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FeetFinder Vs Foap- Who Earns The Top Spot

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In the world of digital marketing, selling pictures has become one of the great competitors as a niche. Feet pictures have become a vast marketplace for marketers and photographers to earn cool cash from the comfort of their homes with only their smart gadgets and internet connection. Regarding feet pictures selling, the two big names have been the talk of the moment, but in reality, which takes the top spot when comparing FeetFinder vs Foap.

In this article, we will explore the comparison of FeetFinder vs Foap, stating their mode of operations and making the decision clear enough for you on which takes the top spot when selling feet pictures online.

FeetFinder and Foap have a lot of promising features for their users, but it’s important to understand that selling feet pictures does not only include snapping feet pictures and posting; it also involves the best site to sell your feet pictures to maximize profits.

This article will put the best platforms to sell your feet pictures in your hands, especially when it concerns the top two mega sites, i.e., FeetFinder vs Foap.

What Is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder homepage

Feetfinder is the safest, easiest, and most secure website to sell feet pics. FeetFinder has over 5k reviews with an impressive 4.9 out of 5.0-star rating. Feet Finder has been ranked as one of the best and is recommended for everyone who wants to sell feet pictures online. One of FeetFinder’s reviews can rap up the whole of this truth: “This platform is awesome! The site was very easy to use, and the subscription is affordable.” With this kind of review, nothing can be better than using FeetFinder.
FeetFinder sells mainly on feet pictures, which can give you the best experience in the shortest possible time.

What Is Foap?

Foap is also a website that allows users to sell pictures and videos. You can upload your visual content for people who are ready to buy, including businesses and individuals, to purchase for their different purposes. Unlike FeetFinder, which is specific to a niche, Foap is a community of photographers that offers crowdsourced brand photography for all company sizes.

General Overview Of How To Sell Feet Pictures Online

Although we are trying to explore the best platforms to sell your feet pictures compared to FeetFinder vs Foap, let us look into the l overview of selling feet pictures online generally.

Selling foot pictures has become a top means of earning money online. It may sound strange or new to you, but it will reveal the earning ability of this great idea.

Safety comes first when selling foot pictures online; you must treat your feet properly before taking pictures to publish for sale.

To sell your feet pictures online, please we recommend the following procedures:

  • Choose the best site to sell your feet pictures like the FeetFinder vs Foap… your success in earning from selling feet pictures is based on the site you choose
  • Learn how to edit photos professionally after taking your feet pictures in various positions. This is important because you might not be making progress if you sell ugly feet pictures. You must be professional to earn higher.
  • Make sure your feet pictures are attractive and can stop any potential buyer.
  • Join a marketplace for selling feet.
  • Upload your feet pictures after choosing between the best contender sites, FeetFinder and Foap. 
  • Put a price on your feet pictures
  • Profit from your foot modeling efforts

Selling feet pictures online, particularly on FeetFinder, is as simple as that. We see you earning high already if you follow these easy steps.

FeetFinder Vs Foap- Why FeetFinder Takes The Lead

The FeetFinder vs. Foap comparison is unique but very simple to segregate. They both offer users a great experience, but when it comes to making a real profit from selling feet pictures, you will only think once or ask the same question: where should I sell my feet pictures because FeetFinder takes the lead? This is s drawn from the following conclusions where FeetFinder is more unique;

  • Niche Specific

While Foap is a broad site encompassing all kinds of pictures, feetFinder is very specific to feet pictures, making it stand out from the crowd. This specialization helps users explore a particular niche often neglected by others. If you’re looking for a place other than a broad site selling feet pictures, you must end the FeetFinder vs. Foap argument and choose FeetFinder.

  • Low Competition With High Visibility

Feetfinder has very low competition as compared to other sites like Foap. This low competition is as the results of Feetfinder’s nich specialization.

  • Audience Specific

Feet Finder is for a specific audience, an audience of foot picture enthusiasts and buyers who appreciate the art behind this specific niche. This also is the reason for its low competition.

  • Flexible Of Price

On FeetFinder, you have the ability to set your own price, and a buyer can purchase a picture from you. This allows you to monitor how much you earn from your pictures. FeetFinder vs Foap may be a concern, but the argument of who earns the first spot is clear… feet finder takes the lead. 

  • Passion Driven Community

Feet Finder offers users the opportunity to share their genuine passion for feet pictures, which helps to motivate and inspire other users. This community offers users the privilege to network with other like-minded individuals, which can lead to creative growth and potentially better ways of creating high-quality pictures to earn higher on the FeetFinder site.

How To Sell Feet Pics On FeetFinder in Easy Steps

It’s important to know how to maximize FeetFinder to make sales and earn high from your objectives, feet Finder is very easy to operate. You can follow this step-by-step guide on how to sell feet pics:

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  1. Go to or create a user account with a suitable username. 
  2.  Include essential keywords in your bio to make it easy for potential buyers to search your profile.
  3.  Get your account approved by FeetFinder.
  4.  Pay the seller’s commission.
  5.  Post some clean videos or pictures of your feet. 
  6.  Choose your payment method.
  7.  Interact with your potential buyers by responding to their reviews, inquiries, and comments.
  8.  Promote your feetFinder profile: you can leverage social media platforms to promote and draw traffic to your account to make a sale.
  9.  Maintain your profile by regularly updating your profile with high-quality professional feet pictures or videos.
  10.  Start receiving your payment when the buyer makes the payment.
  11.  Ensure to build relationships with consistent customers.

The steps are very easy to understand, or you could watch the short video clips on to learn how to sell your feet pics without getting scammed.

The Advantages Of Using FeetFinder

There are a lot of benefits to utilize when using feetFinder, which makes it stand out from the crowd, especially Foap. We will highlight but a few:

  1. Feet Finder is niche-specific, it helps users to focus on a particular niche while maximizing their earnings.
  2. The platform has more experienced, dedicated, and professional users with whom you can network and learn professionalism in your business. This gives an edge over other platforms like Foap
  3. Feetfinder allows users, including buyers and sellers, to leave reviews and comments. Positive reviews by buyers can boost your credibility and earnings on the platform.
  4. Feet Finder also provides an opportunity to connect with the foot fetish community, where you will get to explore more.
  5. Feet Finder has higher earnings per image due to its niche-specific than Foap.

There are a lot of benefits that come with selling feet pictures on feetFinder; this piece is not just too wide to exhaust them; your experience will be preferable.


Conclusively, the FeetFinder vs Foap comparison can be led to rest as the difference is now clear. Feetfinder takes the lead and outshines Foap in user-friendly experience, earnings potential, easy usage and navigation, mode of operation, etc. FeetFinder has demonstrated its spots in its niche specialization, price flexibility, community-driven arena, low competition, etc. Feet Finder is highly recommended for anyone who wants to sell feet pictures online. 

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