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Top 10 Games Where You Can Make Your Own Person or Character

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Not all games are the same. Some merely allow the player a small amount of control over the stats and skills of their character. Others become complicated or are unsatisfying. However, character-creation games manage to strike the ideal balance. Fun character customisation that benefits the game and is distinctive can occasionally become a key selling point for the title.

Customizing characters is a key component of many games. Many games are content to provide the player a pre-made character whose skills are constant across all playthroughs, with the exception of accessories. Many more give the player direct control over how their character develops during the game.

As we select the top Character Customization Games with excellent character creation for you to get creative with, prepare ready to spend hours deliberating over minute modifications! Do not jump into character development too quickly. You will experience the game’s highs and lows alongside this character. There is no turning back once you embark on an adventure with them and accomplish some fantastic—or perhaps terrible—things.

Best Character Creation Games in 2023 

1. Black Desert

MMOs frequently have robust character creation tools, which makes sense given that many players congregate in towns to socialize while on the server. Most people feel that Black Desert’s character creation tools are among of the greatest ever developed, especially if you’re searching for characters who err more on the side of realism. Being able to effectively express yourself through your character is vital to the MMO-playing experience.

There are certain restrictions to work around with the creation tool because body types can be connected to the classes that players choose, but even within those constraints, there is an astonishing amount of creativity available. So many options are available to you that, regardless of your race or class, you’ll be content. Just be careful not to take too long making your new hero. After all, there is an entire game to play.

2. Soulcalibur VI

Fighting games featuring character creators are a somewhat uncommon breed, which gives Soulcalibur a slight advantage over other Character based games. The ability to combine your own absurd invention with some exquisitely rendered characters has a unique allure in and of itself, but Bandai Namco went above and beyond with Soulcalibur VI’s character creator. The level of creative flexibility available, whether it’s for an original design or a reconstruction, makes Soulcalibur VI one of the best character creation games ever created.

Players have been able to use the hundreds of items and sliders in Soulcalibur VI to customize almost every part of a character, including clothing and accessories, in inventive ways to unleash some monstrosities on the earth. In the game’s Libra of Soul mode, you can play as the character you created after it has spawned and travel the globe in an effort to stop someone from obtaining Soul Edge shards.

3. Crusader Kings 3

Who among us hasn’t briefly fantasized about being a king or queen, if we are being completely honest? Fortunately for those people, Crusader Kings 3 offers you plenty of chances to do that as you place your would-be ruler in charge of their own medieval dynasty and strive to create alliances and wipe out rivals from the pages of history in an effort to become the greatest noble who ever lived. Create each and every feature of your hunter, using amazing designs like this one of Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy and many others.

World is the first game on this list of the best ones for character creation, and it offers a neat creator suite with an intuitive user interface. Character creation games spend a lot of time developing characters because they want them to appear nice in any setting. At least, that is the intention.

4. WWE 2K23

The impressiveness of the creative tools was a constant for WWE 2K games between 2014 and 2019, despite how much the quality had declined. After the game was released, players would quickly post outstanding original works as well as frighteningly exact recreations of wrestlers who had left the WWE. These character building features feel even better now that the 2K series has hit its stride, especially with WWE 2K23, making it one of the best character creation games ever created.

Players have complete power over building arenas, logos, and full performances that may be used in the Universe mode, adding an extra personal touch to everyone’s gameplay experience. However, the Create-A-Wrestler options, which let users design their own grapplemen, have always been the main draw. But even with all these tools, most artificial wrestlers will probably still be bearded men wearing jeans. To put it mildly, the character editor in the first version was a touch lacking. The PS5 version has fixed that, as the developers correctly recognized that players take these stuff very seriously.

5. Cyberpunk 2077

For a variety of reasons, Cyberpunk 2077 is given a poor rap, and for good cause its one of the Best Character Creation Games. The epic character creation method is one aspect that keeps it alive and in our minds, though. It makes obvious that the character-building aspect would be a key component in a game where there is so much emphasis on physical alteration.

Any game that takes character creation seriously allows you to alter a character’s penis length. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the few games that is truly diverse when it comes to creating a character that truly represents each player because you can create non binary characters in it. Cyberpunk players must create their character’s backstory in addition to their bodily parts. It takes hours to create a character. Just a shame that the game only gets worse from there on out.

6. Dragon Age: Inquisition

RPGs typically have a ton of customizability options available, allowing players a lot of power to create the adventurer of their dreams. Many people frequently cite The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the benchmark for character creation in the RPG genre, but a few games are just a tiny bit better. Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the best character-creation games available today, largely due to the choices you can make after creating your character.

Players in DA: Inquisition can choose from one of four races, a few distinct classes, and a vast range of sliders and customization options to construct themselves or any fictitious or non-fictional character they can imagine. Even better, you have a lot of flexibility over how your character chooses to display their sexuality thanks to Inquisition’s comprehensive romance options, which is fantastic for individuals who aren’t often represented.

7. Divinity: Original Sin 2

The Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game has always been praised for allowing players to design any character they desire, regardless of race, class, or alignment, despite the fact that it isn’t a video game. Although Divinity: Original Sin 2’s character creator may not be as extensive as Divinity: Original Sin, many people refer to it as the video game equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons.

Players in Divinity: Original Sin 2 have a variety of races and, more importantly, backstories to choose from, all of which have an impact on the objectives and options available to them. In addition, you can choose from a huge selection of classes and playstyles to genuinely construct the character of your dreams. They might be a brave knight who always chooses the proper course of action, or they might be a cunning lizard person happy to carry out nefarious deeds in the shadows. All possibilities are equally viable.

8. Sims 4 (2014)

Sims 4 had to be included on this list of the top Character Customization Games with strong character creation. Making a cool character, building a home for that character, and other such tasks comprise the game’s entire basis. The Sims 4 receives the bronze award for our best games with solid character building. With the ability to actually get in there and mold faces and body shapes like some divine creator, this is one of the best Sims games for character creation to date. Modify your characters’ attire and accessories, construct their goals, and get to the very heart of what drives and inspires them. 

What other game could have topped a ranking of the best character creation games? Character building is the major goal of The Sims (along with making sure your Sim actually uses the restroom, but that’s a whole other thing), and in that one area, The Sims excels. Where else can you build a family of characters, each with their own distinct personality, goals, and peculiarities that make them one in a billion, instead of simply one person? With so many options available, gamers may exercise their building skills when it comes to really creating a home for their Sims in addition to the fantastic character development. The available DLC packs expand your creativity capabilities even further and let you explore more supernatural and sci-fi aspects if you have a lot of money to spend (and plenty is being spent freely here). 

That’s deep!

9. Saints Row

“Anything is possible” has always been Saints Row’s guiding principle when developing characters, and it has been a strategy that has worked successfully for the brand over the previous 20 years. No matter what players’ opinions were of the Saints Row reboot’s gameplay, there’s no doubting that the character creation options were incredible. given the degree of control players had while creating their own version of The Boss.Saints Row’s character customization offered a wide range of options, from a chill stoner-looking chap with long hair and sunglasses to a dark elf vampire hybrid dressed in medieval-themed gear just for that additional realism. Skin color, clothing, hair, make-up, and all sorts of garish accessories were also available. Whatever you decide to make your avatar into, Saints Row will embrace it, whether they’re freaks or just a fashion statement. It’s a shame that the rest of the game doesn’t live up to its inventor.

10. Code Vein

Souls-like games, particularly those made by FromSoftware, feature fantastic character designers, especially if you want to create someone who resembles Shrek. Even if Elden Ring in particular is fantastic, there is undoubtedly something special to be said about the person who created the characters in the anime-inspired video game Code Vein. This game is for you if you’re seeking for a tool to help you make your new favorite waifu or husband. Code Vein’s character creation is fantastic, whether it’s the variety of choices, the degree of freedom you have over changing the clothing designs or the character’s skin tone. The most astounding aspect of Code Vein is how much superior its character creator is than those found in anime-themed video games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Naruto than Boruto: Shinobi Strikers. You should check out Code Vein’s character creation because Bandai once again went all out for it.

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