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Gala Games vs Axie Infinity Games? Detailed Comparison

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The blockchain gaming world is booming, and the companies offering blockchain game development services are fueling the momentum. The two big players leading the way are Gala Games and Axie Infinity. These crypto games have some similarities but many differences when you dive deep into the details. This article will break it all down so you can decide which platform deserves your attention.

Game Fundamentals

First, looking at core gameplay, Axie Infinity was built around the popular model of breeding and battling creatures called Axies. Gala Games on the other hand features robust game development capabilities and a growing library of varied games around genres like RPG, adventure, puzzle, and many more.

  • In Axie Infinity, players purchase Axies as NFTs and battle them against other players to earn crypto rewards. It relies heavily on community participation. Gala takes a different approach, owning the games that players purchase, and to support faster, carbon-neutral NFT mining and transactions they operate on the company’s proprietary blockchain called GALA Chain.
  • With different fundamental approaches, both crypto games show the potential of play-to-earn blockchain models. But for actual gameplay experience and variety, Gala currently has the upper hand.

Crypto Economics Comparison

The tokens at the center of each platform are also structured differently when comparing Gala Games and Axie Infinity.

  • Axie uses the governance and utility token Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) as well as Small Love Potions (SLP), which breed Axies and unlock features. Users can mine and stake both.
  • Gala uses the Gala token across its network, with founders also holding sizable amounts of founder nodes and gala power for control.
  • Looking deeper at token distribution, Gala Games focuses more heavily on giving active platform contributors access over investors.
  • Axie provides wider public availability, but pricing and access have been an issue with bots snatching up supply.

Here the edge goes to Gala for sustainably growing its crypto economy, while Axie’s will depend more heavily on maintaining demand.

Earning Potential

For crypto gamers and investors, earnings potential is also a big factor when comparing the two platforms.

  • Axie has delivered life-changing income for some early players, but with scaling the game, returns have dropped significantly.
  • Gala is still ramping up gameplay volume so income statistics are harder to assess.

However, with triple-A game studio onboard creating games, and more ways to earn by owning nodes or NFTs, income streams appear stronger. Gala also avoids the problem Axie has of paying costs upfront before earning. For long-term earnings, Gala Games has better odds thanks to its structure and big-name developers committed to launching games. Axie Infinity still holds potential but may never return to its heyday of income.

The Winner?

While both Gala Games and Axie Infinity stand to reshape gaming in big ways, Gala Games comes out ahead when directly comparing the two. With greater gameplay variety, a more balanced tokenomics structure, and longer-term earning potential, Gala edges out Axie. 

However, Axie does deserve credit for proving a complex play-to-earn model could work. It still leads in popularity and asset growth to date. But crypto gaming is still a new industry. By learning from early leaders like Axie Infinity, newcomers like Gala Games now have the advantage of onboarding the next generation of gamers to decentralized, fun, and rewarding experiences.

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