Six Questions You Need to Ask Yourself for Effective Keyword Research

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When you are listing the demanding jobs, content creation is one of them. The efforts to create content will get wasted if people cannot obtain them. Thus, if you are making and publishing content online, you should go for keyword research for proper optimization. But the question comes how can we perform the keyword research work effectively? Let us discuss some questions that will help you with content creation for the SERP ranks.

How Can Audience Find My Services Or Products?

When you want your content to be visible, you must use the phrases or words they seek. You should talk to the visitors directly and check their opinions about your services and products. Ensure you are communicating with the customer service and sales team, who are in direct contact with the customers.

What Is The Volume Of The Search?

You should keep track of the search volume that will guide you on which keywords are being used for how many times. Even if the search volume of your keywords is zero, you should not stop creating content. When you have well-researched content, you are sure it will help your audience. The content may not be positioned at the top ranks of the SERP, but the writing piece can be complemented with efforts like social media and other marketing channels. By filtering the page, you can check the number of impressions and clicks the content has obtained. Google Search Console is the monitoring tool that helps in sourcing the truth of the usefulness of the search terms. Sometimes, low-volume keywords can surprise you by giving you some good results. You should filter the pages and observe the number of impressions and clicks the content has attained. With the help of SEO tools, keyword searches can be valuable for your next piece of content. Thus, obtaining the search volume is very important.

What Are the Problems Your Buyers Need Solving?

There are some problems that your buyers need to solve with your assistance. Therefore, you can get content ideas when you. 

  • Talk with the customers.
  • Check the reviews of the sites of the competitors and your site
  • Engage your customers with the feedback forms
  • Research through the sites like Reddit and Quora 

When your buyers are concerned about the issues, they search for online solutions. You should use these problem points for creating content that helps the users.

Are The Keywords Competitive?

Keyword tools are available that help measure the score of the keywords. The score depends on the quality of backlinks with ranked articles. In a highly complex algorithm, only backlinks can create a problem. The main keywords will be more challenging to organize than the long-tail keywords. When the users search for a particular keyword, guess about the intent of the search and select the keywords wisely to remain competitive.

Search Intent: What It Is?

Bridge the gap between the intent of the customers’ search and what they are actually looking into. Long-tail keywords can be used as the search indent, which can be beneficial. When selling any email marketing tool, you should avoid the main keyword like ‘email marketing tool’ and use long-tail keywords like ‘email marketing guide for businesses. A defined intent of search can therefore be found that can be identified by your brain. You can collect some data by searching the keywords and get back what is being returned. Google may have several search results for ‘email marketing‘ when the search intent needs to be clarified. So, the responses can range from 

  • How to start email marketing?
  • What is email marketing?
  • Examples of the campaigns of email marketing

Google itself may need clarification about what information to give users. But the searcher is commonly looking for expert advice, so sharing tips and informative articles will be helpful.

What Else In the Same Topic?

When clients search for a specific topic, SEO keyword research will never show a single piece of content. Instead, there will be many results showing similar results. For example, if you are searching for an email marketing guide, you will be provided with content like

  • Ways in which small businesses get reviews by using emails
  • Subject Lines of emails for improving CTR
  • Affordable tools for email marketing

It would be best not to forget the money pages to optimize them. The users can also subscribe to the pages like email marketing tools. Mainly for these two reasons, the topic can be comprehensively covered.

  • The users of your website find your blog helpful. The more informative your content is, the longer the users will stay on your site to discover your offers.
  • Google will find you authentic when it sees that good-quality words have been used to cover all the angles of the topics

Strategic Keyword Research

Drives SEO Results.

More than the above queries will be necessary for the SEO content strategy. But when you are answering all of them, the content creation strategy will be clear and drives the best results for the searchers.


Good customer service and post-purchase servicing are essential to attract more customers to your business. It is always crucial that the audience finds your services or products quickly. Therefore, the visibility of your business should be prominent. You need to understand what the searchers are looking for and create the solutions by solving their pain points.  

The reviews on your site and your competitor’s site can help you make decisions. When there are problems, and you provide a guide in front of them, they are searching for them; you will score high. Ensure that the keywords are competitive, and the scores depend on the quality of the backlinks. It would be best if you understood the intent of the search correctly so that the visitors can look for related content they are searching. You should communicate with your target customers and understand their requirements through the feedback forms.

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