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50+ Creative Illustration Drawing Project Ideas | Illustration Board Design Ideas

10+ Best Resources to Find Free Illustrations for Your Next App Design Project. Illustration final major project ideas 2022. Illustration painting...

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Illustration Board Design Ideas 2022

Striving to produce unique content that’s equally engaging? Level up your next design project by making your illustration ideas come to life.

10+ Best Resources to Find Free Illustrations for Your Next App Design Project

You don’t need to be an experienced illustrator or a specialist in web design to modify your brand’s logo, create gorgeous illustrations, or even change your font. There are resource sites that can help you with that.

Most of them provide stock photos, royalty-free images, editable illustrations, etc., for creatives and other professionals and the general public. After all, how great can content be without crisp and stunning visuals?

Here are the best resources for you to find free illustration ideas: 


illustration ideas for beginners

Vecteezy aims to provide a vast resource of quality stock photos, vector illustrations, as well as videos to help you create your content with ease and confidence.

Vecteezy offers its downloadable resources free for your personal or commercial use with its simple licensing feature. Fresh content that’s regularly updated by its vast network of creative contributors from all around the globe.


Its growing library of resources such as illustrations, symbols, and logotypes is print-ready and readily available for digital use.

DesignStripe is a diverse team of young professionals from 15 countries who work remotely from across the globe, focusing mainly on growing a sustainable company where work can be done in healthy and supportive environments.

DesignStripe has customizable illustrations that you can access for free. On the other hand, a paid plan gives you unlimited access to all illustration styles. Editable, customizable, and can be downloaded in PNG, SVG, and JPG formats.


Pixabay has over 2.4 million downloadable collections of royalty-free stock images, film footage and photos, music, and videos. You can also upload your photos as a public domain and share those with other people worldwide.

All content at Pixabay, whether print or digital, is generally available for free commercial or personal use, except those labelled as “what is not allowed.” Acknowledgment of the artist/s who shared the material/s isn’t required but would be appreciated. 

Since its acquisition by Canva (the Australian publishing and design platform) in November 2018, Pixabay has changed its license to “Pixabay License,” which no longer allows the sale or distribution of unaltered licensed works as stock photos or images.


Freepik has free downloadable icons that you can customize according to your preferences. It also has an online design tool, free presentation templates, and editable illustrations.

Its user-friendly interface shows the site’s choice, popular and recent searches that give users easier access to free graphic resources like PSD (Photoshop Document), vectors, and stock photos.  

You can also sell your content. More than 15,000 creatives from around the world share their works with Freepik. 

Work remotely from anywhere and anytime you wish as long as there’s the internet. Freepik lets you work at your own pace. 

With 30 million users and still growing, and 85 million visits in a month, Freepik has impressive online visibility that guarantees a stable income.  


Interfacer has a huge library of free and high-quality design resources. From icons, 3D illustrations, UI kits, mockups, and fonts. Each of these resources takes you to a different website, one of which is Iconscout. 

Iconscout is open to contributors. It encourages site users and visitors to share their talents with the rest of the world for free exposure. Iconscout makes it easy for contributors to upload their stuff as fast as it can be. 

It doesn’t claim exclusivity rights to your content. You can sell it at your price and keep track of its sales with the site’s organized dashboard. If some of the links don’t work, find an alternative resource on your browser.


Add vibrance and personality to your digital products. Drawkit offers a quirky blend of traditional illustration and technology. You can add it to Figma to help you design your projects with fun.  

You won’t be needing too many words to tell a story. Present it with striking illustrations and free drawings you can customize to best describe how you want your story to be told. 

Play around, mix and match the components until you achieve the kind of doodle art that fits your brand.  Create random designs from its various collection of free themes and styles made and contributed by a select pool of talents across the globe.

You can download your little creations’ SVG or PNG files and use them to revitalize your presentation or project.

Blush lets you use every artwork you create for personal and commercial purposes without attribution. It also allows you to work with your design tools.


Created by Katerina Limpitsouni, unDraw was launched in 2017 in the hope of encouraging designers to contribute their work to the open-source community. It aims to make unique design abilities accessible to everyone. Tried by reputable organizations such as the Harvard Business School and tech giants Microsoft,  Google, and Facebook, unDraw has grown bigger beyond expectations. 

Links to these SVG images can be embedded or downloaded fast. UnDraw uses images that can be scaled without quality degradation. It also offers high-quality illustrations that can be customized, modified, or combined for you to come up with a new style of vivid images for your future designs. 

unDraw allows its users to use, copy, modify, perform, distribute, or download materials for personal or commercial purposes without attribution. 

Free web illustrations is a search engine that indexes more than 1,500 free and high-quality web illustrations that can both be used for personal or commercial projects. 

This site aims to make all available illustrations easily accessible to its users across various platforms. Available in SVG (vector graphics) files, these illustrations can be color-customized and be used without copyright infringement. 

Web designers who want their artwork included in the site’s database can apply by filling up the contact form or using the feedback button in the bottom-right corner. In adherence to its goal of keeping the quality of illustrations at par with the best sites, please take note that every submission goes under scrutiny, and not all will be accepted. 

Freebie supply

Find the latest freebies here and other design components for Adobe XD and Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, and Photoshop. 

Figma or Sketch users already have access to thousands of free resources, including free illustrations.

Sketch alone has over 300 pages of available content. compiles these resources into a singular directory. keeps a record of design resources created by the site’s users who choose to share their artwork for free. Anyone who wishes to contribute can do so by contacting them on  Facebook or Twitter.


The world’s leading marketplace for vector-only images, VectorStock boasts millions of SVG images with over 10,000 new ones added every day.

It specializes in vector clip art and icons, illustrations, graphic vectors, and high-resolution vectors, all downloadable, royalty-free, at unbelievably low prices.

VectorStock has got you covered when it comes to finding your perfect logo designs like emblems, monograms, restaurant, and sports logos, etc. The site has over 3 million royalty-free, no attribution-required logos that you can choose from. And on-hand designers that will customize your choice of logo/s. 

Unsplash has millions of stock photography that it shares under the Unsplash license.

The website takes pride in having a community of more than 210,000 creatives, including professional photographers, hobbyists, and everyone who contributes and generates over 16 billion photo impressions every month. 

Unsplash has two million+ free high-resolution images and over a million curated photos courtesy of the world’s most prolific community of photographers.

Owned by Getty Images and powered by API (application programming interface), Unsplash has an ongoing partnership with Trello, Squarespace, and BuzzFeed, making its library more accessible than ever. More than 2 billion Unsplash images have been downloaded by millions of content creators around the globe in the creation of their artworks, mockups, presentations, and more.

Ira Design

Make your unique illustrations that will showcase your brand with Ira. It has an impressive lineup of outline illustrations.

Choose from their hand-drawn characters and other sketch components, and design your illustrations using gradient colors that can be mixed and matched. 

Your finished artwork can easily be downloaded in SVG or PNG formats and can be used to enhance your website kit or help you create a mobile app. 

Note that all design components used in creating products are free to download under the MIT license and can be used for personal or commercial purposes without attribution.

Build your website with Ira’s Startup Framework and be amazed at the results – sharper, more vivid colors with full retina display support.

You can be assured of a consistently seamless experience with Ira’s mobile-ready templates, which you can use on multiple devices.


Flaticon has more than six million vector icons and 9,000+ stickers for Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. These resources are free and can be used to spice up your presentations.  

You can save Flaticon’s massive collection of icons for future use, which works for people who want their icons organized. These editable icons are easy to use and are helpful to both the neophytes and veterans in web design.


Whether you’re offering a service, selling a product, or simply conveying a message, make sure your choice of illustrations can save you time trying to get your point across. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so they say.

Adding graphic visuals to your content can change how you communicate with your audience. 

So take your designs a notch higher. Find the best resource site where you can find free illustration ideas. With just a few clicks, you can do that now and see how these tools can help you.

Written by Shelly Solis
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