a lower price when registering several lines and, at the same time, get a bonus in the form of additional control options. 

Therefore, it is worth considering the offers and choosing the most optimal tariff plan option. Check out the official website to discover the pricing policy and options that help to get a lower price for the best-suited package. 

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