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Top 20 Digital Transformation Consulting Firms in UK, Australia, Germany 2023

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Are you interested in growing your business while dealing with some of the most difficult circumstances? Well, now is the moment for you to do so. Your organization can benefit from the services of the proper digital transformation consulting firm. We have come up with the top 20 digital transformation consulting firms in the USA and UK.

List of Best Digital Transformation Consulting Firms in UK, Germany

  1. HCL
  2. Innowise Group
  3. RisingMax
  4. KPMG
  5. Suffescom
  6. Deloitte
  7. Gartner
  9. EY
  10. Cognizant
  11. Boston Consulting Group
  12. McKinsey & Company
  13. ValueCoders
  14. Kellton Tech
  15. Capgemini
  16. PwC
  17. Bain
  18. VINCIT
  19. FatBit Technologies
  20. Clavax

1. HCL – Digital Transformation Consulting Company

Digital Transformation Consulting Companies
One of the best Digital Transformation Consulting Companies

Earlier HCL technologies were famous with the name of Hindustan Computers, headquartered in Noida, India. It is ranked 695 on the Forbes Global 2000 list, with revenues of around $10 billion in fiscal 2021. They offer a wide range of services to the clients like product engineering, hybrid cloud, software, IoT, cybersecurity, and many others.

The Digital Consulting group, HCL,  encourages itself as the  “visionary, pragmatic,  compassionate and facilitating. The top capabilities are:

  • Agile delivery process
  • Digital strategy & planning
  • Optimized business processes
  • CX strategy & experience in design
  • Organizational agility & change management
  •  Product and Program  management

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2. Innowise Group – Digital Transformation Consulting Services in UK

Innowise Group is a trustworthy and competent partner who accelerates digital transformation processes. The company collaborates with worldwide corporations from more than 20 industries and provides cutting-edge software to streamline internal business operations. Innowise Group creates custom and platform-based digital transformation solutions such as HRMs, CRMs, ERPs, DMSs, BPMs, and data analytics. More than 600 projects have been completed successfully for 200+ customers from Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia.

3. RisingMax – Digital Transformation Consulting Firms

RisingMax is a New York-based company that provides commendable solutions to achieve a complete roadmap for your organization by leveraging data, expertise, and research. By using the cloud, analytics, digital, infrastructure, and security paradigms, the company assists clients in transforming into digital enterprises.

RisingMax provides targeted counsel and helps organizations looking to shift digitally. Startups can use RisinMax to take the next step in their growth initiatives by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and extensive industry experience.

4. KPMG – Top Digital Transformation Consulting Firms

As the other companies present in the list it offers professional services for the digital transformation of the businesses with excellent consultancy. The company, headquartered in Amstelveen, Netherlands, is the consequence of a 1987 merger. Its services are categorized into four sections:

  • Audit & assurance
  •  Tax & legal, consultancy
  •   Private enterprise

The company’s digital adoption and its processes help the clients craft a business that is customer-oriented and makes it the most trusted organization in the business. KPMG has extensive experience developing technology, making it an excellent choice for firms seeking to be on the cutting edge.

5. Suffescom – Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

Suffescom is the next company on the list of the best digital transformation consulting businesses in 2023, all of them are dedicated to creating a better corporate environment. They have a professional crew with the ability to materialize your unique ideas and assist you in taking over the digital world. They can offer you effective advice and an extraordinary digital transformation. When it comes to clients, they go above and beyond to understand the company objectives and customer expectations, and they provide solutions that help you stand out from the crowd.

They are a group of devoted individuals, inventive thinkers, and 24/7 supportive teams who work tirelessly to offer breakthrough solutions through modern technologies.

6. Deloitte – One of The Best Digital Transformation Consulting Companies

Although it is best recognized as an accounting and financial firm, Deloitte also provides a variety of consulting services and cloud computing and analytics technology. It is one of the oldest and most experienced consulting firms on this list, founded in 1845. Its headquarters are in London, and its revenue for fiscal 2021 was $50.2 billion.

Deloitte’s Strategy and Analytics business and its Monitor Deloitte branch have digital transformation skills. Its primary goal is to create “exponential enterprises,” which it describes as businesses having “the potential to succeed and the capacity for change.” It strives to assist its clients in fueling growth, catalyzing technology, continuously transforming, and harnessing insights. The company has teams of experts for integrating technology and assisting the clients in building the IT infrastructure.

7. Gartner – Business Transformation Consultants in Germany

Gartner is a well-known technology research and consultancy firm among the top business consulting companies that gives worldwide technology business leaders actionable insights to make informed decisions on major initiatives. Its services include research, executive training, consulting, and conferences on digital transformation. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant assessments, produced by its research and advisory arm, are well-known for flawless market analyses. It is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, the United States with total  Employees: of 16,724.

headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut, United States Employees: 16,724

8.  AFFIRMA CONSULTING – IT Transformation Consulting

Affirma is an award-winning full-service digital transformation consulting organization in Bellevue, Washington. It has competence in Mobile, Cloud, Business Intelligence, SharePoint, Technology Infrastructure, Custom Development, Visual Design, Staffing Services, CRM, and Marketing Automation; founded in 2002.

Affirma Consulting assists SMEs in identifying contemporary solutions to common or company-specific difficulties. This company has received numerous awards for great work performance. Starting with reliable consulting, your company can implement compliance measures.

9. EY – Digital Transformation Advisory

It is a  globally established accounting, consulting, and digital consultation organization situated in London founded in 1989. It has generated revenue worth $40 billion for fiscal 2021.  The company has vast experience in offering consulting, tax,  strategy services, and assurance. 

Its website promotes its skills in RPA, business transformation, digitally integrated customer experience, blockchain, smart manufacturing, and energy systems. It helps the clients to visualize a better future and offer the strategies to reach there.

10. Cognizant – Business Transformation Consulting Companies

Cognizant employs more than 318,000  talented people and generated $16.65 billion in revenue in  2020,  which makes it got the 185th position on the Fortune 500 list and 533 on Forbes Global in 2000. It was founded as a division of Dun & Bradstreet and is located in Teaneck, New Jersey. The company’s services mainly strive to offer high-class technology, including cloud enablement, application modernization, artificial intelligence, business process services, digital experience, and others.

Cognizant’s Digital Strategy division provides digital transformation services. Insight to Transformation (strategy), Managed Innovation, Workforce Transformation, Change Adoption, and Transformation Enablement are some of its key product offerings.

11. Boston Consulting Group – Digital Innovation Consultant

The company founded in 1963 generated revenue of   $8.6 billion, with employees of over  21,000 in 90 locations across the globe. The company has expertise in finance and strategy management, international business processes, marketing, people management, and many other services. H&M, Starbucks, GSK, Shell, and other companies are among the clients.

The digital transformation services of the company are known as the “bionic” as they club together with the focus on clients and technology. It is well famous for its strong talent interview methodologies. Their processes have assisted a lot of people to become stable consultants across the world. The company has a wide variety of competencies and can handle practically any digital transformation project.

12. McKinsey & Company – Best Consulting Firms for Digital Transformation

McKinsey & Company founded in 1926, is a well-recognized management consulting firm with more than 30,000 staff members and offices in more than 65 nations. It is a privately held organization that does not disclose its revenue. McKinsey divides Digital Transformation into three categories:

  •  enterprise-wide performance lift
  •  Tech-enabled performance transformation
  • Strategic transformation.

 Its digital division has completed digital transformation projects for a variety of businesses. Its consultants are among the most well-known in the world. Before deploying any solution, companies invest sufficient time in testing the products ensuring a bug-free final product with satisfying efficiency.

13. ValueCoders – Digital Transformation Consulting Market

ValueCoders, founded in 2004, is a well-known name in the IT Outsourcing Services industry. The organization employs 50+ Well-Trained Software Professionals with in-depth expertise and rich experience in Proven Methodologies, Business Domain Knowledge, and All the Latest Technology to help deliver High-Quality Solutions to Your Businesses.

The company has launched over 4200 projects, has over 2000 person-years of experience, over 2500 satisfied customers, and has a 97 percent client retention rate. You can get all of these benefits by shaking hands with this company.

14. Kellton Tech – Digital Transformation Advisory Services

In addition, Kellton Tech is one of the top digital transformation consulting businesses in 2023. They are pioneers in partnering with businesses of all kinds to alter and manage their operations by leveraging the power of modern technology. The company employs many engineers, developers, technical leads, and cyber security professionals, among other things. 

They take pride in handling today’s business difficulties with their high-level expertise, abilities, and knowledge, working with clients from all industries and across many sectors. They are well-known for providing various IT services, including artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, and other business solutions.

15. Capgemini – Business Transformation Consulting Firms

It is headquartered in Paris and more than  290,000 are employed by the company worldwide. It generated €4.552 billion in revenue in the most recent quarter, and its 2020 revenue is expected to exceed €16 billion. The company offers services in technology, consulting, outsourcing, etc.  LEONI, Eramet, and the Rugby World Cup are among its clients for digital transformation.

Capgemini’s Capgemini Invent segment provides digital transformation services. The company promises the businesses to evolve meet the industry standards and stand ahead of their competitors. The company strategies are designed mainly focusing on the client’s and businesses growth

16. PwC – Best Digital Transformation Consulting Firms

PwC, headquartered in London, takes a rigorous, analytic approach to problem solutions to increase its customers’ speed and Innovation with 2,95,000 employees. It provides cloud and digital services focusing on technology and transformation services focused on business processes and strategy.

Emerging technologies, cybersecurity, cloud computing, technology strategy, data and analytics, and business applications are examples of cloud and digital skills. On the other hand, transformation competencies include change management strategy, cost optimization, digital procurement, and supply chain management.

17. Bain – Digital Transformation Consulting Agency

Vector, Bain & Company provides an end-to-end strategy to transform your digital organization through its unique digital delivery platform. It combines Bain & Company’s multidisciplinary knowledge with digital technology, methodologies, and third-party capabilities to help you realize your digital vision.

Accelerating the digital transformation process augments the customer experience with its Bain Alliance Ecosystem and a cross-functional workforce.

  • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Employees: 10,500

18. VINCIT – Digital Transformation of the Consulting Industry

Vincit is the only custom software business that believes in delivering 100 percent client satisfaction solutions. A software design and strategy firm with 500 workers is based in Orange County, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, California, and Finland.

VINCIT has developed Mobile Apps, Web Services, and Embedded Systems for firms such as Nokia, GE, The New York Times, Logitech, and Yamaha. Vincit’s remarkable outcomes set industry standards for customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

19. Fatbit – Best Digital Transformation Consulting Companies

FatBit Technologies, founded in 2004, is a world-class mobile app and software development firm. Clients can obtain optimal solutions for organizations to acquire a competitive advantage. The company has over 5000 clients worldwide and offers market-leading software solutions and products for all of your business needs. FATbit has a forward-thinking, results-oriented approach to all business kinds. 

The organization has a committed team of individuals with strong industry and functional experience. FatBit Technologies does extensive market research before commencing your project and builds tools to assist startups, small and medium-sized organizations, and individuals.

20. Clavax – Digital Transformation Consultancies in USA

Clavax, founded in 2011, is one of the top management consulting firms in the UK that you can approach for your organization. The company’s forward-thinking technology assists in bringing digital solutions to startups, SMEs, and large organizations worldwide. They thrive in unlocking value through digital product engineering and cultivating an environment of continuous improvement and innovation in order to provide the highest customer value faster.

Clavax, as the leading digital transformation consulting organization, has followed a formula of implementing excellent ideas that further strengthen customers’ businesses. The staff is distinguished by their creativity, knowledge, and competence across a wide range of technology.

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