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Top 30 Decentralized Blogging Platforms and Websites – Free & Paid

30+ Decentralized blockchain blogging platform and website. Guest posting sites on blockchain. List of all decentralized guest posting sites 2023

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Are you looking for a web3 blogging platform or website to express your ideas and connect with like-minded people? If so, lucky you are! There are plenty of decentralized blogging options for you to check. 

This blog post will explore the top 10 decentralized blogging platforms and websites you didn’t know existed. From platforms specifically designed for bloggers to blockchain-based solutions, we’ll cover everything you need to know. So, let’s get started!

Below is the list of blockchain decentralized blogging platform.

  1. Flote
  2. Steemit
  3. Medium
  4. Twetc
  5. Peepeth
  6. Svbtle
  7. LBRY
  8. Mirror
  9. Publish0X

1. Flote.Biz

This platform is for everyone who wants to jump into massive big tech and want to earn some money. Here you can monetize your content to create something big and meaningful. As a user, you can create, share, and monetize their content. It’s an excellent way for users to post about various topics and make money from their work. 

Also, users can create an account, write blog posts, and earn rewards from their posts. The platform offers security and anonymity for users to post without worry. Users can even link their content to other websites to increase their reach and make more money. 

If you are a beginner, it is a great place to begin if you want to jump into decentralized blogging. One of the advantages of using a decentralized blogging platform like Flote is that you don’t have to face any censorship. 

This freedom gives users complete control over their content. Also, it offers them more opportunities to reach wider audiences with their work. In addition, there are no ads on Flote. It makes it a more pleasant experience for readers who don’t want to see ads while they read. 

Furthermore, due to its decentralized nature, all data on Flote offers security and encryption. So users can rest assured that their information will remain private and protected.

2. Steemit

Steemit is a decentralized blogging platform based on the Steem blockchain. It enables users to earn rewards for creating content. Also, users can earn the cryptocurrency “STEEM” by offering a unique opportunity to make money while blogging. 

It provides a chance for users worldwide to connect with other users. It has gradually become one of the most popular decentralized blogging websites and a popular choice for many aspiring bloggers and content creators. Once you have an account with the platform, you can post articles, videos, photos, music, podcasts, and much more. 

The platform offers an incentive system that rewards users for upvoting content, with higher rewards for quality content. Additionally, users can also join special groups. Steemit can help users start with decentralized blogging and benefit from its rewards.

3. Twetch

This one is one of the first pay-to-earn platforms where you can live-stream videos and earn. Yes, it is a  decentralized blogging platform. It allows users to express their thoughts and opinions without any restrictions. Also, you can create posts, comment on posts, and follow other users. 

As you can already guess, it rewards cryptocurrency for quality content. Twetch runs on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. So, as a user, you can choose to post publicly or privately. Its base makes it ideal for those who want to secure their blogging activities. For security, the platform offers real-time notifications and support for multi-signature transactions. 

With Twetch, users can also monetize their content by accepting Bitcoin Cash as payment from readers. Twetch makes up for great choices for those looking to explore decentralized blogging websites. It takes advantage of its many features.

4. Ignite

Unlike the other platforms, Ignite is comparatively new to blogging websites and platforms. However, one thing that it shares in common is providing microblogging services. 

Here on this platform, users can communicate freely without any restrictions. Not only does this platform’s restrictionless nature make it perfect, but its versatility allows users to escape any type of censorship across the globe. The network provides amazing features that allow you to delete, block, and moderate the data. As a user, you have several features to safeguard and monetize your user data. One of the major differences that it sets apart from other platforms is that you can buy and sell your data as you like. No restriction at all!

5. Peepeth

It is like Twitter on the blockchain. Peepeth is a decentralized blogging platform. It allows users to create posts and share ideas, opinions, and stories in an uncensored way. It gets its power from Ethereum. But, it uses the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Peepeth uses digital tokens as a form of payment. 

So, users can monetize their content and create incentivized networks. The platform also includes features like account verification and reputation scores. So you can feel safe about your content. This allows users to stay sure of their posts. They can trust the information shared by other users.

Additionally, Peepeth offers complete privacy, ensuring that user data remains secure and that no one can access it without permission. These features make Peepeth one of the leading decentralized blogging sites available. It offers users a safe and reliable way to share their ideas without worrying about censorship or data security.

6. Svbtle

Svbtle is a decentralized blogging platform that allows users to create their personalized blogging site. It permits users to share content with various topics and styles. Also, with Svbtle, users can monetize their content with tips and donations. 

The Svbtle network runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It ensures that all content stays securely transferred between users. With its decentralized nature, Svbtle provides users with a safe and secure creation platform. It shares their ideas, thoughts, and content. As a result, Svbtle is an ideal platform for anyone looking to join the decentralized blogging world.

Additionally, decentralized blogging websites provide opportunities for writers. They can make money from writing without relying on centralized advertising or sponsorships.


LBRY is a decentralized blogging platform and website. It authorizes users to store, share, and access content worldwide. The platform provides a secure and censorship-resistant environment for content creators and readers. Through its peer-to-peer network, content is distributed directly from creator to consumer. 

It delivers efficient storage and distribution of content. Content creators can also monetize their work by allowing viewers to pay to access or download the content. With its built-in blockchain technology, LBRY makes up one of the most secure and reliable decentralized blogging sites. 

It also offers enhanced privacy features, including an encrypted messaging system. It makes it a great option for those looking to stay safe while exploring the world of decentralized blogging.

8. Mirror

Mirror offers an attractive decentralized blogging platform that allows users to easily create, store, and share content. The main feature of Mirror is its ability to create “mirror pages.” It offers a collection of your content on the decentralized platform. 

It allows for greater control over your content with no censorship or oversight. Mirror allows users to monetize their content through crowdfunding campaigns or tip jars. With Mirror, users can access various features such as comments, upvotes, mentions, and private messaging.

Additionally, Mirror offers several options to make money from your work. One option includes creating a crowdfunding campaign where you can ask other users to contribute money towards your project. 

Another option includes using the tip jar feature. It enables people to donate small amounts of money in exchange for access to your content. Finally, if you want complete control over who sees your posts and how they engage with them, then Private Messaging could make up for a great way to do so. 

No matter what decentralized blogging platform you choose, you can rest assured. It will provide you with more freedom than traditional blogging sites.

9. Publish0X

Publish0X is a decentralized blogging platform that enables content creators to write and publish posts and earn crypto keys for their work. On Publish0X, readers can also tip authors for the content they create. It is a great way for content creators to earn extra income for their hard work. 

Made on the Ethereum blockchain, It gives users freedom from censorship or centralized control.

The platform is open to anyone, regardless of location or level of expertise. You don’t have the experience of a blogger or have a small audience to start publishing on Publish0X. All you need is an account and the ability to write compelling and informative posts. After your post is published, readers are given a chance to tip you in crypto tokens. 

Publish0X offers several features to make writing and publishing content easier. Its intuitive interface allows you to write and format posts quickly, while its powerful tagging system makes it easy to find and share your content.

10. Mastodon

Mastodon is a decentralized blogging platform. It gives users various powerful tools for creating and sharing content. It is a free, open-source network that operates on the same technology as Twitter but focuses on user privacy and decentralization. 

Unlike centralized blogging sites like WordPress or Blogger, Mastodon does not control content or access to it. It gives users complete control over their posts. The site is simple and intuitive for anyone. Its decentralized nature allows for greater freedom of expression than traditional blogging sites. 

It also offers advanced features like threaded conversations, groups, and media attachments. With its customizable design and focus on user privacy, Mastodon is becoming one of the leading decentralized blogging sites available today.

That’s it. This is all about decentralized blogging sites! Thank you for reading!

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