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Eight Essential Features Good Slots Apps Have

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Written by Niel Patel · 3 min read >
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When it comes to casino games, slots are one of the most exciting types of game to play. The music… the ease of play… the jackpots… the bonuses… they all contribute to the immense engagement of online slots, which you can play at Rainbow Riches Casino and other operators. 

Slots have become mighty popular, especially thanks to the arrival of mobile slots, a format that has made online slot gaming even more accessible. But where did everything begin for slots? The answer is in the late 19th century when a man named Charles Fey designed the Liberty Bell, the first mechanical slot to ever pay out automatically exist. As time evolved, new slot machines appeared with fruit symbols on them. Later, electronic gaming machines did. 

Then came the internet, creating the opportunity for online casinos. The industry exploded and increasing numbers of operators and investors became interested in developing online casinos. As more and more got into the gaming space, the demand for more and more sophisticated slots grew. Below is a look at what makes a good slot app and how the features add to the player’s gaming experience. 

A fast start

Before a player can get on with their gaming, they must download the app, install it and then log in to play the game. But who likes to wait a long time to start? No one. That’s why a good app will have a quick installation, log in and sign up process. 

The more accessible a game is, the more interested players will be in trying a game. A decent app will optimise the game so the loading time is as short as possible and people can access the game easily.

Clean graphics and user interface

Operators know the importance of keeping players engaged, which is why a high-quality slots app will have outstanding graphics that really capture the attention of the players. The animations are smooth and the user interface is straightforward to use and navigate. 

One sound slot players like to hear is the sound of the coins dropping into the tray. This is a sound that slots apps can recreate. It’s also just one of many small features an app can incorporate to make the experience an engaging one for players.

A variety of themes

Operators understand variety is another key factor in engagement. Players can soon tire of playing a slot that has the same theme. That’s bad news for the operator, of course, as the player will soon head for the digital door and go somewhere else online for their slot gaming. 

It’s why slot operators will include a variety of slots so players can simply switch from one to another if boredom sets in. The amount of themes is vast, ranging from TV shows and movies, to music, sports and more. No matter what a player’s interest might be, there’s likely to be a theme that matches it.

Free games

One of the exceptional things operators do is make it possible for players to try out certain slots for free until they understand how the game works and feel comfortable with it. They can enjoy the game without any risks, see if they like it and decide whether they want to play it in the future.

Creating free games is a win for the operator. This isn’t only because they can gain a new player, but also because the option of a free game could be enough for the player to leave a good review. Ultimately, it’s a chance for the operator to attract several new players every time someone tests out the app.

The option to switch to a ‘real money’ mode

Once a player has been playing a free game for a while, the chances are they’ll want to switch to the ‘real money’ mode and play for cash. They’ll feel more comfortable and fancy their chances of winning. Offering this mode can make the app more popular for the operator.

Wager limits

Being able to control spending is important when playing online slots. Placing limits on the amount a player can wager allows them to make their money go further and be able to play for longer. Different players like to wager different amounts of money. Some players will look for high-stake slots. Others will look for lower ones. 


Bonuses are another major feature to attract new players and engage them. Everyone likes to get free things, after all, and bonuses enable players to play for longer and get more out of their gaming. Typical bonuses include welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free spins. Players might also receive a bonus when they make their first deposit.

Progressive jackpots

Online slots are renowned for their somewhat higher payouts than traditional land-based slots. One especially exciting feature of an online slot is the progressive jackpot, a jackpot that grows whenever someone plays the game and doesn’t win. It’s played across a network and will keep growing until someone plays the game and wins. It’s the king of jackpots and grows and grows until somebody eventually wins. Some players have won progressive jackpots that have reached millions before the extremely lucky winner scooped them. 

Operators know the importance of design when it comes to creating a slots app. A good app will boast many or all of the features above to keep players engaged and to generally offer the best experience possible.

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