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We've compiled a list of the best Dubai business listing sites to help you promote your local business to your target audience,...

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The whole point of finding business listing sites in Dubai for you or your client is to effectively promote your business in Dubai. So can generate traffic, which will generate leads, generates revenue and obviously google ranking in Dubai. So be with us, read till the end and find the best Dubai business directory list in 2023.

Check out the business listing sites list created by our market researcher, including free and paid options that can help you reach a wider audience. We have invested approx. 2 days to curate this Dubai business directory website list to discover new opportunities for marketing your products and services.

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Why list your business on local listing sites in Dubai

They help push you up in the search rankings for Google and other search engines. And another thing is that if you’re not on these, your competitors probably already are. So they’re getting the leads that your business should be getting.

Now, if you are a business owner, you must have to be on these listings. And even if you’re a web developer or designer or a digital marketer or any offline business, if you’re not getting business from these listings websites, you are missing a huge opportunity to generate more revenue and more leads, but also another revenue stream that could be very easy to add to your current service offering. 

So you don’t want to skip this one either. Now, this isn’t going to be one of those articles where I go, well, number one is this and number two is that and number three is that it’s not a hit list. What I’m going to be doing is going in-depth and telling you the Ideas, the strategies for the reasoning behind these, so that you can take the same ideas in this article and extrapolate it out to find 20, 30, 50 other websites where you could have your business listed. 

And if all of that sounds like it’s going to be too hard or it’s going to take forever, it’s going to be really expensive, dont worry, it’s not going to Be. I’m going to show you how you could do most of these just for free.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of listing websites in Dubai. These are websites where you don’t have a lot of their own unique, original content. I’m sure that you’ve all used different directories when you’re trying to find, say, a local restaurant or a dentist or a chiropractor or something like that. And there are these websites where it has a bunch of different businesses on it. 

It might have reviews, descriptions, pictures, and things like that. So it’s not the company’s actual website, but it’s a listing that that company is on. And these are actually much more travelled for most businesses than the actual company website is. 

Best Business listing sites in Dubai

1. Google My Business

Google My Business
Google My Business

All right, so no further ado. Let’s get to number one. The first business listing your business has to be on is Google My Business.

Google My Business is one of the most important, if not the number one most important platform for your business to be on. And a lot of people say, well, of course, you have to be on Google. But here’s the thing. There are thousands and thousands of businesses that don’t have their Google My Business either set up at all or set up in the right way. We have one more video where we explained how to set up GMB profile without postcard verification.

Completely set up and optimize your Google My Business profile so that it can actually generate leads, get you more customers, and it can actually be a real presence that’s driving extra traffic that you were never getting before. 

Okay, Google My Business, it’s not just your name, your address, and your phone number on there. It also contains photos. You can advertise products and services. You can put events on there. You can post on Google My Business just like you post on Facebook. And then when people find you in the listings, when they’re searching for a type of company in the area, they can look at all of your posts and they can see, oh, this is the team.

2. CompanyListing

If you own a business in UAE, you can find over 1000 different types of businesses listed on By listing your business on this website for free, you have a greater chance of getting more sales from your target market.

At, we’ve spent years carefully selecting the best local business listing sites and social media platforms in UAE. These platforms are available for any Etisalat business to list their information for free.

Yelp Dubai

So, the first vital listing, Google My Business, you have to be on it. The second business listing website in Dubai is Yelp. And yeah, I know. Yelp’s a bit of a mess. Everyone knows Yelp is a bit of a mess. And some people say that it’s going to go the way of the dinosaur soon, but it hasn’t yet. 

Okay? Now, Yelp has a couple of things about it that make it very important to not only have your business listed on it, but also to have your profile optimized for it. A couple of things about Yelp. 

And another important thing about Yelp, and this is important for a lot of the things that we’re talking about is the search engines, especially. Google wants to see that your company is on all these different directories. 

So if your business is active on Yelp and has reviews and everything, you’re probably a real business. So that takes us to number three. And this is going to be one of those where, like I said, some of these you can extrapolate out and get many, many more ideas from.

3. PinkPages

NationalPinkPages UAE is the leading business directory in UAE with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information available. We’ve earned several awards for our directory publishing in recent years. Our directory is primarily published as a hard copy book printed on eco-friendly farmed tree papers every year. It is distributed for free to both our customers and the general public. The print version is of high-quality, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, making it stand out from other business directories in the market. We also have an online edition that is regularly updated with current and relevant information. The online version receives a fair share of traffic in terms of click counts and unique visitors.

4. Facebook Pages

So the number three listing is Facebook. That’s another one. It might seem like it’s obvious, but I’ll tell you, most businesses are not using Facebook the way they could be using it, and a lot of them don’t even have their profile set up. 

Now, one of the things I hear from business owners is they’ll tell me Facebook is just for old people. This is kind of funny, because even some of the people who tell me this are the old people that they’re actually saying that they’re talking about. 

So if you’re not using Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. In fact, according to ahrefs, which is my go-to SEO tool, they rank Facebook as the number one website in the entire world, above google, Instagram, YouTube, and all of those others that you think might be even higher. 

So don’t miss out on the opportunity. Now here’s how we’re going to extrapolate this out. Facebook is an example of being on social media and having listings on social media. There are dozens of social media sites.

5. Dubizzle (OLX Group)

Dubizzle - free business listing sites in dubai
Dubizzle – free business listing sites in dubai

Dubizzle is a renowned classifieds platform in the UAE that has been helping users buy, sell, or find anything in their local community since 2005. With its popularity and success, Dubizzle has become the go-to platform for individuals and businesses alike.

The EMPG merger with the OLX group in April 2020 further cemented dubizzle’s status as a leading platform in key markets. Valued at $1 billion, the group now owns and operates Bayut in the UAE, OLX Pakistan, OLX Egypt, and OLX Lebanon, as well as other platforms in the broader Middle East region, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar.

6. Bing Places

Bing Places. I know people are kind of like crazy. Like, who uses Bing even in Dubai? And they actually have quite a bit of market share, a surprising amount, and it’s been growing. But not only that, also there’s you have to think well for laptops and desktop computers, about 85% of them run on Windows and Cortana, the virtual assistant for Windows, that the searches on that, those are on Bing.

Microsoft Edge. The default browser is Bing. Also some voice search tools. They use Bing as a way that they look up their results. So because of these things, it’s been estimated that as much as one-third of searches are actually done on Bing or through Bing services. 

7. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Dubai
Yellow Pages Dubai

Okay, so here it is. Don’t skip the article or scroll too fast, but I’m going to say it. Yellow That’s right. Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages is kind of the original SEO because back in the day, you’d have Yellow Pages book and you’d flip through it and you’d have companies that had names like One Plumbing, because if someone turned to the plumbing section, what’s going to be on the top?

It’s all alphabetical, so it’s going to be A One Plumbing. All right, so that’s the old school SEO. But for these days, is a very well traffic website. It ranks for 19.4 million different keywords, and it gets over 13 billion.

Visitors every single month. So I’m sure that some of those could be looking for your business. Now, Yellow Pages, you can put on reviews and you can put on your basic information. And then people, some people search that as their way to try to find different businesses. 

8. HaiUAE is a popular B2B listing website in Dubai and a digital marketing company too. They specialize in helping business-to-business segments effectively reach their target customers in a cost-effective and easy manner. Anyone can list their business for free.

They not only local businesses and service providers establish a stronger and more comprehensive online presence, but we also assist in increasing brand visibility and growing your business rapidly.

S.NOFree business listing sites in UAEPADA

Its not about listing business and maintaining a presence in Dubai. Creating account on these websites also help to build citations. And this is the next thing I want to get into before I get to our bonus secret at the end. Citations are all of these different directories things like Yellow Pages and Dex Knows and Brown Book and Chamber of Commerce and things like that for many, many of these. 

And each one of those, they have different levels of authority, and they also apply to different niches. So there’s some that are better for chiropractors, some that are essential for attorneys, but there’s all these different citations that you can have your business listed on. 

You do whatever you want to, but as you get your business listed on these websites, you’re going to see your rankings go up, and you’re going to be able to generate more leads. And if you’re doing this for your clients, your clients are going to be so stoked that you did this for them because they’re going to get more brand exposure, more rankings and more revenue so they can make sales and thrive and serve more people. 

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