7 Tips to Improve the Performance Of  Your Flutter Web App & Desktop

In this article we are discussing flutter app performance, flutter web performance, flutter desktop performance, flutter startup time, flutter CPU usage and...

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flutter desktop performance

In 2022, the most popular solutions to make mobile app faster & multi platform supperted are cross-platform approaches using React Native or Flutter. So today we will discuss on below Flutter app performance, flutter app performance test, flutter startup time and CPU usage. Let’s begin.


The central plan of Flutter application development revolves around widgets. The UI is a complete mix of different widgets, including structural parts.

Brief Introduction About Flutter 

Flutter is a cross-platform tool used to create Robot, iOS, and Android applications based on one code. It was first launched in 2015 by Google, and ever since, it has solely grown strongly.

Dart is a very important object-oriented programming language that helps in designing and developing Flutter applications. One of the most powerful high-performance base tools requires a good understanding of the domain and for that, you need to hire flutter developer who is skilled and experienced in it. 

The central plan of Flutter application development revolves around widgets. The UI is a complete mix of different widgets, including structural parts, color schemes & fonts elements, and many others.

Flutter doesn’t use Original Equipment Manufacturer widgets. However, it has its own ready-made widgets that have a similar look to applications of native operating systems.

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Advantages of Flutter Application

Ever since Flutter is introduced, it has been in demand. Also, many applications developed with the help of Flutter have got listed in the apps store. Flutter for Web is also getting in demand. The application of Alibaba was also listed in the app store, which has above half a billion users.

High productivity: Flutter is cross-platform, and therefore, it can use similar code in iOS and Android apps. This process requires less time and resources.

Great performance: Flutter is the only mobile software development kit that provides reactive views without JavaScript ground. Moreover, Dart compiles native code on its own as Flutter doesn’t require OEM contraptions.

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Compatibility: Flutter applications have their own widgets, which makes it less time-consuming. Flutter application development decreases the chances of compatibility issues with the other operating system.

Open for All: Flutter and Dart are open-source applications that everyone can access free of cost. The application provides a platform for documentation community support which can be helpful to solve problems.

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Flutter Web Performance

There are different types of performance, some of them are:

  1. Interacting with phone API
  2. Rendering speed 
  3. the speed of mathematical calculations and memory manipulations
  • Surprise: Flutter is a bit faster than Swift (on 15%).
  • In CPU usage test, CPU-intensive test flutter is 5 times slower than Swift.
  • Flutter apps have higher performance than Swift apps.
  • First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, and Fully Loaded are 10x to 15x slower for the Flutter version
  • Flutter web version downloads ~10x more data and loads ~10x slower than the main site.
  • Flutter CPU-intensive test for Android: Flutter is approximately 20% slower than native.
  • As per our performance test, Flutter will be a wise choice over react and Objective C if you want to develop a super-fast iOS app.

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Flutter CPU Usage

  • The Flutter CPU usage is 25% & Memory of 22 MB
  • In iOS, The CPU usage of Flutter is 7% and Memory: 8 MB
Source: Github

Flutter Performance view

Screenshot from a performance snapshot

How to improve the performance of your Flutter application 

  1. Avoid rebuilding of widgets 

We make one of the most common mistakes whenever we start using the Flutter application with setState and StatefulWidget for rebuilding. This Widget refreshes the whole page whenever someone uses it and makes it slower in performance.

This Widget should only be used to rebuild whatever you want to update, and you should avoid using it in the whole Widget to have better and faster performance. Flutter_bloc, MobX, and Provider are popular packages. 

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2. Make more of Const widget

Const is a keyword used for constant. It works as a widget that is initialized at the time of compile, which also makes it different from the normal Widget.

Const initialization is done at the time of compilation, which makes it more useful and allows you to use multiple widgets to avoid rebuilding and slow performances.

3. Load list Items 

Application developers mostly use widgets like SingleChildScrollView and column whenever they work on list items. 

It gets complex when working with large list data because all the lists are interconnected with each other. So at the time of rendering, it takes a lot of time to render and load the whole data on the screen. 

This method can be improved with the help of ListView builder, and it helps in getting high performance and decreases the load time. 

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4. Use async/ await 

You should check the code you are writing to run synchronously or asynchronously. Async code is hard to improve, and debugging is also tough to do with Async code. 

However, writing async code in the Flutter application is possible by using Future, async/await, and other codes. 

The code’s readability increases when combined with Async because the structure and pattern of writing code are followed. 

5. Efficient use of operators  

Flutter application is packed with language-specific features, and one of them is the operator. If you want to have your work done in a short period, you should use the Null- check operator, nullable operators, and others.

Developers can use robust code to have better readability and low logical errors in code. 

Use Interpose Techniques

As a developer, you must have learned or have practised using operators like + for string operation. In Flutter, you should use string interpolation to avoid chances of getting errors.

6. Try to reduce the application size

It is easy to have multiple codes, widgets, and packages in one set of code at the application development. However, it makes it more fatware ( high memory usage ).

To reduce Flutter application size, one can use Android’s application packets. There are many new packages or built-in tools offered by Google to reduce app size.

These app bundles are useful in multiple ways, where you just need to download the specific code from the google play store required for specific devices. To support this Google play store console has stated that the download of application bundles or Apks has decreased from 40 to 60 percent.

7. Avoid rebuilding of Widgets in AnimatedBuilder

Animation is one of the ways to make an application more attractive, but it also affects the app’s performance. We, as a developer, normally use AnimationController and run SetState. 

However, it is a wrong practice to do because it can decrease the performance and rebuild multiple widgets in AnimatedBuilder. To avoid rebuilding Widgets, one can use CounterWidget. CounterWidget will easily optimize your animation without any multiple rebuilding of Widgets. 

8. Try to Build and display frames in 16ms 

Since there are two separate parts for structure and picture, you have 16ms for structure and 16ms for rendering on a 60hz display.

However, try to build and display a frame in 16ms which means 8ms for build and 8ms for a display to have the best performance. 

If you build and display it in 16ms then you don’t have to worry if any of the 7 points you are not fulfilling. You still will be getting the best render and build speed.

9. Decreasing the frame size will not affect the visuals. However, it will improve the battery life of the system. Moreover, with these 16ms, you can get good performance on small devices. 

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To conclude, Flutter as a framework is very powerful. It can run applications with no errors or problems. The daily updates and high features make it different from other tools, which is considered the key reason for its performance.

The performance of applications will always play an important role in getting into the global market. One should consider the different aspects of mobile apps, such as app size, device resolution, codes, and tackle capabilities. Overall performance can make a huge difference while targeting a large audience.

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