Data Visualization Tools for Business Professionals

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There are several choices for data visualization tools, each with its unique features and focus. Depending on what you need as a business professional, you may value one particular piece of software over the other. 

Data visualization tools have become increasingly popular for data analysts and business people because of how large numbers have become. Instead of pasting these huge numbers on reports, having a more condensed and pleasing representation of those numbers is better.

What Is Data Visualization? 

Data visualization is as simple as transforming raw numbers into visual graphical images like diagrams. For example, a pie chart or bar graph is a basic form of data visualization. There is nothing too complex about looking at a graphic, and that’s the main appeal.

Presenting data through graphics isn’t new, but it has become popular because of how quickly and effectively others can understand and interpret more modern and detailed illustrations. 

Getting your point across quickly and as efficiently as possible is essential in the business, plus people retain images in their heads better than numbers. Data visualization becomes imperative in businesses for quickly identifying trends, failures, discrepancies, and opportunities. 

Why Is Data Visualization Important to Professionals?

Human beings are very visual, and numbers have the stigma of being static and very dull. 

Creating an engaging presentation is why data visualization is essential. Business presentations aren’t always the most exciting thing to sit through, but having interesting topics and visual information makes it more tolerable. 

Additionally, businesses have always had to deal with numbers and data, but today the numbers have become too big. Business experts, therefore, look for better ways to condense these numbers so people can easily interpret and understand what they mean.

Translating data to your entire company is more straightforward with visual graphs and charts. A graphical representation condenses that information and presents it in a way your entire corporation can understand.

How to Improve Digital Marketing Campaign using Data Visualization

Top-Rated Data Visualization Tools 

There are many options regarding data visualization tools, but not all are equal. This list gives you a general idea of data visualization tools favored by business professionals. 

Typically, business professionals value accessibility, flexibility, integrations, and customizable options when using specific software. There are always preferences, and these data visualization tools earn high ratings from businesses. 

Qlik Sense

Best Overall

Qlik Sense is an impressive data visualization tool that covers the most ground regarding accessibility, affordability, and utility. This software can extend its utility beyond its base capabilities by utilizing powerful third-party extensions. 

For example, using the best Qlik Sense extension, you can optimize your data with stunning visuals that wouldn’t usually be available to you with just the base version of the software. 

The mobile functionality of Qlik Sense allows users to instantly access and share their data. Qlik Sense saves users time and money and provides active support through powerful visuals. 

When it comes to pricing, Qlik Sense is the most adaptable. The price scales with your organization’s size, so this software doesn’t follow typical pricing constraints like other data visualization software. 


  • Automation
  • AI Insight
  • Mobile functionality
  • Self-service visualization 

Business professional’s thoughts on Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense has an impressive advantage over this list’s other data visualization tools. Qlik adds exceptional options to customize and mold their software into your business regardless of the size.

Professionals praise Qlik Sense for its impressive performance, visuals, and integrations. Business professionals also express how well Qlik Sense fundamentals translate into using other data visualization software, making it a great starting point.


Most Recognized

Tableau has the advantage of being one of the most recognized and accepted data visualization tools. It certainly does earn its advantageous position since it can output impressive visuals within a short and reasonable amount of time. 

This software allows users to share their insights and visuals with other members instantly. With features focusing on team integration and actual comprehensive and intuitive visuals, Tableau keeps impressing business professionals.

Even so, Tableau does have functional downsides to accompany it. First, Tableau is generally a restrictive tool with limited data processing, and unfortunately, it’s one of the more expensive options if you have a big business. 

Tableau’s price scaling and the software run off a heavy subscription model. Companies, therefore, end up paying an increasing amount of money as their business begins to scale and they need more employees to access Tableau software.


  • Multipurpose Dashboard
  • Data Extraction 
  • Predictive Analysis

Business professional’s thoughts on Tableau

Generally, people believe Tableau is an excellent centralized data analysis and management software. Tableau has stood the test of time as a collaborative tool and continues solidifying itself in many businesses. 

Regardless, some business professionals believe that Tableau can be complex for users in terms of learning. Additionally, they think you don’t get a whole solid package with Tableau, as their data discovery tools seem generally underwhelming. 


Most Accessible

Domo is one of the market’s more accessible data visualization tools, a very intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based tool. 

Domo excels at freeing users time to focus on their business instead of how to structure and present their findings. Domo’s simplicity, accessibility, and utility separate it from other software. 

Regarding pricing, Domo followers a similar trend in subscription-based software; the more significant the business, the more you pay. Domo justifies its price by working with companies to help solve complex problems they may have.


  • 150+ interactive charts
  • Collaboration abilities
  • Flexible data connections
  • Project management

Business professional’s thoughts on Domo

Most business professionals that use Domo agree that its user interface is one of the if not the most, user-friendly. Domo is one of this list’s most versatile and customizable data visualization tools.


Best for Big Businesses

Looker is a fantastic visual tool in many regards. First is that it’s entirely cloud and browser-based as it supports hosting in Google Cloud. Looker is a part of Google Cloud and acts as Google’s data visualization tool.

Physical hardware is not an issue for people who use Looker, and additionally, Looker allows users to deliver data between clouds. Impressively, this means users can enable cloud features from multiple cloud providers gaining an immense advantage and flexibility to your Looker experience.  

Looker focuses on supporting your cloud strategy. You’ll find that your experience with it will revolve around the effective use of its base feature and other integrations that cloud service providers offer. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to the price of Looker, that’s usually when most businesses begin to look away. It is easily one of the most expensive data visualization tool options, meaning most small businesses can’t access it comfortably. 

Looker is meant for a team of business analysts and larger businesses first. The typical user won’t be able to afford or even understand how to construct and operate this software independently. If you have a small team, Looker is undoubtedly not worth it. 

Additionally, Looker offers no trial periods, which makes the software less likely to be considered.


  • Extensive online training material
  • Extensive cloud integration 
  • Mobile functionality
  • Easy-to-use UI

Business professional’s thoughts on Looker?

Looker is the better data visualization tool for large companies, but it is limited to many professionals. Overall, Looker does what other data visualization software does with a bit extra. Although, that extra that it can do has little to no value to smaller businesses.

Business professionals say that Looker is comparatively complex when up against its competitors. While this isn’t always a deal breaker for people, it still makes Looker a bit more exclusive and less valuable as a data visualization tool for the majority of Business professionals.

Microsoft Power BI

Best free-to-use option

Another cloud-based system, Microsoft Power BI, allows users to deliver data and insights throughout their organization. The dashboard functionality of Microsoft Power BI will enable users to monitor their entire organization’s health from the dashboard. 

Effective simplicity is the best way to describe Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI has one massive advantage against every other data visualization tool on this list. It has a free-to-use version. While the free version may have limitations, it still functions to give users an experience that they can enhance if they need it.


  • Offline and online support
  • Timely updates
  • Excel integrations
  • Price

Business professional’s thoughts on Microsoft Power BI 

Users praise Microsoft Power BI for how useful and inexpensive it is. While the cheaper versions lack features, the utility of the software is still helpful for many independent users. Business professionals especially praise the learning curve of this software. 

Microsoft Power BI earns its spot as one of the best free-to-use data visualization tools, if not the best. Despite its affordability, it does still come with faults.

Business professionals continue to criticize the user interface for this software, and rigid formulas prove to be a significant shortcoming of Microsoft Power BI. Additionally, while the free version offers plenty of data storage is sparse compared to the accessible version of Microsoft Power BI.

The Best Choice

Data visualization tools are essential to most organizations and continue to prove their importance as businesses begin to collect more data for better improvements and optimizations.

The overwhelming amount of software options for data visualization can be intimidating, but starting somewhere is always essential. That’s why Qlik Sense is a perfect starting point for business professionals looking to understand and work with data visualization. 

Every data visualization tool in this list has some unique trade-off that leaves business professionals missing or not getting an opportunity to use and implement certain features.

Qlik Sense provides users a satisfying, user-friendly, affordable, and feature-packing experience that small businesses and more giant corporations can take advantage of and utilize. That is why Qlik Sense is the best choice overall for business professionals. 

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