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20 Free and Paid Apps That Pay You To Walk

List of best Earn Money Walking Apps - 2023. Does the walking app really pay you? Yes, now you can earn money...

Written by Alison Lurie · 8 min read >
app that pays for walking

Whenever you install the app that rewards you for your steps, there are several factors you should be aware of. Start off by setting sensible goals. By walking more, you could grow fitter, but you won’t become wealthy. This is not the legitimate side business you should seek if you want to make a lot of money. Yet, if you want to earn a little more dollars for the walking you already do or as a motivator to increase your regular step count, these applications are a terrific way to accomplish it. 

Though some of these applications just offer you discounts on goods or gift cards, others actually pay money into your PayPal account. Check out the incentive programs once you start accumulating miles because some just offer auctions instead of guaranteed awards.

We have gathered information on some of the most well-liked get-paid-to-walk apps. Even though this is a lengthy list, the best aspect is that you can utilize several different apps and receive payments numerous times for the same actions!

Top 10 Walk to earn apps

Best 20 Apps to Earn Money By Walking

  1. OPTIMITY – From Health to Wealth

You will get paid for more than just moving when engaging in healthy activities. Earn “gems” by consuming water, responding to wellness surveys, and completing the day’s tasks (which include things like stretching and mindful breathing).

Optimity is the most rewarding micro-learning app that helps millions of members live healthier, wealthier, and longer.
Optimity is the most rewarding micro-learning app that helps millions of members live healthier, wealthier, and longer.

Your 10 daily diamonds are calculated by multiplying the number of days you’ve maintained your sequence for Optimity to reward you with incentives for consistently reaching your daily target. For an additional $10 per month, Optimity offers a premium edition with additional features like $5,000 in no-exam insurance coverage, and access to the workout applications ClassPass and Headspace, as well as a reward on gem profits. It is one of the reputed pay-to-walk apps in the year 2022. 

Key characteristics:

  • Take part in physical ailments with pals to get more gems.
  • As you walk more, your step target adapts dynamically.
  • Promotes comprehensive health practices rather than just walking.
Evidation - Rewards for Health
Evidation – Rewards for Health
  1. Evidation

You can gain up to Eighty points daily for each intense exercise recorded. Up to 30 points may be earned each day by engaging in activities like evaluating oneself, practising meditation, and blogging about your health.

In around 3 months, you could get a $10 gift card if you had been to earn the maximum number of points per day.

Please take note that customers have experienced certain technical glitches with synchronizing steps and signing in following the recent change from Evidation to Accomplishment. There is numerous app that pays for walking and it is one among them. 

  1. Miles App – Travel Rewarded.

While you travel by foot, automobile, unicycle, or other means of transportation, the Miles app awards you for every mile. You don’t need to recognize to download an app in order to obtain credits for your miles because trips are immediately recognized. Although this software is incredibly simple to use, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with how expensive the gift cards are. It also provides raffle entries, although we could not locate any accounts of customers winning those draws.

Major characteristics:

  • You can use your points to get deals on goods, raffle tickets, gift cards, or charity donations.
  • Although you do not have to launch the app to utilize it, a GPS signal is required for it to function. If you want to get paid to walk app you can check out the app. 
  1. LifeCoin – Rewards for Walking

LifeCoin will compensate you with gift vouchers, products, or cash through PayPal if you walk a lot outside. You can earn a maximum of five LifeCoins per day and receive one LifeCoin for every 1,055 steps taken. However, several users have reported that their steps are not accurately logged. The redemption barrier for the app is rather high. You must walk approximately 1,250 miles before receiving a reward since you need at least 2,500 LifeCoins for a $50 gift card. 

LifeCoin - Rewards for Walking
LifeCoin – Rewards for Walking

Important characteristics:

  • Time being spent on a treadmill will not be taken into account because it collects information using GPS.
  • The software often depletes the battery capacity of your device.
  • Has a lower earning rate than many other applications and a greater minimum payout barrier.
  1. Fit For Bucks – Get Rewarded For Being Active

It is identical to most other fitness applications on this list, with one significant advantage and one significant disadvantage. If you want to know about the apps that pay you to walk 2020, check out this article. 

The benefit is that awards can be redeemed faster than other apps. You may get a complimentary appetizer with just 30,000 steps in some establishments. The drawback is that most of these benefits are only available to firms in the regions of Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California.

Important characteristics:

  • After they are earned, steps lapse on the final day of the next month.
  • Get up to 10,000 steps each and every day.
  • For companies in the Los Angeles region, there are numerous benefits.
  1. Runtopia

It is immediately apparent that Runtopia was developed for ardent runners, as suggested by its name. The software synchronizes with sophisticated running shoes, and several of the prizes are for exercise equipment, so you can tell. It is another important app that pays for walking. 


Only the most dedicated runners will need several years to earn adequate points to win the $500 PayPal cash prize.

With the noteworthy exception of this YouTuber who received complimentary socks, there aren’t too many cases of people paying out on Runtopia that have been recorded.

Important characteristics:

  • Gain SPC by carrying out daily duties and moving about.
  • Approximately 50 SPC can be earned daily by basic members. Up to 100 SPC are available to pay “premium” customers.
  • A social media-like community feature on Runtopia tries to link runners with one another.
  1. CashWalk – Get paid for walking

For each and every 100 actions you take, you receive one Stepcoin from the motion-tracking system. Fit For Bucks and CashWalk have a very similar layout, however, CashWalk’s prizes are less California-focused. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay, Gap, Hulu, Southwest Airlines, and other companies sell gift cards.

CashWalk has one of the best redemption thresholds: if you accomplish your daily maximum of 10,000 steps (or 100 coins), you can receive a $5 gift card twice per month. If you are confused about does the walking app really pays you ? then read this article towards the end. 

Important characteristics:

  • Must sign up using a Google or Facebook account.
  • By setting CashWalk as your lock screen’s background, you can earn more Stepcoins.
  • You may monitor your steps taken, caloric burn, and amount of active time using the “Trends” tool.
  1. Winwalk – Rewards for walking

Although it shares many similarities with other get-compensated-to-walk applications, it doesn’t ask for personal details or a login, relieving those who need step-counting software but are concerned about privacy.

Giving you a coin for every 100 steps, up to a daily maximum of 100, encourages you to walk. In approximately 3 months, you will receive a $5 gift card if you reach your daily step goal.

You wouldn’t need an activity tracker to use this software because it uses the built-in pedometer on your smartphone. WinWalk doesn’t rely on GPS data, unlike many other walking programs. This indicates that you can use it both inside and outside without sacrificing battery capacity.

Key Benefits

  • To get more coins, you can complete tasks from your offer wall (including watching video advertising, doing questionnaires, or playing video games).
  • Takes account of your weekly and monthly total walks so you may measure your progress.
  1. Paceline

You receive gift vouchers as compensation for working out 150 minutes per week. Your fitness tracker helps in tracking your activities. The software on its own is cheap, but to sign up, you just need a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. This makes it easier for the organization to verify that you are a real person and gathers spending data to assist in selecting the incentives to provide.

A new credit card from Paceline that enhances monetary benefits if you work out for 150 minutes a week is also available.

Key Characteristics

  • Through the heart rate monitoring feature of your activity tracker, Paceline automatically records your activity duration.
  • A maximum of 50 minutes may be earned per day.
  • You can also choose to contribute your money to a good cause.
  1. Stepbet

The StepBet app can be useful if you’re interested in obtaining money while moving to lose weight.StepBet turns weight loss into a game. To participate, you must invest your money into the game, placing a bet on your ability to meet your weekly fitness level.

StepBet leverages your activity tracker’s foot-counting information to determine realistic but difficult targets for you. If you succeed in your objective, you share the money with some of the other participants in your team. 

  1. HealthyWage

Instead of paying you for every step you take, it lets you place bets on how much weight you can lose in a set amount of time.

You put a bet on yourself and specify a deadline and target weight. When you lose more weight, gamble more, or have a shorter time frame, you will receive more money if you meet your goal.

Once you put your bet, you cannot change your mind about participating. Since you could lose money if you don’t accomplish your objective, this serves as part of their drive for some people. If they originally establish a target that is too high, this may seem like a fraud to certain people.

  1. DoorDash

To get rewarded for delivering food orders to consumers, join up to become a DoorDasher if you really can manage one or two bags as you go. Such deliveries are typically made by car, but DoorDash also permits walking Dashers in some locations. This operates well in university towns or urban areas with plenty of eateries and orders concentrated in a compact region.

Consider carefully whatever orders you take, and try to guide clear of anything that may prevent you from walking, including milkshakes in the summer.

  1. Rover

It links dog walkers with dog lovers who are too busy to walk their dogs on their own or monitor on them throughout the day.

When you walk dogs for Rover, you get rewarded for your stroll in the neighbourhood and receive one or more animal companions.

Similar to other gig economy applications, Rover performs best in metropolitan areas where there is a huge requirement for dog walkers and drop-in visits.

  1. Wag

Wag, like Rover, will reward you to walk dogs for people who get out of town or are otherwise unavailable. Before you could even go out with animals on either application, you must buy for it and undergo a background check. The great news is that if you get through that obstacle, walking dogs will pay far more than using other paid walking applications.

Many individuals use Wag as a side gig or a way to make some extra cash, but some hardworking people in markets with a strong interest have considered Wag walking their complete job.

  1. Gigwalk

It permits you to perform little jobs for businesses in shops across the city. You might need to use your phone to take promotional display images or verify the costs at the local supermarket. Equivalent to mystery shopping assignments, except with everything being done within the application.

  1. Shopkick

Shopkick will assist you in making money from your errands if most of your walking is accomplished while you buy. Gain “Kicks” by merely entering participating stores to exchange them for gift cards (as well as by completing other assorted tasks). Shopkick is mostly an app for purchasing incentives. Its objective is to guide you on a business exploration trip so that you can discover and (ideally) buy the targeted product. But you don’t necessarily need to buy anything to get Kicks.

For instance, a select few of retailers offer active income when you purchase with an associated debit or credit card, and you can get Kicks simply by using your smartphone to enter the code of specific items.

  1. Field Agent

Field Agent is a ten-year-old, tried-and-true mystery shopping program that rewards you for completing particular tasks in retail establishments. This might be extremely rewarding if you discover many assignments in one shopping area. You’ll surely be putting your steps in here because most places only have one thing to look for.

  1. FitPotato

With the aid of your very own Personal Coach at your fingertips, you can begin monitoring your exercises and foods with the FIT Potato application, evaluating outcomes, and reaching your fitness objectives. But what’s this? Walking and exercising with FitPotato might earn you interesting prizes. Each week at FitPotato, a prize money pool worth $1,000 is up for grabs.

  1. Lympo

Take a stroll for a chance to win thrilling freebies like Amazon gift cards and other goods. Daily actions can earn you LYM coins, which you can then spend in the app to buy sporting products. It’s like you’re about to walk for money. Take additional challenges each day, keep track of your walks, and be paid when you finish. Share your accomplishments to receive a free selection of great stuff.

  1. Sweatcoin – Healthier, Wealthier You

You can acquire SweatCoins, virtual currencies like Bitcoin, by jogging or walking. You can gain them by using a smartphone app that shows your daily outdoor pursuits and awards you around 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) for every 1,000 steps you take.

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