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Free Zoom Alternative App for Meeting | Zoom Similar Apps 2022 – 2023

Zoom is quickly becoming one of the most important business apps since it has virtually replaced physical office spaces for most teams...

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Zoom is quickly becoming one of the most important business apps since it has virtually replaced physical office spaces for most teams and businesses.

It’s widely used as a communication and collaboration tool, allowing team members to bring their entire workplace with them anywhere in the world.

While the basic features of Zoom are more than enough for the average team, there are a bunch of extra resources and ways to improve your Zoom experience.

The following list covers some of these apps, integrations and tools.

How to Make a Video Conferencing App Like Zoom

1. Heads Up!

zoom app alternative

With Heads Up, you’ll enjoy hilarious ice-breaker moments with your family and friends or potentially start a riot at the next corporate meeting. It’s the hysterical game of charades created by Ellen DeGeneres

2. MuteDeck

free meeting apps like zoom

MuteDeck is a Zoom Extension that enables users to mute or unmute themselves quickly, control their webcam, and leave meetings with a single click. MuteDeck helps users gain more control over their meeting experience.

3. Fathom


Fathom is a digital note-taking platform for Zoom calls, which helps you recall important moments from your meetings. Fathom automatically sends meeting highlights to your Slack or CRM account so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything important.

4. Xpression camera


Do you want to be the star of your own meme? We got you covered! xpression lets you instantly transform into anyone or anything with a face with a single photo without any processing time.

You can now become an avatar version of yourself, superhero or villain in real-time while chatting on apps like Zoom live streaming on Twitch or creating a YouTube video.

5. Listener


Do you want to hear customer feedback directly from them? Listener is a tool that helps you listen to your customers better by allowing you to capture short video highlights of your Zoom calls and then provide them with an easily searchable knowledge repository containing all of their interactions with your company.

6. Beautiful Summary Converter


Want to capture the highlights from your Zoom summary? Or just want to know what happened in a meeting?

Now you can! With, you can generate an AI-generated summary of any video or audio file, simply by uploading it.

7. Luma


One of the best ways to foster meaningful relationships with your customers is through regular events. With Luma, you can create event pages, sell tickets and collect feedback from guests instantly. All you need is their email address! We do everything else—from sending reminders to communicating with guests immediately before and after the event.

8. Buffering

image provides an easy way to free up your time and escape from unpleasant or unwanted conversations. It also provides an alternative means for communicating if you do not wish to use Zoom or other services

9. Zoom Backgrounds


Zoom Backgrounds is a unique tool that helps you add a visual element to your Zoom meetings. With over 500 backgrounds and HD zoom video backgrounds, you can help clients better relate to your business by demonstrating that you care about the little things such as design!

10. Colibri

platforms like zoom

Do you need to take meeting notes? Are you frustrated with having to type all of your meeting notes into Google Docs after every meeting? Colibri gives you a better way. It automatically records your meetings, so all you need to do is talk—no typing.

11. Funtivity

free alternative to zoom

Whether your company is remote, distributed or just a large organization that needs to get employees together in one place regularly, Funtivity makes it easy to get things done and keep people engaged.

With more than 30 different icebreaker activities & networking solutions and new meticulously crafted content every week, you can improve engagement and reduce churn of your entire org.

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