What is the crucial factor affecting product design decisions?

Product design is a broad concept that surrounds a systematic generation and development of ideas which results into the formation of new...

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which factor controls affects quality of design

Product design is a broad concept that surrounds a systematic generation and development of ideas which results into the formation of new products. In this modern world we use products according to our needs which makes us comfortable. All products have their own product design. Products should be user friendly to increase the demand in the market. See the list below few factors affecting product design.

Which Factor Controls Affect Quality of Design

  • Customer requirements
  • Functionality
  • Cost
  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Shapes
  • Packaging 

1. Customer requirement 

One of the most important factors is to meet and satisfy the customer requirements. It is the basic duty of a seller to fulfill the needs and wants of what a customer is demanding for. For instance, if a customer is not satisfied by the product it is quite obvious that the demand will automatically decline. In order to reach the customer expectation level, the product must satisfy customers in terms of quality, performance durability, reliability etc this in turn must create confidence among buyers which will gain their trust for the product this will result in surge its profit and sales.


The design of a product should work well. Any product design aims to make sure that customers are happy with it. So, it needs to do what it was made to do. How it looks and serves its customers should go together well.

3. Material

Materials are another important product factor as products are wholly dependent on the materials used. The materials of the product is directly proportional to the quality of the product.  The materials used should be of good quality to increase the demand of the product in the market. Customers always prefer good quality products if the quality is not good then the customer will not get satisfied by the product and this will lead to decrease in the demand of the product. To maintain the demand of the product it is very essential to look after the materials used in the product.

4. Durability

Durability is basically referred to as the time period for what the product lasts. The use of commodities must be longlast and not out of trend. In addition to effective product design, product protection is also very essential. Durability depends on the quality of the product. Well-sealed and good-quality products are intended to last long. 

5. Shape and size

Shape design is an important marketing element in a product. Shape and size are also the determinants that affect product design. The shape and size of the goods must be attractive. Size should be appropriate so that it is easy to transport, store, carry etc. The color,size and shape must be in trend so it can attract various consumers. The goods must be easily accessible. Also, such factors determine the technology. 

6. Functionality

The design of the products should be self-explained about its functionality as it should meet the end goal. The designed product should functionally fulfill the purpose of the consumers. That’s how functionality becomes another important factor of product design. It is important to remember how the product looks and how it needs to work. 

7. Packaging

Design of a package is equally important as the design of the product. Packaging must be done very effectively so that the product is not destroyed. It plays an important role as packaging helps in keeping the product safe at the time of transportation and storage so The maintenance of goods must be done effectively. Also it grabs the attention of buyers which reflects the quality and type of goods. 

8. Cost

Cost is one of the main factors which influences product design. It is usually seen that people rush towards the cheaper prices of the goods. The production cost of a product must be reasonable so that the ultimate cost of the product is affordable by every individual. The cheaper the good the more is the demand of the product. The price of the product should be according to the value of the product. For instance, if the less valuable product has a high price then automatically, the product’s value will decrease which affects the marketing of the product.


The above-mentioned things conclude that product design is the most important factor in the market which directly holds the product’s value and so the company’s reputation. As long as the newer version of products keep coming, the field of product design will never lay down. It would be a field where one would always have the opportunity to experiment and innovate. 

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