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Top Fashion Brands Moving into Metaverse | Fashion Industry in Metaverse

Why Metaverse is the Future of Work & How to get Rich from it. Digital Fashion and Virtual Clothing.

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role of metaverse in fashion industry

Metaverse can be used as a business of a fashion show. As the world stayed home during the pandemic, there was still somewhere to go to get dressed up. Welcome to the Metaverse.

Would you buy clothes that don’t exist? And how much would you be willing to pay? Read this to know how Metaverse will shape the fashion industry, clothing business culture.

Before moving further, we have some insights for you. Global fashion industry sales hit 1.9 trillion dollars in 2019 and are predicted to surpass three trillion dollars by 2030. The fashion industry continues to thrive, particularly in growing economies in the Asia-Pacific and European areas. By 2020, Asia Pacific is expected to account for 38% of global apparel demand. Joining Metaverse, It’s expected that the Fashion industry can double the presented stats in a few years. Source: Statista

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  • List of Fashion Brand Which Already Joined Metaverse Party
  • Why the Metaverse Is Fashion’s Next Goldmine
  • What is the Metaverse in Fashion Industry
  • Boom to the Metaverse in Fashion Industry
  • Metaverse generating a new fashion universe

Here is the list of 10 Fashion Brands which already joined Metaverse

 list of 10 Fashion Brands which already joined Metaverse
Here are five brands that have entered the Metaverse
  1. Ralph Lauren
  2. Gucci
  3. Burberry
  4. Balenciaga
  5. Rebecca Minkoff
  6. Charli Cohen
  7. Rebecca Minkoff
  8. Clinique
  9. Adidas
  10. Armani
  11. Calvin Klein

Here are five brands that have entered the Metaverse this year. These popular fashion brands are already making millions by moving into Metaverse. The last three brands on the list are started experiments with Metaverse fashion. And other major brands are also planning to move into Metaverse. We will keep updating the list for you.

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Why the metaverse is so important for fashion Brands?

MakeAnApp covers NFT and Metaverse from the first day, helping readers protect their crypto assets and guiding how to invest in NFTs and Metaverse. We mean ourselves the perfect team to explain the relation between Metaverse and Fashion.

Metaverse is nothing but internet-breaking, free from the two-dimensional barrier into this three-dimensional environment. And then we start exploring more and more with our daily lives, and our daily lives become enhanced, then that’s what we see as the Metaverse.

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Why the Metaverse Is Fashion’s Next Goldmine

The Metaverse offers unlimited potential for creators, designer and commercial businesses, and buyers. Metaverse in Fashion Industry has become one of those hot topics being tweeted the most upon. 

Metaverse – The New Place to Promote Your Fashion Brands

The dematerialization of fashion is here. And it’s going to change the fashion business as we know. What we wear says a lot about who we are. Good fashion is also a $2.5 trillion global fashion industry that touches everyone on Earth. The fashion industry transforms metaverse technology, globalization, and shifting consumer values.

Rebecca Minkoff metaverse in fashion

The term may come from science fiction, but the business opportunities in this fast-evolving digital and physical world are real. The Metaverse has grown out of gaming, where players have already spent over $100 billion a year on virtual goods. Three billion people, more than a third of the world’s population. Regularly play video games. 46% of gamers are women. And across generations, people prefer video games over movies and TV shows, making gaming the world’s leading form of entertainment. Dressing avatars have come a long way from battleground beginnings as gaming emerges as a lucrative channel for luxury brands to reach new customers. Screen where is the new streetwear a growing trend in this new fashion space matching real-life purchases with a digital twin.

Demand for NFT’s unique certified digital assets is soaring in fashion. NFT’s are the couture of the Metaverse where the unfettered creations of digital artisans can out price those of global brands and exciting assets driven by scarcity or crypto status symbols.

  • The upside measurable planetary savings, production of a digital Carmit emits 97% less co2 than a physical one.
  • The downside? minting and mining NFTs requires skyrocketing energy consumption in the real world. The shift to more environmentally efficient methods can’t come fast enough.

Yet, virtual fashion facilitates the expression of multiple selves in a virtual world where brands recreate the experiences that define fashion and culture. While not forgetting our eternal joy of getting dressed up in real life.

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What is the Metaverse in Fashion Industry and what does it promise for fashion and garments?

Metaverse, which offers a tri virtual reality environment where people from all around the globe are available simultaneously, is defined by Meta as the latest rise of social interaction. This strong foundation, wherein major online gaming companies have invested sequentially, is also a significant possibility for the Metaverse in the fashion industry to rise.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

In addition,  Adidas has been entering the 3D virtual reality world by collaborating with the digital archive Bored Ape Yacht Club, which includes 10,000 NFTs; Nike officially unveiled that they had already begun an experience with social gaming service Roblox to create a free virtual playground called Nikeland. 

Zara also introduced its AZ Edition mostly in Metaverse in the fashion industry by teaming up with Ader Error, a South Korean fashion label. Finally, H&M has announced the availability of an online store in CEEK City, marking the Metaverse’s first commercial clothes store. Best luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, and Burberry have already established themselves in the world’s most popular computer games and the Metaverse.

Boom to the Metaverse in Fashion Industry

The $3 trillion fashion industry tends to expand rapidly, and it is one of the industries that has responded to the Metaverse the most quickly. On the contrary, established garment and shopping brands are beginning to establish themselves in the internet and physical worlds; thus, the entire globe is watching the birth of start-up firms that make digital clothes.

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The gaming industry leads the entertainment business, with a market value of $ 203.13 billion in 2020 and a forecast of $545.98 billion by 2028. Today, 3 billion individuals play online games daily, and these platforms sell $100 billion in virtual products each year. 

Players can personalize their look during an online game by purchasing skins,’ which are clothing or accessories that can be purchased for real money. So, why do people care so much about things they can’t wear in real life? What does the Metaverse include, and what will be doing the fashion, clothing, and retail industries’ efforts to achieve it signify for the business world?

Metaverse generating a new fashion universe

In this virtual era delivering a fresh new tri understanding of the world, fashion is considered a form of soul and identity construction, just as it is in real life. Even with Metaverse in Fashion Industry growing more integrated into people’s daily lives, it is projected that clothing will become more important both in the digital and actual worlds. 

As a result, as the virtual world grows as a market with significant possibilities for the fashion sector, NFT accelerates this change, resulting in exotic pieces in the virtual era. Companies are selling garments that can only be worn in the digital world, in contrast to the online presence of firms selling goods in the actual world, pushing fashion to a new level.

Why do people actually pay for virtual clothing that they can’t wear?

Users that spend more time inside the digital world and communicate on online platforms place a high value on the look of their avatars and game characters, which is understandable given that 3 billion people play computer games daily.

 Based first on fantasy and science fiction components of the gaming world, the designers create exceptional and astonishing fashion items for a digital setting distinct from real life. Some I think the nicest aspect about internet clothing is an illusion effect in it. Digital fashion is greater than reality, and it causes individuals to wear more than just clothing; it causes them to wear imaginations.

Why is Metaverse in Fashion Industry such a hot topic lately?

Fashion may be divided into two types when it enters the Metaverse: mixed physical-digital, where apparel can be worn in enhanced or virtual realities, and wholly digital, where products are sold straight to an avatar. Most big brands like Gucci, Zara, Nike, H&M, Balenciaga are heavily investing in the Metaverse in the fashion industry since it is expected to be the fashion industry’s future, and this sector will rise accordingly.

How of Virtual Cloths in Metaverse

Suppose I buy something from Popular NFT Marketplaces to wear in the Metaverse; how do I put it on and show it off and experience it? Have you ever thought the same? Clothes are a very physical thing. Right? So why would anyone want to buy a digital dress for Metaverse? To understand this, you need to read this article. How is Metaverse Related to NFT and Crypto?


What’s crucial to note here is the role that a fashion brand and retailer may play in harnessing the Metaverse’s qualities to create meaningful engagement with expanding online consumers.

High-fashion designers’ growing developments in computer culture assets suggest an awareness of digital fashion’s ability to offer the wholly new relationship coming from developing technology, such as NFTs, VR, and AR clothing. Brands can develop compelling digital fashion for people investing in as they connect with early Metaverse in the fashion industry using these unique innovations.

The big brands seem to be moving faster, whether they can compete with digitally native entrepreneurs defining the space. While that remains to be seen.

Virtual fashion is clearly a space to watch. But for now, it only attracts a niche crowd. But we have to wait to know how long will it take before the full vision becomes reality at scale.

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