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Best Customer Software Development Companies in California – 2023

Software companies play a big role in changing and transforming the world’s economy. These companies are also pioneers in introducing and using...

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Full Stack Software Development Company

Software companies play a big role in changing and transforming the world’s economy. These companies are also pioneers in introducing and using technology, especially when these are sited in the heart of the world technology, USA. The guide will cover the 20 most prominent companies in California and NYC. So. without any further due, let’s get you started. 

List of Software Companies in California

  1. UruIT
  2. RipenApps
  3. Hyperlink InfoSystem
  4. Wildnet Technologies
  5. EPMA
  6. HData Systems
  8. LeverX Group
  10. Modis
UruIT – Software Development Companies in California
UruIT - Software Development Companies in California
UruIT – Software Development Companies in California

UruIT is one of the best software development companies in California. No matter what stage of the project lifecycle you own, UruIt will help you. They have four offices, one of which is situated in California for you to visit. With an overall 15 years of experience and tech experts, they have deployed more than 150 projects in the industry till now. The company serves all the major industries like Healthcare,

Learning & Education, and Fintech, so irrespective of which industry product you are looking for, they can serve you with a wide array of projects. In addition, they have built a great clientele by providing services like UX/UI, Machine Learning, Web Development, Mobile, and Product Discovery.

RipenApps – Custom Software Development California
RipenApps - Custom Software Development California
RipenApps – Custom Software Development California

RipenApps is a bespoke software development firm in USA and India. The company has added a lot of successful achievements to its resume. As a top developer of android and iOS apps, It has amassed a huge library of 400+ featured and chart-topping apps, received astronomical numbers of downloads and raised more than $30 million from investors. This has led to a very high level of customer satisfaction on their part. 

On a technical level, the business is knowledgeable in all the cutting-edge tools & technologies necessary to produce top-notch mobile app designing & development solutions. However, from the perspective of service deployment, technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality is the icing on the cake.

Hyperlink InfoSystem – Software Development Services
Hyperlink InfoSystem - Software Development Services
Hyperlink InfoSystem – Software Development Services

One company that has made a name for itself in this ever-changing technology is Hyperlink InfoSystems. It has offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2011, they have provided the best digital solutions to more than 2700+ international businesses. The company has worked on various software development projects using technologies like AI, IoT, Data Science, AR/VR, NFTs, Blockchain, etc. With them, you can get custom software solutions that perfectly justify your business and your client’s needs.

Wildnet Technologies – Startup Software Companies in California
Wildnet Technologies - Startup Software Companies in California
Wildnet Technologies – Startup Software Companies in California

With a foundation established in 2006, Wildnet Technologies is a 15+ year-old, award-winning IT software solution engineering company in California. But, they have clients in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India. They began their journey with digital marketing services before growing to provide top-notch software development solutions. They have more than 300 professionals and experts in their respective fields, including ITeS, ITeS-based software solutions, PPC, Microsoft, and Open Source Technology-based software solutions, Cloud services, Mobility, Web development, and PPC. To provide their clients with the best-in-class White Label Marketing Services, their 80+ members define and redefine every process.

EPMA – Top Software Companies in California

EPAM Systems, Inc. is an American business specializing in service development, digital platform engineering, and digital product design. EPAM stands for “effective programming for America,” and it is one of the oldest bespoke software development firms in USA. After its organization in 1993, it has worked on various services like developing digital and physical products and digital platform engineering services. Leveraging its heritage in advanced software engineering, EPAM has a strong clientele. In addition, the globally dispersed hybrid teams of EPAM contribute to making the future a reality for clients and communities worldwide through their innovative strategy, integrated advisory, consulting, and design capabilities, and distinctive working capabilities.

Magneto – Software Development Company California

Another best custom software development company, Magneto, is continuously serving excellence in the industry. They have created market-leading, end-to-end B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, D2C, and marketplace eCommerce solutions alongside software development. 

They have ten years of experience in software development solutions.

They can help you bring insightful design experience to the full-stack enterprise application development that strengthens your competitive advantage and customer relationships. When it comes to services, they work in the industries like Furniture & Home Decor, Fashion & Bridal, Gems & Jewelry, Health & Beauty, Computer & Electronics, Automotive, Floristry, Grocery & Wholesale, and Stones & Tiles.

HData Systems – Software Development California

The company measures its success with a 97% of client retention rate. HData Systems has more than 11 years of experience in technology solutions and is a top software company in NYC. By utilizing its vast experience and expertise, it has become one of the top business analytics service providers, offering dependable solutions. The business uses various cutting-edge technologies, including DevOps, Metaverse, AI, and machine learning, to deliver effective solutions. The company is not a newbie in the industry. They have grasped every changing technology to meet the demands of their clients. To help you design the best project for your company, convert structured and unstructured data into precise distinguishable metrics enabling you to analyze the best for your business.

CMARIX – Software Developer California

CMARIX is among the top technology outsourcing firms in California. The company has more than 13 years of experience developing enterprise software, mobile applications, and e-commerce websites. CMARIX works with clients in 46 countries and has tailored more than 1100 Web and 290+ Mobile applications for use in various business domains. They work in a wide variety of domains like eCommerce, Healthcare, Media, Finance, Insurance, Security, Education, Real Estate, Sports, Logistics, Agritech, and Food.

With the help of their dedicated services, they have become leaders in outsourcing simplification and have a vibrant workplace environment.

LeverX Group – Bespoke Software Development Company California

LeverX Group has over 19 years of experience and has completed over 950 projects. The company has employed over 1500 experts from different countries. Along with working in California, the company has offices in the Middle East and Western and Eastern Europe. They cover the industries like Automotive, Metals and mining, Retail, Fintech, and Healthcare. Also, they have explored various services like application development, infrastructure, security services, and more. 

ROCKETECH – Software Companies in California

Rocktech is one of the best companies in California to offer services in Frontend Web Technologies, App Programming Interface “API,” Backend Stack, Mobile Apps, Digital Product Design, DevOps, Development Management, and Cloud. They cover a wide variety of services for their clients. And their dedication towards their clients and the technology have helped them earn the name of a reputable custom software development company. For more than 70 startups and businesses, their team has released more than 100 products as IT consultants. Their products are honored with Grammy awards, featured as The Apps Of The Day on the App Store, and receive widespread praise in their specialized fields. They work in specialized fields and are intricately specialized. 


A global leader in software development and R&D, AKKA & Modis, which will soon become Akkodis, is utilizing the power of connected data to speed up innovation and digital transformation. In areas like mobility, software & technology services, robotics, testing, simulations, data security, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, AKKA & Modis has deep industry expertise.

In 30 North American, EMEA, and APAC countries, 50,000 engineers and digital experts with a shared passion for technology and talent provide deep cross-sector expertise.

Effective Soft

Experts in Healthcare, Finance, and Trading, Effective software has been ruling among the best in the USA’s market. Their headquarters is based in San Diego, California. They provide the full stack of custom software development services like Business analysis & UX/UI, Mobile app development, Web app development, WordPress development, Cloud app development, Desktop app development, and Quality assurance. They have the best portfolio expanded in medical and financial projects. So, working with them feels like working with the tech experts for most of their clients. 


CI&T is a bespoke software development firm in USA transforming the most vulnerable solutions to engaging customers and driving programs. It is a global digital expert and a partner in digital transformation for more than 100 large corporations and quickly expanding clients. They bring a 27-year track record of accelerating business impact through comprehensive and scalable digital solutions as a digital native company. With more than 6,900 professionals working globally in strategy, data science, design, research, and engineering, we can increase top-line revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost operational effectiveness.


With more than 15 years of business experience and a team of more than 300 professionals, Xicom has become one of the most successful and critically acclaimed companies in the United States market. Having more than 1500 clients worldwide, they have executed 7500 projects successfully like none else. It is a reputable software development company that offers clients worldwide mobile and web app development services of any complexity at cost-effective prices. So if you have a tight budget for your next project but want quality, Xicom can be your best partner.

Website Depot

Since 2011, Website Depot has aided companies and organizations with the best custom software solutions. They also comprehend the principles that underpin successful projects and expert services. They begin by establishing a rapport with their clients. Website Depot takes the time to comprehend your industry. Then they worked with their knowledge and abilities to create your website. They are always available to assist you in achieving success online through websites. A team of experts in every area of web design makes up the staff at Website Depot. It is one of Los Angeles’s top digital marketing firms. However, they are well known in California for providing effective SEO services. Additionally, Website Depot offers web design and digital marketing services. In Los Angeles, Website Depot is a Google Partner that has won awards. 


Branded as one of the best software developers in Los Angeles, the Micro1 has earned great customer loyalty due to its services and dedication to the technology. They work on various applications, from blockchain to mobile and web app development. They offer an amazing and soothing workflow with high quality, affordable costs, clean code, and friendly support. So, unsurprisingly most of their clients come back to them. To partner with them, you must visit their website and let them know about your project. 


The top software provider in San Diego is BitCot. They have a skilled team working on iOS, Android, Roku, and Apple TV apps. BitCot provides customized solutions for both established companies and startups. For any small business, BitCot is California’s best mobile app development company. Additionally, they offer services to large and midsize businesses. In California, they primarily offer Mobile App Development services. They additionally offer UI/UX Design and Full Stack Web Design services. Through integrated app development, BitCot offers cutting-edge functionality. The mobile app developers at BitCot can create one for you at a price that fits your budget. You can choose them for your next profitable venture if you want to expand your company. To guide growth, their knowledgeable team. 


ITRex began its journey in 2009; since then, they have never looked back. They have delivered over 150 solutions in the tech industry with the help of their amazing and highly talented staff. Their clientele includes the names of best-acclaimed companies in the world, like the industry-specific solutions, Procter & Gamble, including Walmart, Dun & Bradstreet, 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., and Dollar Shave Club. The company stands out for its creative approach towards It solutions that stands out for an unmatched user experience and provides reliable performance on all iPhone models. Also, ITRex is a big fan of quality solutions, so you will have the best solutions that can help you and your company grow. 

Thomas Digital

The top web design firm in San Francisco, California, is Thomas Digital. They are a renowned Bay Area web design company. Their area of expertise is the creation and design of unique WordPress websites. They have very clean, contemporary, and sleek designs. All of Thomas Digital’s websites are expertly SEO optimized. Because of this, Google, along with other search engines, can easily find them. Their main services include training, branding, and style guides.

Additionally, they offer personalized project management and SEO services. Additionally, they provide their clients with Custom WordPress Development and Custom Design. From their LinkedIn account, you can learn more about their business. In the ranking of the top 10 software companies in California, it is in the eighth spot.


Imprint has explored web design and development, SEO, advertising, and digital marketing like no one else. They are a Los Angeles-based web agency and always have veterans ready to assist in developing your project to the highest standards, regardless of the technical stack it is on or will be on. They include development services for solidity, Wallet Exchange Development, Smart Business Contracts, Ethereum Development, and more. But that is not all. They have full bundles of the services to realize your concept or assist in managing a portion of your project, whether you’re looking to create native apps for iOS or Android or a hybrid application approach with React.

That’s all for this guide. Thanks for reading!

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