Can Companies Survive Without Using Software Automated Testing in Their Work Process

Where is automation testing required? In 2022 automated software testing is an essential component of successful development projects.

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We are living in a modern era where innovative technologies change how industries work regularly. Companies that don’t adjust can fall behind the competition and lose their market share.

In software development, automated testing has been a revolutionary discovery as it simplified the testing process and allowed specialists to concentrate their effort on other tasks. Compared to manual testing which has been done by humans and can cause bugs and issues, ai-based test automation tools run by pre-written scripts and give more reliable results and shorten the testing time. It changed how companies test their products, accelerating the feedback cycle and helping to follow the release schedule.

Is test automation necessary for companies who want to survive in software development? This guide focuses on the benefits provided by automated tests and whether refusing to implement them can compromise business success.

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Why an organization focuses on automation in Testing

1. Quality
2. Cost
3. Resulting in shorter time

What You Should Know About Automated and Manual Testing

Before the automated tools reached the market, the only way to test the software was manual. That involved human engineers performing each test, including those that required repeating several times.

Automated testing changed everything by eliminating human involvement. Engineers only had to adjust the tool and prepare the execution script. Once the test begins, the computer handles everything. It doesn’t even require monitoring, meaning it can run 24/7.

Test automation tools include the following benefits:

  • Speed up the feedback cycle and complete even comprehensive tests quickly
  • Maximize result reliability since there’s no room for human error if the script works properly
  • Allow engineers to focus on other tasks that will improve the software

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Which Tests Can You Automate?

The general rule is you can automate any test that has a clear determinant. If the computer can recognize true or false outcomes, it’s possible to automate that check. Here are some situations when it’s most convenient to use automated tests:

  • You plan to re-run the tests on multiple occasions. It’s convenient for units and other tests that you will run at least several times.
  • It’s necessary to perform a single but large test. Automated tests can cover comprehensive data amounts efficiently.
  • You need to check the same things with different data. For example, you check the same feature on multiple browsers or operating systems.

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Is Software Automated Testing Necessary for Companies to Survive Today?

The short answer is that it’s not necessary, but it’s highly advised. The estimations are that automated testing can replace approximately 70-75% of all tests you typically handle during a software development project. 

Therefore, manual testing hasn’t been completely eliminated. Tests focused on user experience and exploratory runs to identify bugs are some examples of checks you need to do manually.

A company can survive without migrating to test automation. However, that could lead to problems in day-to-day operations. Running all tests manually takes more time than automating the majority. That means you’ll be paying your workforce to test the software when they could be working on other areas that need improving. 

As a result, you might fall behind your release schedule, which usually means significant losses for the company. You could decide to release an app that you haven’t tested enough, but that is often a recipe for disaster. What if the software is full of bugs and doesn’t meet user standards? It would destroy your company’s reputation, and all because you undermined the importance of testing.

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Automated Testing Can Be an Expensive Investment

Test automation implementation requires finding a suitable tool. These frameworks can be expensive solutions, especially for small teams. That’s why many small companies decide to stick with manual testing. But the size of their business also implies they don’t work on major projects, ensuring they can manage with manual tests.

Apart from expensive upfront investment, test automation requires having an engineer skilled to work with that tool. Companies often choose one or more staff members to specialize in working with automated testing frameworks. It will take time, money, and other resources to implement test automation in your software development projects.

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It Can Be Extremely Profitable in the Long Run

The true advantage of automated testing lies in the long-term benefits for the company. Once your team is comfortable working with test automation, you can perform tests more often. You’ll speed up the feedback cycle and increase its reliability by removing the room for human error. That will ensure you identify bugs early during the development.

Test automation also means the human workforce can work on other tasks. That includes fixing the bugs or improving the software. It enables better resource allocation, streamlining the project and ensuring you complete each phase as scheduled.

Apart from releasing the software on time, you’ll minimize the risk of bugs once it hits the market. That leads to better customer satisfaction and improves the company’s reputation. Finally, it should attract more clients and take the entire business forward.

Automatic and Manual Testing Approach

  • Manually verify new features developed.
  • Build automated tests for new features, where possible.
  • Automated tests run with each change to the codebase.
  • With automation in place, manual testers can focus their time on more interesting testing. Referred to as “exploratory testing”.
  • At release time, only test and deploy green builds of the software (no automation failures)

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Final Thoughts – It All Depends on the Company

It’s not necessary to implement automated testing to survive in the software industry. Some companies find this implementation too expensive. However, test automation helps to unlock the business’ potential and boost its growth. Automated testing processes can help release products on time and improve their quality. Although it’s an expensive investment, it’s a necessary step a company ready to move forward should take!

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