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Custom Software vs Packaged Software |Benefits of a Custom Software Development

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Custom Software vs Packaged Software

Customized software is built for specific businesses or organizations to fulfill their requirements. Customized software is generally designed for a single client or group of clients who decide all the functions and programs according to their projects’ demands. 

The customized software development process has a proper life cycle that includes software design, creation, and maintenance. Custom software development is a long-term process that can take several months and sometimes a year. The development of custom-made products is that shelf software can not adequately fulfill the specific requirements and is not too familiar with your business plan. So you have to build customized software.

Difference between customized software and packaged software

Difference between customized software and packaged software
Difference between customized software and packaged software

Let’s see a few benefits of custom software

Innovative Product

Every business is unique and has different types of plans and projects. Amazing things require a unique solution. 

When you build custom-built software, it means the thing will be made only for you. Customized software contains all the features and functions the organization and business need.

Software development services providers such as software development services in USA built software that can truly meet the clients’ exact requirements. So, customized software provides you with a better experience and is more friendly to your business plan.

Return on investment

ROI means dividing the profit earned on an investment by the cost of that investment. Every business wants a return on investment. 

No doubt, custom-built software is more expensive than off-the-shelf software. But custom-built is genius software and aligns with your business features. So you have to rely on custom-built software. It will help you make more profit in the long term.

Some businesses do not spend money on customized products and remain back in the progress of their competitors.


Customized software is business-friendly. Because it has all features of your business so it makes operations and functions easy for a business. It provides reliability. It follows only your business plan and keeps everything on track and in sequence, which would cause the ultimate success of your business.


Custom build software is more adaptable. Businesses are changing daily, and advancements are observed in every industry. In this scenario, only adaptive things could survive in a better way. Customized software is very adaptive.

So, they provide a better solution for business because off-the-shelf software is not aligned with a specific industry, whereas custom build is well aligned to the business functions and plans. 

So, the business environment is open and acceptable to such types of software. So, custom-built software easily changes at any time. The technical team of software development can easily change and modify things as per requirement because they know software codes.

Well technical support

Everything needs proper and timely maintenance for better working. The software also has care, repairing, or technical support.  Meanwhile, software updating is the maintenance of software. If you do not update your software timely, it will slow, malfunction, or sometimes hang. 

When you build software by a software development company, they will be in touch with you. Their IT professionals are always available to help you with any technical issue. This technical support enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the software.

Data security

Data security has always been a significant concern in information technology. Data flow within the internal business process also needs special security checks. So, special security protocols make your business more secure. 

If your data is secure, you get a competitive edge over its competitors. So, custom build software provides better security to your data and business plan.

Software Development Life Cycle Process

Detailed Guide on Configurable vs. customizable software

Nowadays, the main problems are security threats, with advancements in technology, security concerns have also become more advanced. So, to cope with new cyber security issues, we need new and enhanced security protocols. Custom software comparative packaged software offers better security.

To sum up, customized software provides more benefits than off-the-shelf software. It has unique and specific business-aligned functions which are more reliable, adaptable, and secure. If you are running a business and using software, you should use custom-built software for better experience and performance. This will increase the productivity of your business.

Although the terms packaged and custom software sound similar, they are not interchangeable. We’ll look at the differences between these two names in this article.

Configurable Software

Packaged software, often configurable software, is a commercial product available to the general public and can be purchased at a set price. The programmer develops custom software. It is a collection of applications that have been collected together to give the various public tools in one place. It cannot be changed or amended, even if it is required. The basic definition states that when numerous software packages are bundled together to provide solutions to people, it is given the given name.

Microsoft Office is the best example of package software because it contains several tools gathered together, such as Office, Access, Excel, Notes, and PowerPoint.

There are also types of configurable software created to serve the needs of a particular niche or industry. Every business is unique, but not all companies need an expensive custom software solution. 

For instance, each car body shop can have unique products and services. However, they can benefit from workshop software for automotive mechanics as a group.

Industry-specific software also offers other benefits. With features for adding users and functionality, it becomes easier for companies to expand as needed. When software developers are familiar with your industry, they can provide a workflow process that makes sense within the bounds of your industry.

Custom Software

Custom Software
Custom Software

Custom software is an advanced program developed for a specific aim in a department or corporation. Because custom software is designed for a particular purpose, it costs more than packaged software. Custom software, unlike packaged software, can be modified or changed as needed because it is designed from the ground up.

A company that wants to own a management system for their employees and keep track of their working hours is the ideal example of custom software when a task is completed in a specific situation, such as when people are given the responsibility of designing a calculator in the C++ programming language, it becomes a custom product.

S.NOPackaged SoftwareCustom Software
1.Packaged software is a collection of programs that have been put together to provide the public with various tools in one place.Custom software is an advanced program developed for a specific aim in a department or corporation.
2.The cost of Packaged software is low. It may be SaaS-basedWhile custom software’s price is higher than packaged software. Mainly it gets developed for the organizations.
3.Because packaged software has a user-friendly interface, it is straightforward to operate.On the other hand, custom software is difficult to operate because it is developed to order.
4.Its measures of success are market sharing and profitability.Whereas its measure of success is to provide satisfaction and acceptance to users.
5.Its bench-marking is poor due to its size ability.While its bench-marking is good due to its benchmark data available.
6.It is present in the market for everybody to buy and use.While it is not commercially available, it is exclusive to third parties.
7.Packaged software can’t be modified.But custom software can be modified or changed if there is a need.

Disadvantages of Using Packaged Software over Custom Software

Prices will rise later.
While a bundled solution may appear to be less expensive at first, it may cost you more in the long run. Monthly expenses, ongoing fees, purchasing extra capabilities, and the opportunity cost of not being able to conduct specific actions that you could with custom software are all included.

Control issues
In most cases, you do not influence the software. You don’t have any control over the source code or its build. You may receive updates and modifications that cause the software to no longer meet your needs.

Lack of adaptability
With packaged software, you know exactly what you’re getting and nothing extra. You don’t have access to the developer to request that the product be enhanced with features that will benefit you. Instead, you might have to pay a premium to acquire that option.

Lacking Features Off-the-shelf software is created to serve as many users as possible. As a result, it might not have all the features you require. If it lacks the functionality you need, you may use many solutions in combination to achieve your goals.

Lack of Assistance
Not every packaged software includes help. Not all of the software that comes with assistance is of high quality. You may have lasting troubles due to a lack of support and training to address them.

How Much Does it Cost to Set Up an App?

What is the difference between packaged software and tailored software?

Packaged software is software that is intended for general consumers. Custom software is created expressly for a corporation or an individual.

Will Custom or Prepackaged Software Better Meet Your Needs?

Custom software is developed and tailored for the specific needs of a single business or family of businesses. So you can say safely that custom software meets your requirement more smoothly.

What is Packaged Software?

Packaged software is the type of software that a corporation sells in a bundle with additional programs from the same family that perform various jobs. It is defined as a program or collection of projects that are brought together with the objective of providing open, various devices from the same family in one location.

Key Differences of custom software vs off the shelf?

Packaged software is available to everyone and becomes local as more people purchase it. On the other hand, custom software remains within the company and is utilized by employees who are part of it.

How can custom software development help your business?

Custom software creation is essential because it enables the fulfillment of specific requirements at a price comparable to purchasing, maintaining, and modifying commercial software. Custom software can adapt to the growth and evolution of an organization or business.

How Different Is Custom Software from Packaged Software?

Packaged softwareCustom software
Explicit, fixed market ratesThe price range varies; relatively high when compared to packaged software
Built for the general publicTailor-made for a particular organization or individual
General requirementsOrganization or individual-specific requirements
Only limited improvisations are possibleOpen to improvisations
Set of programs, providing various toolsAdvanced program
User-friendly, easy to comprehendSoftware Complexity is relatively high
Can generate revenue by market sharingCan only serve to a single client party

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