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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Game Like PUBG?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Game Like PUBG?

Written by Niel Patel · 3 min read >
Cost To Develop A Game Like PUBG

PUBG has revolutionized the mobile app gaming industry with its huge demand, that in the end, it led to its shutdown by the Indian government because of its addictive syndrome. In the first six months of the launch, the game had officially made almost half a billion dollars, and the full version wasn’t even out at that time. Unbelievable, right!

PUBG stands short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. A fantastic shooter game that allows 100 real gamers to battle each other on a deserted island. On the progress of each match, the game puts survivors into closer quarters. The gamer who survives is awarded as a winner. This game had created a buzz on the internet and mobile app gaming world, before its ban, which broke billions of hearts.

Inspiration can make you do anything, but only if you strategize and plan correctly, not by fluke. Innumerable people desire to build an app like PUBG, but when you plan on carrying out your ideas, the initial thought that passes your mind is cost. Mobile app game development is one of the most popular markets, and there’s plenty of opportunities to monetize with it.

Moreover, with AR and VR technologies, the mobile app industry has reached the skies. The gaming community has never been so much fun, and it’s brought massive success for mobile app developers as well.

PUBG was developed considerably, and the mobile app developers took ample time to create this marvelous app. To be precise, the time was one year. However, the cost and time to develop an app depend on various factors, making it difficult to speculate. You can get an estimate of the development cost between the ranges. Before we reach there, let’s look at the factors that can play a significant role in determining the cost.

The Success Story Behind PUBG!

1. A Phenomenal Concept

It all began with the launch of PUBG, in March 2017, the popular multiplayer battle royale game for computers. It was created by PUBG corporation and designed by Brendan Greene. A year later, Tencent, a Chinese game development organization, created the game’s mobile app and released it on both powerful platforms.

If someone reading this piece is unaware of PUBG, you should know that it is about you and the rest 99 players who touch base on an 8X8 km island and require a battle to be the last one who sustains. You can use a wide range of stunning vehicles, weapons, and supplies for shooting out other gamers. It’s a fantastic concept of engaging users and making them a game junkie.

2. Soft Launch Strategy

Despite the game being famous on the desktop, the creators of PUBG did not want to take any risk and released this marvelous app only for the users in Canada. Basically, the idea was to go through the game trials and see how the target audience will respond to the mobile version. This is a fantastic methodology for game developers to eliminate the glitch displayed on the game’s launch.

3. Stunning Graphics

The graphics of PUBG are astounding, precisely when gaming on the highest settings. The map detail and textures are not the same as computer or console release, which is okay.

The specialty is that a couple of unique features are available to the gamers that help you adjust the design to your device’s preferred performance. Hence, you can set the frame rate from low to high or modify the details’ design seamlessly to HD. A couple of choices allow you to transform from subtle tones to something dazzling and colorful.

4. Sensational UX with Personalized Controls

For a game as intricate as PUBG, the touch-screen controls work stunningly well. Using the in-built setup, you move forward with a virtual control stick, using your other thumb on the screen’s right side to manage your point. You fire, point down sights, duck, go upwards, and get to your backpack with virtual tabs on the screen’s right side.

After being comfortable with the layout, you will view that you have reached all the same actions as the desktop version, including free-looking and learning. You can alter the virtual tabs’ layout completely by shifting them around and modifying their transparency and size. You can also save multiple design presets. The default layout is highly intuitive, and this is the chief reason behind the mobile game’s success.

5. Money-making Strategy

The mind behind the game followed the monetization strategy framework seen in the gaming category earlier. Despite the popularity and addiction, it is surprisingly free to download and play. In-app elements can get accessed to those individuals who want to buy them. We must say that the gameplay does not count on the user’s budget.

Some gamers relish the game without paying anything, and others can’t play further without getting some special items. PUBG mobile is a real-life instance that the mechanism of addiction behind the mobile app games actually works. Moreover, the game also provides amazing graphics and audible impacts that incite the players to proceed with their experience, connect with multiple gamers, attract them with rewards, and dares them with competitions.

Cost of Developing A Stunning Mobile Gaming App Like PUBG

PUBG is an addictive and exceptional gaming app due to all the features mentioned above and even more. It’s an extreme-level mobile gaming app. These sorts of games are usually created by experienced developers and involve high development costs. This game has an incredible level of detailing and is genuinely well-designed.

Developing games of this standard need significant efforts on planning and designing, and also, the time taken ranges somewhat between 1-2 years or even more. Hyperlink Infosystem ranges such apps between $50,000 to $100,000 depending on various factors. Feel free to ask our mobile app development experts on the various features and cost range of such gaming apps in case of any questions.

Wrapping up

The features mentioned above are the reason behind the success of such popular mobile app games like PUBG. As challenging as it can be to develop such an app that grabs a user’s attention at a top-level, it can be simple for the best mobile app developers at Hyperlink Infosystem to create such apps with enhanced experience and knowledge in this arena.

The game is undoubtedly marvelous, and it can be challenging to bring something like this in the market, but now that it’s gone, the task becomes easier. We are here to help you shape your ideas; let us know what we can do to help create a better game for our gamers.

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