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Discord Clone App For Android iOS | Create a Clone App Like Discord

Discord Clone App: Make your powerful precense in the digital world by launching an app similar to Discord with Discord App Clone

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Discord Clone android app apk

Online gaming has become more interactive than before with the introduction of Discord. Leave a mark on the world of messaging and serve audiences at a more significant level. 

Why Create A Discord Clone App?

Users can interact through text messaging, video calls, and voice chats via the Discord clone app, especially from the gaming world. The versatile and easy-to-use platform will attract numerous users, owing to its highly responsive, attractive, and minimal interface where like-minded users can discuss their favorite topics. Apart from gaming, Discord caters to multiple art communities, career fair portals, e-learning channels, promotional campaigns for brands, and school clubs.

Eager to own an instant messaging clone app like Discord?

Discord App Overview

Launch date13 May 2015
HQSan Francisco, California
PeopleJason Citron (co-founder, CEO), Stanislav Vishnevskiy (CTO) 
Business typePrivate

Year By Year Revenue of Discord App

2016$5 million
2017$10 million
2018$30 million
2019$45 million
2020$130 million

Popularity Of Discord Defined In Numbers

  1. 140 million monthly active users.
  2. Discord has raised a total of $483.8 million.
  3. Discord generates $130 million.
  4. Discord is currently valued at $7 billion.
  5. There are 6.7 million active servers on Discord.

How Does Discord Clone App Work?

  1. The Discord app supports community communications through voice chat, text, and video calling. 
  2. Users can organize themselves in communities and groups, which are known as servers.
  3. Users can fill the server with multiple channels and discuss their favorite topics.
  4. Users can also receive invitations to a private server. 
  5. The app also permits direct chat for users and can share off-site content with other members of the server via multimedia platforms like YouTube, GIPHY, and Spotify. 

Features That Make Discord Clone Script Highly Demanded In The Market

  1. Servers

You can connect with the team via servers and channels. By integrating this feature, you can add as many as 5000 members and 500 channels (subgroups) on each server. 

You can also create your own server if you can’t find a particular server and ask people to join it. 

  1. Roles Management

Special permissions can be assigned to each admin based on the roles assigned by the admins. You can decide on who should be given the authority to read the messages or join the channel. 

You can either grant permissions collectively for all the channels or define them individually. An admin can also transfer the management permissions to the other account, and this feature is one of the strongest ones. 

  1. Chat 

The chat feature allows users to voice chat, video chat, and interact with various people with just a single click. The app provides high-quality audio, and video interaction as an app similar to Discord will use WebRTC (web real-time communication), which is an open-source project having APIs.

Besides, the file-sharing option gives liberty to the users to share the files in the chat. 

  1. Message Alerts

The Discord clone script offers the users the convenience to respond to messages as per their convenience by customizing message alerts. Notifications can be customized with a specific username or specific words in the chat.

  1. Screen Sharing

A smart Discord clone app possesses a screen sharing option in the chat. Users can share their system or mobile screens and leave essential notes on the screen they are sharing. 

  1. Chat History

Users can go back and review the chats they had months back. With the help of unlimited storage, chats can be stored to allow users to view chat history when required. 

  1. Social Accounts Integration

Discord like app development services include features that allow users to connect with the app via social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

  1. Streaming

While streaming on the Discord clone app, users get permitted to broadcast video from your webcam and share the screen with other users. 

  1. Private Chat

Users have the freedom to create private channels and communicate privately. The feature allows the secure sharing of files and messages.

A Detailed Note On How To Develop Clone App Like Discord From Scratch

The reasons why most of the companies look forward to Discord like apps are:

Gamers that participate in various contests and tournaments have always desired a safe means to communicate with their fellow competitors. The Discord app’s release in May 2015 was a huge boon to the online gaming community. Users may utilise the platform to create channels and groups, as well as instant messaging, video calling, and phone calling.

  • Enhanced flexibility and compatibility with smartphones
  • Reduced costs
  • Clear and uninterrupted voice quality
  • Advanced customized features
  • Complete portability
  • Highly scalable
  • Support multitasking
  • Bandwidth efficiencies
  • Increased accessibility

How To Earn Via Discord Clone App?

Just like the Discord app, the Discord clone app makes money from subscription fees, games sold through their Steam-like platform, and server boosting, which improve the performance of the server. 

  • Nitro Subscriptions

Nitro subscription packages are optional and allow users to build a personal profile with animated avatars and custom tags. Users can create emojis and upload files up to 100MB in size. You can also get free live streaming, screen sharing, and high-resolution videos at a fixed subscription amount.

  • Game Distribution

Discord partners with game developers who want to sell their products exclusively on the Discord platform. The app earns a fixed amount of commission on every game it sells. 

  • Server Boosts

Server boosts improve the performance and functionality of the server for an additional fee. Users can boost their server to three levels with different perks at each level. 

Segments Of User App Features & Modules

The user app module of the Discord clone script will possess some indistinguishable features.

  • Freemium Model

The freemium model will make your app free to download and use but it will have some in-app purchase options, which will give users access to premium features once upgraded.

  • App Advertisements

You can earn a certain amount of commission if you run advertisements into your app and are visible to the viewers using your app.

  • Paid Version

You can charge an amount from the users rather than making your app free to download. The paid version will give users access to multiple and exclusive features.

  • In-app Purchases

You can include various in-app purchase options into your app, and the user will have to pay if they wish to access certain extra features.

Process Of Creating Discord Clone App

  1. Target Market Research

Market research introduces the best way to understand the users’ needs and requirements and develop the required product.

  1. Choose A Monetization Model

Once you understand the users’ requirements, you can choose a suitable monetization model. 

  1. Development

Team of developers begins developing a Discord clone script that will meet the client’s expectations.

  1. Create An MVP

Launch a minimum viable product to test its technical and business performance before launching it in the market.

  1. App Testing

Perform quality analysis to test the app’s performance by using approaches like functional testing, test automation, usability testing, configuration & compatibility testing, end-to-end testing, load & stress testing, integration testing, and localization & internationalization testing. 

  1. Updates & Maintenance

Provide periodic update services of the Discord clone app to improve customer experience, remove bugs & complexities, and revamp app functionalities. 

  1. App Promotion

We will help you promote your app by launching a suitable marketing campaign and advertising it on suitable social media platforms. 

What Is The Latest News About The Popular Discord App?

Stage Discovery is a new Discord feature that allows hosts to sell tickets directly to their intended audience. On the Discord app, users can see which stages are currently running, purchase tickets, and simply join the host’s private community.

To compete with Clubhouse, Facebook, and Twitter, Discord has implemented an audio chat function. On the online platform, gamers can listen to all of the active audio conversations. Audio chats will be dispersed among a number of different groups or servers. Users can join audio discussions based on their preferences and interests.

Discord is becoming more popular among professors for communicating with students in group gatherings, online exhibitions, and virtual classes. It’s given us a versatile learning management system (LMS). Teachers can use a combination of text and speech to impart their knowledge. Students may simply share documents and send emojis and GIFs to their teachers.

Sony, a well-known Japanese corporation, has invested in Discord. In 2022, the PlayStation Network (PSN) will incorporate the Discord instant chat program. Because Discord currently supports Xbox Live, this will increase the platform’s total monthly active users to 140 million.

Discord Poker Night was just created as a type of – social game for card players. There are options for video and voice chat. Gamers can simply communicate via voice and webcam. Competitions among a group of players are also possible.

Why Choose Top Firm For Discord Clone Android Apk App Development Services?

  1. Customizable Solutions

Many development companies offer a customizable Discord clone android apk to suit the unique requirements of each client.

  1. Futuristic Technologies

We incorporate the most modern technologies to develop a solution like Discord and keep the clients ahead of the competitors.

  1. Time-bound Delivery

Our team of highly dedicated designers, developers, QA specialists, and project managers works tirelessly to provide timely services to the clients by developing the product in time so that it can be launched at the right time in the market.

  1. Strong Portfolio

Discord like app development company that has established its presence in the market with a strong portfolio. Our team has served a large number of clients with app development services that have brought enormous growth and revenue. 

  1. Client-centric Approach

Our services revolve around clients and their requirements so that we can develop a solution that is beyond their expectations. We understand what the client is expecting and conduct a deep analysis before we begin to build the solution for them.

  1. Cost-effective Solutions

We are a company that provides Discord clone app android apk services that will burn a hole in your pocket and let you seek the most suitable solutions at economical prices.

FAQs On Discord Android Clone App Development

  1. What is the cost to develop an app like Discord?

The cost to develop an app like Discord depends on the features you wish to integrate into the platform. Our team will get in touch with you to understand your basic requirements and get back to you with an estimated cost of the complete project. 

  1. What are the must-have features that the Discord clone app must possess?
  • User profile
  • Servers
  • Channels
  • Roles
  • Notifications 
  • Video call 
  • Screen share
  • Live stream
  • Bot integration
  • App integration
  1. What is the Discord’s tech stack?

Discord employs a client-server networking architecture, which lets it support large group channels.

Discord Clone Android App Using ReactJS

This article will explain how to create a Discord clone using ReactJS in detail. We’ll utilize Firebase for user authentication, storage, and hosting, among other things. Firebase is a fantastic solution for quickly getting your backend up and running. HTML, CSS, and Redux will also be used. The prerequisites for this clone are listed below.

The BEM CSS naming convention will be used to name classes throughout the article. The acronym BEM stands for Block, Element, Modifier, and it’s just a means of organizing CSS code.


Open Visual Studio Code and press Command+J (Mac) or Control+J (Windows) to launch the terminal (on Windows). Change directory to where you want your clone to be kept now that you’ve opened it up. We may begin setting up the project once you’ve completed that.

 Now Redux has created a React Discord Clone App template with a user-friendly guide on how to use it.

To use this handy template, simply type one of the two commands below into the terminal and hit Enter. The command you use is determined on whether you’re working on a new or old project.

npx create-react-app discord-clone --template redux
cd discord-clone
Discord Clone using React

npm install @reduxjs/toolkit

This may take a while so sit back and relax, maybe get a cup of coffee if you want one. 

Now that we have the React App installed, we can start it by typing the next command in the terminal.

Full Demonstration 


Getting a smart Discord clone app for your business isn’t a cakewalk. Nevertheless, hiring an app development company can make it worth your while. 

A company that has a rich team of developers, designers, QA specialists, and managers who are dedicated to providing seamless and quality Discord clone apk development services and fulfill their modern needs effortlessly.

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