Top 20 Cloud Consulting Service Providers In the US

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Cloud computing is more popular than ever in this era of ultra-high web bandwidth. Whether of the public, private, or hybrid kind, clouds support a number of previously hardware-based operations, including software, infrastructure, and what’s known as FaaS — functions-as-a-service, also known as server-less computing.

As a result, businesses and organizations are better able to scale up. The list goes on and on: recovering lost or corrupted data is simpler and quicker; hardware costs are significantly reduced; security measures are more robust; energy use and carbon footprints are reduced; and so forth. 

Here is a list of the top 20 cloud service providers in the US that are essential for consumers of all kinds and types.

Top 20 cloud service providers in the US

1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is the most sought-after cloud consulting company in the US that has made its mark in the industry, considering its over 100 enterprise-grade digital portfolios. Their cloud services are capable of driving digital transformation to scale in addition to offering speed and agility to the cloud. 

The cloud-based services offered at Appinventiv are further capable of streamlining your everyday business processes while tackling your biggest management challenges. In addition to offering reduced costs as well as streamlined delivery, cloud computing services can help you gain optimal performance and increase the overall security of the data while ensuring increased reliability. Their strategic cloud partners include AWS, Azure, and GCP. 

Their team of 600+ certified cloud professionals can offer robustness to your business’s ecosystem and facilitate innovation. The cloud-computing services available at Appinventiv range from Cloud transformation strategy, Cloud architecture review, Cloud cost optimization, Cloud capacity planning, Site reliability engineering, and many more. Their global clientele that has added to their success over the years includes the likes of American Express, Vodafone, KPMG, Asian Bank, EmiratesNBD, Virgin Group, Adidas, Americana Group, and Bodyshop. 

2. App Maisters Inc

One of the top cloud solutions providers in the United States is App Maisters Inc. App Maisters offers a wide range of business solutions to ensure clients achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantage using its expertise in Mobile Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Business Intelligence, Big Data, and other Enterprise Applications and Integration. App Maisters provides amplified digital Transformation and Solutions to Startups, Enterprises, and Government Agencies. 

3.​ Zymr

Zymr is a Silicon Valley-based full-stack cloud software development business. It produces fit-for-purpose software that scales with its customers’ business needs by fusing agile development methodologies and cutting-edge open-source technology. They are experts at speed cloud application development and were founded by seasoned business professionals with decades of technical experience.

4.​ LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based platform for a cross-browser testing organization that was created to meet all of the needs of cloud infrastructure for testing websites and online applications. With support for manual, visual, and automated testing, their platform enables you to guarantee that your online app’s elements (such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Video, etc.) render flawlessly across all desktop and mobile web browsers. With LambdaTest, you get cloud access to more than 2000 different combinations of desktop and mobile browsers.

5. CodeBright

CodeBright collaborates with startups, small/large businesses, and non-profit organizations to develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), streamline/automate business processes, increase productivity/efficiency, lower costs, address business difficulties, and more.

The esteemed team has worked on a variety of difficult software development projects that call for integrating with other systems (CRMs, ERPs), analyzing vast volumes of data, and using artificial intelligence to pricey business difficulties.

6. Vrinsoft Technology 

Vrinsoft Technology is a software development firm with experience in .NET, PHP, iPhone app development, SEO, web design, graphic design, Android development, IPad, Apple watch, Ibeacon, and Phonegap app development. It strives to offer the greatest services to its customers and, as such, has a professional staff of developers, designers, and testers who work hard to meet the needs of each client.

7. Next Big Technology (NBT)

Next Big Technology (NBT), a renowned web and app development firm, was established in 2009. NBT uses cutting-edge technologies to create its websites and mobile applications. It produces websites and apps as an organization that builds applications, using solid programming and design to provide scalable products. 

8. AwsQuality

AwsQuality has highly qualified and competent salesforce-certified developers and is a Salesforce CRM practice solutions and implementation provider. It collaborates with clients from a variety of industries as their dependable partners, helping them with projects like the integration of Salesforce with other third-party systems as well as the architecture, design, development, and management. It supports ISVs by offering knowledgeable advice on how to publish an app on AppExchange.

9. Cyntexa Labs

It is a top-tier Salesforce Silver (Ridge) Consulting Partner and ISV Partner dedicated to enhancing the customer experience while adding value to the company. With many built-in features, practical tools, and commerce portals, it is an authorized Salesforce B2C Commerce Partner that supports the expansion of eCommerce firms.

10. Endive Software

Endive Software is a potential provider of business solutions that offers top-notch services focused on boosting profits for companies and improving value for clients. Delivering world-class web, mobile, and cloud solutions that fit customers’ needs while embracing the newest technology is something the company is enthusiastic about.

11. OweBest

OweBest has been providing integrated solutions to clients all over the world for a number of years, and they speak of their accomplishments and extensive experience in website designing, development, internet marketing, hosting, and support services with an excessive amount of pride and self-satisfaction. It has a sizable clientele with over 1190 completed projects.

12. Trigent

A pioneer in IT services and a top provider of software services, Trigent was established in 1995. In order to help our clients create, develop, deliver, and sustain the goods and services that set them apart from the competition, you can partner with them along their entire value chain. Through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and IT environment optimization, it helps clients accomplish this. Trigent provides transformative solutions to ISVs, corporations, and SMBs thanks to its decades of experience, in-depth domain understanding, and technical expertise.

13. Webcreta

Webcreta is a seasoned provider of web and application development services with a focus on creating and delivering IT solutions for businesses. It offers comprehensive services, including web design, development, and implementation of e-business solutions, as well as strategic consultancy. By creating innovations and assisting clients or organizations in attaining their objectives through its dependable and safe cloud, web-based, and mobile application solutions.

14. Beyond Key  

Since 2005, Beyond Key has provided software services to clients in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, and many other countries. The organization employs more than 270 Microsoft Certified engineers, analysts, and visualizers. The company also provides digital transformation and product engineering services in addition to producing enterprise-grade, consumer-focused apps and technology solutions with cloud, data, Omni-channeling, and customer engagement at the center. 

15. ELEKS 

Another one of the top cloud-consulting companies is ELEKS. To increase its value through cutting-edge technologies, it collaborates with both business clients and SMEs. Our clients receive a wide variety of software services from our 2,000+ professionals, who are dispersed throughout Europe and the US. These include support and maintenance, product design, data science, quality assurance, and the creation of customized software.

16. GetOnCRM 

 With branches in the United Kingdom and India, GetOnCRMis a well-known international Salesforce silver consulting partner based in California (USA). It is capable of translating the complexity of contemporary marketplaces into workable business solutions for a variety of industries.

 17. Intellias 

Intellias is one of the trustworthy technology partners that can help you quicken the pace of sustainable digitalization. For more than 20 years, Intelliashas developed mission-critical projects and provided clients with measurable outcomes that meet their business expectations. Thanks to Intellias, companies with operations in Europe, North America, and the Middle East have embraced innovation at scale.

18. Navtech 

Since 2013, Navtech has gained a reputation as one of the top cloud solutions providers in the USA. Its goal is to provide affordable, secure solutions for private, public, and hybrid clouds. With the help of its solutions, users may enjoy all the advantages of a cloud platform without sacrificing its agility and effectiveness.

19. Biz4Solutions 

 For startups and large corporations around the world, Biz4Solutions excels at creating world-class software solutions. It has more than 11 years of experience in designing cutting-edge mobile and web app solutions that have given its clients’ business operations a boost and given them a competitive advantage.

20. Symphony Solutions 

A Dutch company, established in the USA called Symphony Solutions specializes in cloud transformation. It has expanded throughout its ten-year history in six different countries: the Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, Poland (Krakow and Rzeszow), Ukraine, and Macedonia. With the help of LACE and a growing team of SAFe 5.0 certified professionals, the company’s investment in agile transformation has resulted in consulting work for both its largest clients and the people in the communities it serves.


The best cloud computing service providers make it simple for you to access data from distant computers. To get better services, picking the finest cloud hosting company is essential. We hope this blog has helped you choose the best service provider that will assist you in putting things into perspective according to your specific business requirements.

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