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Top DeFi Smart Contract Development Companies & Programmer in USA, UK, UAE, WorldWide

Many people pick the top smart contract companies based on client reviews and ratings. The best firms develop smart contract platforms that...

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Top Defi Smart Contract Development Companies Worldwide
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2 The Top Defi Smart Contract Development Companies Worldwide

Are you looking for the top DeFi smart contract development companies worldwide? Here we have listed the World’s best-decentralized finance & smart contract development companies. We have provided some additional decision-making factors to make your selection process easy. Smart contract programming lets you transfer money, property, shares, or anything else of considerable value without using an intermediary simply and efficiently. Smart contract application innovation can be comparable to a candy machine, where dropping a bitcoin can issue your driver’s license or whatever else comes into your record. Smart contracts on the blockchain have the same power as traditional contracts to violate the rules and fines. It also, of course, carries out the corresponding obligations. We have compiled a list of the top defi smart contract development companies worldwide to meet your demands. So let’s get started!

Benefits of using Decentralized Smart Contracts Software & Applications

Oracles are being used to connect non-blockchain systems to blockchain smart contracts. Smart contracts offer the benefits of a fast operation process to the end.

  • Absence of interference from outside parties.
  • Without hacking or manipulation, there is a high level of execution reliability.
  • Errors made by humans are removed.
  • Removing the middlemen reduces costs.
  • They enable micro-transactions between parties in blockchains. This can occur both locally and beyond borders, with little or no legal sanctions. They may be used for currency conversion on exchanges, asset transfers, ICOs, and insurance, among other things.

The Top Defi Smart Contract Development Companies Worldwide

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is one of the world’s leading smart contract companies. Their team provides a high level of expertise in launching fast, transparent, and secure DeFi smart contracts with no paperwork. The team provides intervention-free smart contracts for swift and transparent business transactions. They provide robust blockchain solutions for their clients to create high-end industry platforms. 

With a team of 200+ expert blockchain developers and designers, they have served 2k+ satisfied clients in more than 10 countries worldwide. Suffescom’s team has been dealing with blockchain-based smart contracts projects for more than 6+ successful years, assisting their clients with reliable, secure, and bug-free solutions. 

2. RisingMax Inc. 

Second on our list is RisingMax Inc., a US-based blockchain development company providing businesses with end-to-end blockchain solutions. The company is one of the leading smart contracts companies with more than 300 blockchain professionals, including developers, designers, testers, etc. The company can handle complex projects with its high expertise in blockchain technology. 

They are aware of the need for commercial confidentiality, so they adhere to international law and place all of their clients’ data behind a non-disclosure agreement. This keeps all of the information secure between the company and the client. Online reviews from their clientele provide a wealth of information regarding their calibre and precision of work.

3. Innowise Group — DeFi Smart Contract Development Company

Innowise Group was founded in 2007 and for more than 15 years of work in the IT field. The company has achieved impressive results in the development of top-notch digital solutions for more than 20 industries and IT consulting. The company’s development focus is on blockchain, smart contracts, NFT, crypto, and metaverse. 

Innowise Group delivers DeFi smart contract development services to provide businesses and enterprises with reliable and secure blockchain products.

4. Cygnet Infotech – Smart Contract Programmer in USA

Cygnet Infotech was founded in 2000 and offers the best smart contract development services in Australia, therefore employing more than 1000 employees, including engineers, smart contract programmers, and software professionals. Furthermore, small, medium and large businesses use Cygnet Infotect’s extensive services. In addition to the United Arab Emirates, Cygnet owns offices in the UK, India, the United States, and South Africa. They create applications for a variety of platforms, including mobile.

It offers blockchain integration solutions, dApp development, cryptocurrency creation, and initial coin offering (ICO) solutions as a smart contract development service. They also create digital identity solutions and proof of concept solutions.

5. Itransition

Itransition ranks among the top smart contract development companies for 2022. The business started its journey in 1998 and now serves clients worldwide. The team of developers and designers is made up of top-tier experts with a creative outlook who work to meet any type of client requirement. They offer solutions to companies of all sizes in various industries, including healthcare, banking, retail, automobile, telecommunications, and high technology.

Among the services are software development, IT advice, product development, managed IT services, quality engineering and testing, DevOps, smart teams, digital enterprise, digital commerce, machine learning, data management, AR & VR development, and technology advisory offer.

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6. Apriorit – Top Defi Smart Contract Development Companies Worldwide

The company was started in 2002 and now handles Fortune 500 and smaller companies. They have 15 development and 6 quality teams and are present in over ten countries. The company specializes in research & development and quality assurance, key service and product areas.

The team comprises business analysts, database professionals, web developers, DevOps, and QA specialists. As needed, they modify, improve, and optimize solutions. They also perform reverse engineering assignments.

The company offers blockchain consulting, counseling, general services, and smart contract application development. They create smart contracts for various industries, including Fintech, healthcare, real estate, logistics, and others.

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7. CoinFabrik

CoinFabrik is the next leading firm on our list of top 20 smart contract companies in 2022. The company started in 2014 and is doing great in blockchain and smart contract development. The company is equipped with 40+ dedicated and tech-savvy employees. Along with smart contract development, the company provides end-to-end solutions for fundraising platforms, wallet development, crypto asset service, exchange platforms, APIs, proof-of-stake blockchain, and much more. The company is helping many sectors to enter blockchain technology by assisting them 24*7 and resolving every bug and error.

9. Eleks – Smart Contract Application Development

Eleks is a defi smart contract development company in the UK that has served in the following industries like Logistics, Fintech, healthcare, insurance, IT, government, media, agriculture, commodity trading, and technical services. The company’s portfolio includes more than 20 customers, including Aramex, AVG antivirus, and IMX.

The company started in 2010 in the UK now employs over 2000 software professionals. Their team of experts is positioned in 15 offices worldwide, including Tokyo, Toronto, Chicago, London, Berlin, Las Vegas, Ajman, and Lviv, Ukraine.

Their unique blockchain smart contract development services help businesses improve efficiency, security, and service. Their blockchain services can be useful when you need applications that take out the mediators, decrease expenses, and increase efficiency. You can also get in touch with them if you want to construct safe smart contracts that are also reliable.

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9. Evercode – Smart Contract Development Company

Evercore was established in 2003 with headquarters in the USA and branches in Russia and Cyprus. The company has a team of experts who are skilled software professionals. The team has worked on crypto wallets, mobile crypto apps, and decentralized applications (dApps) in terms of blockchain smart contracts. These can be used for various applications, including marketplaces, analytics, and other products.

Evercode online telemedicine system, Evermarket e-commerce marketplace, and EverCourse e-learning platform are among their software offerings. Everchain’s tool for creating crypto wallets and Everchain’s software development kit for linking non-custodial wallets are some of the company’s other services.

They also create smart contracts and applications for small, medium, and large businesses in banking, e-commerce, medicine, education, monitoring, and CRMs. They do web development in addition to blockchain and mobile applications.

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10. 4soft – Top Smart Contract Programmer in Serving WorldWide

4soft was established in 2013 with headquarters in the USA and branches in Dubai and India. The company’s team of experts is well-versed in various fields, including web development, UX/UI design, and custom software development. Elliptic, Cigaset, Artgeist, and ITSEC Asia are some of the company’s clients.

Other solutions include telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency news sites. Smart contract monitoring is another area where they support small and large digital companies. They also work with businesses from a variety of industries.

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11. Solulab – Best Defi Smart Contract Development

Solulab Inc was founded in 2013 and now employs over 150 people across four branches in California, India, and the United Arab Emirates. According to its website, it has completed over 1500 projects for more than 500 clients. 

It has received 12 industry honors. Aladin, Padget Law Group, Acreage, Clicktool, and DLCC are just a few of the companies that use the company’s software. If you wish to start a tokenization platform, the smart contract developer team can help. 

In that situation, they can help develop irreversible tokens that can be accessed at any time and from any location on the planet. The tokens will also be divisible, cost-effective, and capable of enforcing contracts.

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12. Quant – Smart Contract Programmer in USA

Quant is an Australian-based smart contract development company founded in 2017 and now holds several contracts, some of which are pending approval. Quant has headquarters in Australia and branches in Switzerland, and London, United Kingdom.

Developers and platforms can develop smart contracts solutions to maximize investment value through digital trading opportunities. Tokens, dApps, smart contracts, and other blockchain solutions will be available across all public and private blockchains.

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13. Bitdeal – Top Defi Smart Contract Development Companies Worldwide

Bitdeal is a cryptocurrency exchange that also develops blockchain technology. The company’s major goal is to lower bitcoin trading risks and support new bitcoin exchange startups by delivering well-developed cryptocurrency exchange software.

Bitdeal is also well-known for offering comprehensive blockchain solutions, such as smart contract development, private blockchain technology integration, employing skilled blockchain developers, Ethereum token generation, digital token creation, ICO, and Bitcoin mining.

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14. Antier Solutions – Smart Contract Application Development

Antier Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a blockchain development company that provides services such as cryptocurrency exchange and wallet development, P2P lending platform development, ICO/STO/IDO, coin development, crypto banking solution, DeFi development, NFT Marketplace development, and other blockchain-related services.

 Companies are discovering opportunities to tap into an unmatched decentralized ecosystem due to forward-thinking ideas, thorough research, and one-on-one consultancy.

Antier is helping companies into the next generation of digital business, supporting growth and achieving fundamental, positive change, using an innovation-led strategy and cutting-edge depth and breadth of experience.

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15. Science Soft – Smart Contract Development Company

Science Soft is among the most well-known companies that offer smart contract application development in the USA. This global IT company has a 32-year record of success in software development. ScienceSoft’s experts are well versed in the most cutting-edge blockchain design and implementation technologies, with experience in more than 30 industries, including banking and financial services, retail and wholesale, healthcare, and telecommunications.

16. Ava Labs – Best Defi Smart Contract Development

 Ava Labs has been a major supporting company in developing crypto solutions for the business and social industries. The team has worked for large and well-known tech businesses such as Microsoft.

Companies may also use Ava Labs to create dApps for Decentralized Finance, digital collectibles, wallets, tokens, and other blockchain use cases. They may also depend on the Ava Labs team to develop from the top to bottom or work with them as development partners.

17. Queppelin

Founded in 2010, Queppelin is a US-based smart contracts development company with a strong business presence in India and the UK. One of the best-known IT companies, Queppelin, has a team of developers using the best tech stack to create smart contracts. The company is known to provide the best quality of projects in a limited time. They also provide high-class blockchain services to their clients globally. Their 200+ blockchain professionals are highly skilled in providing advanced blockchain and metaverse solutions.

18. Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain Technologies facilitate users in creating smart contracts development using blockchains like Polygon, Solana, Flow, BSC, and many more. Blockchain Technologies is a leading smart contracts company that provides end-to-end solutions for a fully decentralized blockchain platform. The company’s products provide users with a dynamic interactive experience and are jam-packed with valuable features. The business offers services that include blockchain app development, AI and VR, cloud computing, and 3D technology.

19. Zfort Group

A full-cycle IT services provider focusing on cutting-edge blockchain technologies is Zfort Group. The company has 20 years of expertise in creating cutting-edge, sector-specific software products that make its clients proud. The company knows what it takes to create innovative and effective blockchain solutions surpassing its clients’ expectations and consumers. With their extensive management experience and strong technical skills, the company provides smart contract development services on time and within the budget. 

20. Apriorit

Software product engineering firm Apriorit was established in 2002 and operated in Dover, Budapest, and Hungary. More than 200 people work with Apriorit and are skilled in developing websites, mobile apps, and customized software. Businesses use smart contracts for various applications, including software licensing, logistics, supply chain management, ICOs, etc. We can assist you in making the best technological decisions and creating a faultless smart contract-based solution that achieves your objectives. The company helps its clients to create ICO smart contracts, software licensing non-ICO smart contracts, and smart contracts for NFT tokens, DEX, and DeFi projects. 

21. Empirica Software

Empirica Software is the next leading smart contract development company that had adopted blockchain technology in its early stages. The company is known among the well-reputed blockchain companies globally, providing the best various fintech and crypto-asset management solutions. The blockchain experts have years of experience and are responsible for fully-fledged technology improvement. 

22. Eleks

Eleks is a well-known smart contract development company in the UK, USA, Germany, and Ukraine. They have a massive team (5000 manpower) of developers and management to handle clients and resolve their doubts. Their blockchain experts are highly-skilled and provide their clients with a high range of project administrations. Their words of excellence can be heard by their clients in the reviews. They provide error-free project delivery while holding a perfect legacy from the last 3 decades. 

23. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a full-service software development business working with large and mid-sized IT and non-IT companies since 1989. ScienceSoft’s pool of more than 700 dedicated IT specialists aids in the planning and execution of cutting-edge SaaS and corporate applications that are quick, scalable, and dependable.

Additionally, the firm guarantees its quality and security and has the ability to evolve them following corporate objectives or product vision. True proponents of innovation engage in active work in blockchain, big data, AR/VR, IoT, and AI/ML. The experts at ScienceSoft are committed to assisting their clients in achieving maximum ROI.

24. EB Pearls

EB Perls is an Australian-based software development company with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Lalitpur, Nepal. The company has 130+ blockchain experts specializing in smart contract development and providing solutions to an amazing list of clientele. In retail, telecommunications, business services, arts, entertainment, music, government, and non-profit, the company, founded in 2005, works with large corporations, small businesses, and middle-market firms. 

The company is focused on creating outstanding applications with thorough user experience research, an innovative, scalable, and secure technological stack, and a highly skilled and experienced workforce.

25. TheNineHertz

The NineHertz is a fast-paced, smart contract development company with over 200 employees. They create a very cost-effective package for developing blockchain smart contracts. The development team acquires great experience in creating projects in multiple languages. The management team provides a great customer approach to resolving every project error. The company prefers to be at the edge of providing valuables to its clients. 

26. Sara Technologies

The IT company, Sara Technologies was established in the U.S.A. in 2007. It specializes in offering software, mobile, and web development services to clients globally and has offices in San Diego, Oakland, and Albuquerque. The business has begun focusing on cutting-edge technology and has a lot of expertise in effectively building metaverse projects. SARA Technologies has provided clients highly effective and feature-rich smart contract development services and solutions worldwide. 

Whether you wish to safeguard your transactions using smart contracts or accept cryptocurrency payments, the company designs smart contracts appropriate for the client’s business requirements. They have extensive experience developing smart contracts for various industries, including healthcare, transportation & logistics, automotive, real estate, accounting & finance, etc., using Ethereum and Tron.

27. Concetto Labs

Concetto Labs is one of Chicago’s top blockchain and smart contract development companies. Established in 2014, they are a leading hybrid mobile app development solutions provider. High-quality outcomes for their clients are guaranteed by their talented managers. This business is renowned for providing all-inclusive IT solutions under one roof. Concerning blockchain-based solutions, they have a success rate of above 90%. They are a team of over 50 people who work for less than $25 per hour and offer their clients 24/7 customer service in exchange for reaching goals. 

28. Hivelance Technologies

This firm specializes in blockchain app development and provides services to companies. They are a group of professionals with more than 8 years of combined expertise in this area. Their primary areas of expertise include working on blockchain and smart contract development projects and offering clients round-the-clock technical support. The company, which has over 50 employees, offers transparent IT solutions to tech-based businesses. Professionals from Hivelance charge roughly $25 per hour for a project and have advanced knowledge of blockchain-based products and platforms.

29. UIG Studio

The leading blockchain development firm in the USA, UIG Studio, is renowned for providing its customers with sophisticated IT solutions. By assisting startups with the implementation of fantastic tactics, they contribute brilliant ideas. This company has completed 52 unique projects successfully and received more than 20 nominations and awards. They were established in 2013 and now employs more than 50 professionals. They bill their clients for roughly $50 to $99 per hour. By completing projects on schedule, the business adheres to its timelines.

30. ZCO Corporation

One of the first US-based blockchain development companies is Zco Corporation. With 33 years of experience, they deliver projects ranging from enterprise-scale cloud storage solutions to smart contract solution experiences. They provide first-rate services to entrepreneurs that mostly work on augmented reality and 3D animation projects. Innovative solutions from this organization are successfully delivered to its clients. This organisation employs about 1k people and charges $25 to $49 per hour for a single assignment. Their area of expertise is boosting a company’s online brand visibility.

31. Dotsquares – Smart Contract Development Services in Australia

Dotsquares is one of the top defi smart contract development companies worldwide. Since its establishment, the company has worked on over 20,000 projects for Fortune 500 companies, small, medium, and startups.

 The ISO 9001-certified company has headquarters in the United States, branches in the United Arab Emirates, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Dubai, and three development centers in India. In addition, it has Google Partners, Microsoft Gold Partner, NASSCOM Member, Salesforce Partner, and IAOP as partners.

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32. Labrys – Defi Smart Contract Development Company in UK

Labrys is a leading company in the creation of blockchain products. They use blockchain technology to design, develop, and launch goods. They don’t just provide on-chain solutions; they also create all the supporting technology necessary for any Web 3.0 solution. They Help to Create the New World.

Their team comprises most of the brightest people in the industry and is situated entirely in Brisbane, Australia. Smart contracts, online & mobile apps, MVPs, POCs, tokens, NFTs, layer-2 scaling, wallet integrations, and more are developed in-house by their future systems experts.

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33. Arateg – Smart Contract Application Development in USA

Arateg is a well-known American smart contract application development company established in 2014. Arateg has professionals who can help you develop blockchain solutions such as self-executing smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), cryptocurrency exchanges, and custom blockchains. In addition, the company offers blockchain consulting services. You can consult experts for free from the beginning to launch your blockchain solution.

The blockchain solutions include logistics platforms, including supply management, digital payment systems, and proof of provenance and delivery. In addition, they develop smart contracts, payment, and settlement functionalities.

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34. Sumatosoft – Smart Contract Programmer Providing Services to Worldwide Clients

Sumatosoft has been among the most popular smart contract application development service providers and now has over 150 unique solutions, over 100 clients, and offices in over 25 locations. It employs more than 50 people, with 70 percent senior engineers. It has branches in both Boston and Belarus.

The company has more than 5 years of experience in the agile app development cycle, engagement models, and the app development life cycle. It specializes in IoT innovations, business software development, MVP for startups, and SaaS solutions, and developing and building blockchain platforms, smart contracts, and products for clients. It also works on artificial intelligence products, data science and big data solutions, machine learning, and ruby on rails.


Using smart contracts based on blockchain, companies can save money, minimize manual duties, and speed up processes. They make decentralized ecosystems possible by eliminating contract interference and enabling permissionless transactions and exchanges.

The blog covered how smart contracts operate, the estimated market size, and a list of the top defi smart contract development companies worldwide.

We can’t recommend you, anyone, out of the list because all of the companies on the list actively create and integrate blockchain & NFT smart contracts.

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