Caplita Crypto Exchange: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies

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In recent years, cryptocurrency has become one of the crucial ways of making money for people from different states and social strata. Everyone can now mine and live off the blockchain. Of course, nuances and pitfalls exist, but you can take the first step right now. Let’s have a glance at Caplita. 

What Is Caplita?

Caplita is a popular international blockchain ecosystem and one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Just a year after its launch in 2018, Caplita became a great tool for crypto traders worldwide. Four types of trading are available on the platform: spot, margin, futures, and P2P. 

The world’s largest platform by trading volume offers fairly low rates: the greater the volume of user transactions, the lower the commission. In addition, the website provides discounts for using its cryptocurrency. Supports a wide range of operations: limit orders, exchange orders, limit, trailing stops, etc.

  • Supports over 100 cryptocurrencies.
  • The minimum deposit is $10.
  • Commission – 0.25% per trade.

How to Register? 

Only residents of a limited number of countries such as the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and the UK can register for Caplita. Registration is available in two types: for institutional investors and private traders. When registering, you must immediately fill in the information from the basic verification since the exchange operates in the legal field and is subject to the requirements of regulators.

Caplita recommends creating a strong password with numbers and upper and lower case letters. Then, don’t forget to update it regularly. You can also strengthen your account with even more protection and safety features. For instance, enable two-factor authentication in the settings (2FA) and an anti-phishing code for the Caplita account.

Trading Interface

The trading interface here is very simple and quite informative. On Caplita’ website, we can see the basic information about the selected pair, such as price, price change per day, trading volume, and chart. The graph is purely informative, and it will not be possible to conduct a qualitative analysis since there are no graphic elements and indicators. There are 80 trading pairs on the exchange, among them pairs with the US dollar. The trading volume ranges from $1 million to $5 million per day. Trading fees are charged at 0.25% per trade.

A distinctive feature from other exchanges here is auctions. They allow you to conduct over-the-counter transactions with very large volumes; more details about the auction mechanism can be found on the exchange website.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency? 

You can purchase crypto coins on Caplita using a credit card, by transferring fiat currency from your bank account, or directly from other users through the Caplita Peer-to-Peer (P2P) feature.


Caplita is registered in the United States and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). It is also safe from a technical point of view. Developers use many different levels of protection, such as multi-signature, cold storage of funds, software of the highest quality standard, and so on. Verification is required on the exchange; any actions will be unavailable without it, and two-factor authentication must also be enabled. Caplita is rightfully considered the most secure exchange, or at least one of them.

Support Service

You can contact technical support by going to the “Support” tab and writing a ticket with your question in English, or you can write to the online chat. For example, we asked a question to technical support, and the answer came to us in 30 minutes, which was a very good result.


  • Legal registration in the USA and availability of a license.
  • Ability to work with fiat currencies.
  • Daily auctions.
  • Working with both institutional investors and the private sector.
  • Maximum protection.


  • The exchange works with a limited number of countries.
  • No translation in other languages ​​than English.
  • Limited choice of trading pairs.

Bottom Line 

Caplita is a large and complex cryptocurrency money-making solution. But, at the same time, it is made as simple and accessible as possible with a user-friendly menu and many different options for users. Besides, it is a secure and fully regulated exchange with many advantages over its competitors. 

In general, the impression the platform leaves is more positive than negative. Nevertheless, the owners are trying to make the cryptocurrency market more civilized and protected from all sorts of manipulations and scams, so given the noble mission of the exchange, its shortcomings can be forgiven.

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