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Top 10 Dialogflow Companies & Google Dialogflow Competitors

Considering Google Dialogflow Competitors? Users of Dialogflow took this into account while making a purchase. Potential customers assess competencies in areas including...

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Dialogflow Companies

Considering Google Dialogflow Competitors? Users of Dialogflow took this into account while making a purchase. Potential customers assess competencies in areas including evaluation and contracting, integration and implementation, service and support, and specific product capabilities when comparing various solutions. See Dialogflow Competitors by reading authentic reviews, then choose the programme or service that will work best for your company.

In this study, we concentrate on Dialogflow, a Google-owned competitor in the chatbot business. Dialogflow is compared to other systems to determine their benefits and drawbacks. To make it simple for developers to create chatbots, tech behemoths like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook are investing in conversational AI.

These AI-powered chatbots can automate several common tasks, like email sending, troubleshooting, and internet research. Please read our comprehensive guide on conversational bots for more information on chatbots.

What is Google Dialogflow & How Does it Work?

Google bought the chatbot creation platform Dialogflow, formerly known as, in 2016. Its name was changed to Dialogflow while it was owned by Google. Dialogflow is a “Google-owned developer of human-computer interface solutions based on natural language talks,” according to Wikipedia. Designing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) interactions for chatbots, voice assistants, and virtual assistants that are connected with various conversational platforms, particularly Google Assistant, can be done using the Dialogflow platform.

The primary platforms that Dialogflow supports are listed below. Except for WhatsApp, it can be integrated into any common communication platform. Dialogflow can also be linked to WhatsApp via other systems like Twilio.

Using a device, the user provides input to the application. This input can be speech or text. 

Dialogflow classifies the incoming message and compares it to the chatbot developer’s intended goals. The system can be trained in intent identification by the chatbot creator using training phrases. To determine what action should be taken for this input, a request is issued to the webhook service. The bot’s responses may be rewritten by the developer or may be chosen by Dialogflow. With webhooks and external APIs, the dialogue system may be developed and fed from the outside. Webhooks are structures that respond to defined actions automatically and return an HTTP response.

An application programming interface (API) and a webhook differ in that the former requires triggering while the latter does not. Webhooks are automatically activated when specific events occur. Due to external API and database scanning, Dialogflow is once more informed of the best course of action. Formatting is done to ensure that the application or device takes the proper action. The end-user receives the message.

Top 10 Google Dialogflow Competitors That You Can Rely On! 


Cognigy is a good option for many Dialogflow Competitors. Considering that Amazon isn’t one of their standard suppliers currently, I believe their voice implementations could be stronger. Cognigy is, in my opinion, pretty average for analytics. They provide a lot of insights at the micro level, but it is up to the company to develop insights at a higher level (NPS trends, handover patterns). There has to be greater maturity in that area for an enterprise solution.

After reviewing numerous domestic and foreign vendors for a Conversational AI Platform and devoting a whole year to the process, we chose for alternative Dialogflow Companies. offers a fantastic and cutting-edge solution that is supported by a compelling vision and drive for further development. One can create sophisticated chat and speech bots for bank customers by collaborating with the vendor’s team. 

Kindle Polly

Amazon Polly exceeds expectations with speech that sounds shockingly natural. AWS Polly creates next-generation results that are simple to listen to when other big providers create robotic, synthetic speech. Amazon Polly shares the same “batteries included” attitude as other AWS products, making it simple to set up a new text-to-speech project while yet having the ability to grow to huge batch workloads.

Platform Teneo

The Teneo platform is one of the extremely, extremely powerful Google Dialogflow Competitors. It offers several functional layers that assist conversational teams in developing deep linguistic comprehension, developing numerous ML classes, designing intricate dialogue flows, managing global, flow, and local variables, as well as managing listeners. Because of the platform’s relatively flat learning curve, any agile team can quickly become highly productive and maintain a close feedback loop with their users.

Microsoft Bot Service

Language Understanding (LUIS) enables developers to create tailored natural interactions on any platform for any sort of application, including bots, while Azure Bot Service enables developers to construct conversational interfaces on many channels. It serves as a secure centre for employees to interact, share data, manage projects, access external apps, and take quicker, more decisive decisions. It also makes use of NLP-enabled bots to make work easier and reclaim the workday.

NOW Platform 

For the enterprise, the Now Platform offers a System of Action. It is simple to build contextual workflows and automate business activities using a single data model. The platform’s Intelligent Automation Engine uses automated processes and machine learning to drastically cut costs and accelerate time to resolution.


Businesses can communicate with customers in a tailored fashion with Drift’s Conversation Cloud at every point of the customer journey, from pre-sale research to post-sale support. It consists of three fundamental products, powered by our underlying Conversational AI: Conversational Marketing, Conversational Sales, and Conversational Service. To present the appropriate content to visitors, respond to their inquiries, or qualify and move the best-fit consumers along the funnel, conversational marketing engages marketers and website users in real-time interactions.

More than 100 top businesses use the premier omnichannel conversational AI solution to provide individualised customer support at scale and accelerate growth. Being one of the top Dialogflow Competitors, it offers real-time tailored customer service and aids support professionals in concentrating on high-priority customers.


Bloomreach purchased Exponea in 2021. By connecting deep consumer and deep product data, the Bloomreach digital experience platform enables organisations to offer amazing revenue-driving commerce experiences through customised goods and content across all digital touchpoints.

The Conversational AI Platform Software was created to support Agencies and Startups. For Windows, offers comprehensive solutions. On-Screen Chats are available through this online Conversational AI Platform solution in one location. Get familiar with


Botsociety is a conversational AI platform software with a full feature set created for SMEs and startups. Botsociety offers comprehensive web app solutions. This Conversational AI Platform and one of the Dialogflow Competitors is available online and provides code-free development, contextual guidance, and more! 


Rasa Stack is a conversational AI platform software with full functionality created for SMBs and startups. End-to-end web app solutions are offered by Rasa Stack. Contextual Guidance, Developer Support, and Intent Recognition are all provided by this online Conversational AI Platform system at one time. 


Avaamo is a Conversational AI Platform Software with a full feature set created for Businesses and Startups. End-to-end Macintosh solutions are offered by Avaamo. Sentiment Analysis, Multi-Language, Omni-Channel, Voice Recognition, and more are provided by this online Conversational AI Platform system. 


Make sure your clients are taken into account with the conversational AI from Uniphore. Simplify processes, automate routine operations, and improve the efficiency of your personnel. Be careful to be accessible at all times. Profit from seamless authentication and transform your customer service!

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