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Do I need an LLC to trade cryptocurrencies?

How to get an LLC for cryptocurrency trading? How do I get crypto under my LLC? Do you need a license for...

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Cryptocurrency became widespread in 2011 and interested many companies and people in general. At that time, it was not so expensive and profitable, but many people in business understood its perspective. This topic has raised a lot of noise and still does because, for so long, it has gained a lot of fans and plans related to work. Currently, the main topic is how to start trading cryptocurrency and what risks it carries with it.

You first need to figure out what form to start this work, whether it is worth opening a legal entity for these purposes, and how to get a crypto license. It certainly depends on what you’re doing it for. Consider opening a sole proprietorship or LLC if you want to open a business or connect your activities with digital assets. And also if you pursue personal goals and do it as a hobby. It will be helpful because you can protect your assets, reduce taxation and gain confidence in your business. Let’s take a closer look at what this process looks like.

When is the best time to open a legal entity?

As mentioned earlier, opening an LLC can give entrepreneurs different advantages for business in general and trading crypto assets. A limited liability company has less taxation, protects assets, and guarantees confidentiality. Therefore, the company can do you more good.

If you were engaged in cryptocurrency for fun and general development but saw that your business is generating income and developing, it’s time to consider opening an LLC. A limited liability company is a specific private limited liability company standard in the United States. In simple terms, it is an organization that is transparent in its financial dealings, has partnerships with other organizations, and is easy to apply taxes and laws. With the help of the firm, you can avoid using your name, which will be safer and take your business to the next level.

What forms of companies may you encounter, and how do they affect tax

The LLC has pass-through taxation, so the company doesn’t have to pay anything, and the owners have to keep a profit and loss account. It is also essential to know that taxation differs for a single-member and multi-member LLC, so it is worth researching the differences before starting a business.

LLC with one employee

For the taxation of one participant, individual tax returns are used, in which this employee must indicate all profits and losses. It is done because the IRS needs to take into account a legal entity with a natural one. If the company owner does not conduct transactions from the LLC account, then they are still obliged to pay income tax calculated based on the company’s income.

LLC with multiple employees

Everyone pays tax in a company with two or more members, depending on each owner’s share of profit and loss. Therefore, it is crucial to have an operating agreement that clearly states what percentage each team member receives.

Having a team is more beneficial because you won’t have to pay the same taxes as if you were just a legal entity.

How to get an LLC for cryptocurrency trading?

If you have already decided and realized the need to open a limited liability company, then it is worth considering the steps you will have to go through.

  1. The first and most crucial step is to choose the state where you will start your business. If you are a new resident, the best choice would be to choose the state where you live. If you are not a US resident, start from the region’s best conditions for your specialization, for example, the cost of creation, annual company tax, anonymity, and other characteristic features.
  2. Further common is the choice of name. The US has a few rules about this, such as the abbreviation LLC or its full name must be mentioned in the name. Also, your title should be different from other existing organizations or be distinct from government agencies. Your name should not include an academy, college, etc.
  3. If you are not a US resident, you must hire and place a registered worker. This agent will work or instead send and receive notifications on your behalf. He must be a resident and have the authority to manage the company.
  4. The next step is the submission of documents. Different states have their package of papers, so this issue should be studied individually. If you are in the US, you can submit these documents by mail for a small fee. If you are a non-resident, then it is worth hiring an agent. In most states, you will need to make a valid LLC agreement. It is a document that establishes communication between the organization’s participants and regulates the company’s management and functions.
  5. Also, an important step is getting an EIN and a bank account. The Employer Identification Number is a code assigned by the IRS. Hiring employees, paying taxes, and opening a commercial account are necessary. As for the performance itself, it can be more difficult to refuse since you need to be located directly in a US bank when opening an account.

Depending on your type of business and the country or state in which you plan to do it, the complexity and time may vary. Therefore, contacting a lawyer or jurisdiction who will advise you and help you choose the best place for trending is a great option.

What benefits can this provide?

Different types of companies may open up additional opportunities for you or make some work easier. Consider specific options for working with cryptocurrency trading:

  • Breaking. While fraud and theft in the field of digital assets are rampant, it is individuals who are suffering the most. Because no one will return their losses, but the owners of the LLC do not face this problem because they can write off the losses due to robbery on their taxes;
  • You also have the option to roll over your excess losses. In more detail, if your losses exceed income in one year, you can carry them over to the account of extra profits from three years ago. If more than this opportunity is needed, they can be listed for five years in advance. After the transfer of this excess profit, this amount does not need to be paid.
  • The owners are not directly responsible for the debts and failure to fulfill some of the obligations of the companies. You can only be fined or punished for the incorrect maintenance of profit and loss records.
  • Security is critical in cryptocurrencies, and LLC can give it to you. Your assets will not be affected by any litigation or company bankruptcy. You can also create an anonymous company whose name will not be listed in the public database. Of course, if necessary, the government will be able to find the essential information about your company.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. For example, forming an LLC with multiple members takes a lot of work. You will need the help of lawyers who advise you to fill out the necessary forms and submit documents. Also, your profits may not cover the costs since the cryptocurrency industry is unstable. Therefore, these risks may need to meet your expectations.

How important is it to have an LLC?

Of course, an LLC is not mandatory for working with digital assets. You can study different materials, keep abreast of all the innovations and news, and receive your income. But if you compare these opportunities with the advantages of cryptocurrency trading LLC, then it is much more convenient and profitable. Since this is the official representation of your company, in addition to working alone or with friends, you can also cooperate with other companies, and all the benefits will provide you with a convenient operation.

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