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Top 20 Ethereum Game Development Companies Worldwide

Developing an Ethereum game is trending in the Web3 era. We have listed the best companies to develop Ethereum games in 2022...

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Ethereum Game Development Companies

The market is flooding with golden opportunities for the gaming industry. Blockchain-powered gaming solutions are the new buzz among gaming enthusiasts. Ethereum-based gaming platforms are doing great business, generating millions of dollars and having millions of players. If you want to enter this field and are looking for a reliable game development partner, then you are at the right place.

#Eth Gaming CompanyFounded inLocationTotal Emp.Hourly Rate
1Suffescom Solutions2013CALIFORNIA, CA250 – 999$25 – $49 / hr
2Risingmax2015New York, NY10 – 49$25 – $49 / hr
3SoluLab2014Los Angeles, CA50 – 249$25 – $49 / hr
4Juego Studio2013Bengaluru, India50 – 249$25 – $49 / hr
4Science Soft1996Houston, TX10 – 49$100 – $149 / hr
5Innowise Group2007St. Petersburg, FL1,000 – 9,999$50 – $99 / hr
6Apriorit2002Wilmington, DE50 – 249$100 – $149 / hr
7Coinfabrik2014Buenos Aires, Argentina10 – 49$100 – $149 / hr
84soft2013Wrocław, Poland50 – 249$50 – $99 / hr
9Bitdeal 2015Thiru Nagar, India50 – 249$25 – $49 / hr
10Antier Solutions2005India50 – 249$25 – $49 / hr
Top 10 Ethereum game development companies

Top 20 Best Ethereum Game Development Companies

After extensive research, we bring you a list of the top 20 Ethereum game development companies. You can choose the one that fits your needs. So, let us begin:

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc. – Ethereum game developer

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a rapidly growing Ethereum game development company across the globe. With 6+ years in blockchain-powered solutions development services, it has gained immense popularity by delivering high-quality services to clients at cost-effective pricing. The company offers a wide range of services, including web development, IoT services, cloud computing, AR and VR technology services, and IT consulting services. 

The company has a team of dedicated game developers with valuable experience and the best training in the market. With an overall experience of 11 years, Suffescom Solutions never fails to satisfy its clients in terms of cost and quality. They have delivered various blockchain-powered solutions, especially Ethereum-powered games. So, if you want to rely on a company for Ethereum game development services, you can collaborate with them.

2. RisingMax – Ethereum game development company

The next name on our list is RisingMax-a leading game development company in the UK, USA, and Australia. The company is on our list due to its clients’ high-quality services. In recent years, RisingMax established itself as one of the top-notch Ethereum game development companies. The company has launched various role-playing and play-to-earn games.

They started working on emerging technologies before their competitors. The company employees are always ready to take up complex challenges. The team members put all their efforts into catering to their client’s needs and concerns. They patiently listen to their requirements, which is the main quality that helps them retain their clients in the long run. You can consult them to launch a future-ready Ethereum-based gaming platform.

3. SoluLab – Best Eth game developer

Solulab is listed in the 3rd position in our list-an emerging game development company well known for its blockchain-powered solutions. In its years of experience, the company has helped established businesses and startups make their footprints in the digital space. If we talk about the Ethereum game development, they have launched various Ethereum games like a collectible, simulation, and open world games.

They design scalable and flexible solutions for their clients depending on their needs. If they want fully customized solutions, then cost is never a concern. They offer the best they can do at a reasonable cost. They strive to serve their clients with the best.

4. Juego Studio

Juego Studios is a top game development company that develops Ethereum games. The company has a 300+ team that has delivered 500+ projects in the past decade to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Using the Ethereum blockchain and top game engines, Juego has developed P2E games of diverse genres. NFT integration, in-game marketplaces, custom tokens, and smart contracts development are all specializations of the company’s top Ethereum game developers.

Best Web3 Game Development Company

5. Science Soft  

Science Soft, a popular blockchain game development, has set a benchmark in the industry by assisting top clients in the market. They worked on top technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, IoT services, etc. The company helps the clients from ideation to post-delivery of the project. The team members are always available for the clients if there is any query from their side. Irrespective of the time zone, the development teams are available at the decided time.

 To date, they have delivered more than 20 blockchain-powered games, successfully running in the market. Currently, the company is working on major Ethereum-powered projects. You can rely on them for innovative and future-proof solutions.

6. Apriorit – Ethereum Game Development Services

It is a multinational company that provides Ethereum game development services and offers an enhanced experience to users with high-quality platforms. It has been years since the company has maintained its position in the top 20 gaming development companies. They have the best talent, latest frameworks, and tools with them. The company follows the commitment they make to its clients.

The company takes care of security and privacy as a  first priority while developing any gaming system. Also, the features like privacy, transparency, and performing speed offer great value to their gaming solutions. You can get in touch with their experts for Ethereum game development services.

7. CoinFabrik

CoinFabrik is a leading Ethereum game development company. The company is well known for providing decentralized solutions and gaming platforms for various business sectors to make its digital presence globally felt. The company understands that security and scalability are what businesses need to cater to their customers. So, they pay full attention to these features. 

 If you are looking for Ethereum game development services, IT consulting, training services, and web/app development solutions, then the company can help you with full dedication. The multitalented team members of the company offer realistic business solutions at cost-effective prices.

8. 4soft

The company is the pioneer in blockchain development and smart contract implementation. The organization has everything it takes to deliver a robust software/platform. The teams listen to the client’s needs and adapt as they want them to work. They delivered 20+ blockchain-powered products and are currently working on various big projects for global clients.

From the last 9 years of experience, the company works based on a transparent approach and offers client-centric solutions. Undoubtedly when their customers need advice for ideation, they show full interest and develop innovative ideas. 

9. Bitdeal – Ethereum Game Development

Bitdeal has completed 10 + years of experience in the industry. And from past years, they have focused on emerging technologies like AR, VR, Blockchain, IoT consulting, metaverse, 3D technology, etc. They have delivered more than 500 projects to date to clients across the globe. They have a team of 120+ expert developers passionate about delivering the work on time with high quality. The company has worked with a long list of global clients. And their positive feedback can be checked on their website.

The company assists businesses with exceptional strategies to bring the best to their table. The clients love to work with them due to their adherence to the deadlines and openness to any advice from their side and make the required changes in the projects.

10. Antier Solutions – ETH Game Technology Company

Antier solutions have built over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, offering top-notch development services for gaming platforms, decentralized applications, and metaverse projects. The company offers customized solutions per the client’s requirements under their budget. The team members provide the full road map before starting the business development process.

And if there is any suggestion from their side, then happily look into this and consider implementing it. The company aims to offer scalable, flexible, secure solutions for the gaming industry. It can be your right partner if you are looking for Ethereum game development services. So, don’t delay and start your own gaming project consult with them.

11. Blockchain Technologies – Ethereum Blockchain Developers

The company has more than 500 employees, including testers, developers, managers, business advisers, etc. They all work with full dedication so that the company retains its name on the list of top development companies. Blockchain Technologies offer personalized blockchain solutions, including NFT marketplace, gaming platforms, trading platforms, android/iOS applications, metaverse virtual worlds, etc. 

The company has adopted the latest technologies for implementing Web3, metaverse, virtual gaming, etc.  Also, the company maintains a transparent costing approach and offers on-time delivery of projects. 

12. Zfort Group

Zfort Group has been offering global clients cutting-edge blockchain development services since 2000. The company’s biggest asset is its experts, who add value to its name and services. The employees have the best training and hands-on experience developing complex gaming projects. The experts offer feature-rich applications at a reasonable cost. They never hesitate to pick up complex business challenges. 

If you want to launch their white-label solution, you can receive it in just a few days. They offer services to every business domain and have strong expertise in AI, cloud computing, SAP, app development, blockchain-powered solutions, and  Metaverse development.

13. Eleks

Numerous enterprises have worked with Eleks in the past years for future-proof blockchain solutions. Now the company mainly focuses on building virtual gaming solutions, including P2E games, NFT metaverse games, etc. The organization assists businesses with consulting services also. The biggest concern for the development teams is the speed and performance of the system they offer to their clients.

So, rather than looking for any new company, they consider experiencing the company’s services for every new project. The company aims to work for businesses following an analytical approach to achieve their goals and target audience at the right time.

14. Evercode – Ethereum gaming solution

Evercode is among the top gaming solution development companies that deal with businesses globally. They have years of experience offering solutions to nearly every industry, such as logistics, real estate, finance, healthcare, etc. The company has over 300 employees working on the latest technologies, including IoT, AR, VR, 3d technology, cloud computing, Web3.0, etc.

From business consultation to maintenance of the platform, they offer everything to their clients. Big enterprises have taken the white label solution of the company with desirable customization. This way, the clients can enter the digital space in less time and start earning with less hassle.

15. Sara Technologies

Founded in 2003, Sara Technologies caters to the needs of numerous business domains with cutting-edge solutions backed by blockchain technologies, mobile/web development, Cloud computing, etc. It is a US-based company with offices at three different locations: San Diego, Oakland, and Albuquerque. 

The team members exclusively focus on delivering highly flexible and well-performing projects while maintaining high security. The company contains the best resources and talent to offer industry-specific solutions. 

16. Queppelin

The company provides end-to-end gaming solutions to startups and enterprises to transform their digital presence. The company stands out from its competitors due to various characteristics like on-time services, transparent costing, high expertise, vast experience, and the best resources. They have great relationships with their clients due to their friendly behavior.

Their exceptional work for building metaverse solutions, NFT marketplaces, and P2E games done by the company has satisfied the clients. You can see positive reviews on their profiles. Queppelin can be the right partner for you for game development services.

17. ZCO Corporation

It is a leading company for providing  Dapp solutions and gaming platforms. Apart from this, they have excellent expertise in designing web/app solutions for various platforms. With an extensive experience of years, ZCO Corporation has earned its place in the list of top 20 companies.

They value their clients’ time and money. Therefore offer on-time services at cost-efficient prices. They are always ready to listen to their problems and concerns. And positively take the suggestions and work on them to deliver the best quality. The client list is quite long as they have been offering the service for years and maintain the quality and deadlines.

18. Labrys

It is one of the best Ethereum game development companies, famous for its work quality in various countries, including the US and the UK. The company offers unparalleled solutions to its clients, which is why they love to experience their services and everything they need.

They have built various gaming projects, so they know all that is required to deliver a robust gaming platform. Additionally, you will even get post-delivery technical support from the company. You can reach them anytime you face any technical issues. With 150+ developers and advanced tools/resources, the company takes up complex challenges and offers solutions in less time. You can consider them for top-notch gaming platform development services.

19. Sumatosoft

Businesses looking to digitize their presence approach the company, a leading name in gaming development solutions. They follow a systematic approach containing a set of processes to develop cutting-edge projects. They value their client’s trust in them and put all the possible efforts into building an end product that fits their requirements. 

The company has achieved this success with continuous dedication and is on the path to achieving more. The company uses the latest tools and frameworks to develop innovative marketplaces and platforms. If you are looking for a company you can trust for gaming solutions, don’t delay to contact them.

20. Quant

Quantstamp is one of the leaders in Web3 technology and security. Apart from specializing in Ethereum Game Development, they are power-packed developers who have audited client systems on blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Avalanche, and many more. 

With their vision of creating a Decentralized Internet, they have also successfully secured $200B successfully from hackers. About 250 and more startups are linked with Quanstamp to enhance the security of their decentralized application.  

21. Innowise Group – Ethereum Game Development Company

Innowise Group is a company working on cutting-edge technologies to launch future-proof gaming solutions. Innowise has launched various platforms like NFT gaming, Metaverse gaming, Ethereum gaming, etc. They provide gaming development services to various parts of the globe, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. The organization focuses on offering a high user experience so businesses can easily retain their customers.

If you want your brand to get deserving recognition, you can team up with their professionals for your next project. The company has over 200 Ethereum development experts, including managers and quality assurance engineers. They all possess valuable experience years in their field. 

Top 5 Ethereum Game development tools

Ethereum Game development tools 2023
Ethereum Game development tools
  1. Solidity
  2. Vyper
  3. Truffle
  4. Foundry
  5. Etherlime
  6. Rust
  7. Embark
  8. Brownie
  9. Chainlink
  10. OpenZeppelin
How much does Ethereum game development cost?

The average Ethereum game development costs $35000 to $95000 depending upon game features.

Which is the best Play to earn Ethereum game?

These are the best games on Ethereum. 1. Illuvium, 2. Mirandus, 3. Benji Bananas, 4. MoonCatRescue, 5. Axie Infinity.

How do you make a game on Ethereum?

Yes, making games on Ethereum is trending this year. The first step to build a game on Ethereum is to hire any company listed above.


Ethereum game development is in huge demand after the success of virtual games built over the Ethereum network. Businesses can generate huge revenue by launching their own gaming application; no time is better than now. If you want to capture the audience’s attention, enter the market with a feature-rich and robust Ethereum-based gaming platform. You can select any of the companies mentioned above in our list. 

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