A Guide to the Different Types of Cryptocurrency

There are significant differences between tokens and coins. Crypto coins include altcoins and bitcoin. Explore different bitcoin today. 

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Did you know people bought cryptocurrency during the pandemic? You might have considered becoming a new crypto investor. Understanding the different types of cryptocurrency will ensure you choose the right one. If you would like to learn about the different types, keep reading. In this guide, you’ll learn about different kinds of bitcoin.

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There are significant differences between tokens and coins.

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Tokens and Crypto Coins

Firstly, there are crypto coins which include altcoins and bitcoin. Altcoins are types of cryptocurrencies different from Bitcoin.

Tokens are programmable assets that exist in a blockchain of a particular platform. The term altcoin refers to cryptocurrencies different from Bitcoin. 

The leading altcoins types include mining-based cryptocurrencies, security tokens, utility tokens, and stablecoins. 

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology. Users can make transparent transactions with their peers. All the users can view the transactions, and the transactions are secured through the algorithm in the blockchain. While people see the transaction, only the owner can decrypt it with a private key. Check here for a bitcoin ATM. 

Unlike a bank, there isn’t a central authoritative figure in Bitcoin. The users will control the receiving and sending of money, making anonymous transactions familiar worldwide.


Litecoin was launched as an alternative to Bitcoin. It is an open-source and global payment network that is decentralized. There aren’t any central authorities governing it. People believe Litecoin has a faster transaction time and operates on different algorithms.

Defining Crypto Coins

Crypto coins are strings of computer code representing a concept, project, or asset. These include virtual, tangible, or digital. 

These coins were initially meant to act as a kind of currency.

Cryptocurrencies don’t work like the yen, dollar, or euro. These types of money are something tangible and governed by the main authorities. You can exchange your money for services or goods.

Cryptocurrencies will work as serving purposes beyond that of currency. Cryptos are built on blockchain tech so some cryptos will provide solutions to issues in most sectors of the economy. 

Defining Tokens 

Tokens are created and passed through an initial coin offering, like an initial public offering or stock. They will look like value tokens, security tokens, or utility tokens.

Value tokens are like bitcoin, security tokens are like stocks, and utility tokens are created for specific use.

A token will differ from a coin because it’s created in a blockchain of an existing coin like Ethereum or Bitcoin. 

Understanding Altcoins

Altcoins were launched to improve bitcoin. Some kinds of Altcoins include Namecoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin.

Cryptocurrencies have a limited supply of coins, creating a demand to improve their perceived value.

Understanding the Different Types of Cryptocurrency

Did you find this guide helpful in understanding the different types of cryptocurrency? Consider if you will become a crypto investor this year. You could explore different bitcoin options today. 

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