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50+ Latest Business Card Design Trends 2023

Check out the top business card design trends for 2022 that will make popular your brand.

Written by Niel Patel · 4 min read >
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Stay current with the latest business card design trends of 2023. Our guide to the latest styles and techniques will help you create a card that truly stands out.

Even in the Digital Age, business cards remain one of the most effective ways to make your brand known to a wider audience. Back in the day, when all businesses were brick-and-mortar, business cards were used primarily for establishing communication between brands and customers. Today, when a good deal of business is done online, business cards become more sophisticated tools of advertising, raising brand awareness, and boosting your revenues. Still, what designs are now considered the most effective and visually appealing? Let’s find out right now. 

Cards that Tell a Story 

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Long gone are the days where business cards were strict and concise. Now lots of customers appreciate brands’ openness and willingness to share their business philosophy and goals with them. Of course, there’s no need to put your brand story on your business card. Instead, try to make your business card more chatty with a personalized design. (For this, you can use a dedicated business card maker with its abundance of customizable templates.) When choosing a text for your business card, try using some words that are normally used in a casual friendly conversation. ‘Hello,’ ‘We were looking just for you,’ ‘what’s up,’ and other similar phrases will help add a human touch to your business card. It’s also a good idea to extend your message with a call to action to make it look more friendly and welcoming. Thus, instead of just saying ‘Follow us on Instagram,’ you can say something like ‘Want to know how much we value our clients? Check out our customers’ feedback on Instagram’ and the like. Also, take care to pick the font that can best match the tone of your business card. 

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Minimalism Design  

business card design trends 2022

Now that the world seems to turn to everything smaller and more compact, the minimalism trend is gaining momentum. And nowhere does it reveal itself as much as in graphic design. If you’re running a serious business-like investment or construction or own a layer firm, you might want your business card to have a minimalist design, without any excessive or distracting details. You may go for tried and tested options like black and white or dark blue design schemes. You also might want to cut down on text and use a couple of straightforward phrases to immediately get through to your potential client. If you want to go minimalist, make sure you use the right font. To appear classy, a bit old-fashioned, and elegant, consider using Baskerville or Helvetica. In other instances, you want to turn to such universal options as Arial, Futura, and other popular variations of sans serif fonts. 


Business card design trends 2022 example

Want to attract new customers? Try to please them. That’s the rule most business owners follow to grow their clientele and adhere to a similar principle when designing their business cards. Still, in reality, viewers are often attracted to the things that don’t ask for their attention or loyalty. That might be the reason why the anti-card trend is making inroads into traditional business card design. Business anti-cards may ask your customer something like ‘Like that leaking faucet sound keeping you awake through the night? Then, you shouldn’t call us’ or ‘Don’t mind soaring rents? Still, think buying your own apartment is too expensive?  Guess, we can’t dissuade you…’ Such messages instantly hook a reader’s attention, surprise them, challenge them, and appeal to their internal desire to do just the opposite. Anti-cards are designed to stand out from the crowd and showcase their designers’ creativity.

Truth be told, a good many clients value such a non-standard approach and choose anti-cards over their competitors. So, if you also want to design a business card that will eschew traditional canons, don’t hesitate to employ some visual puns, self-irony, and other tools that will help you appeal to the forward-thinking audience. You also want to opt for bold and vivid colours that will make your card even more provocative and rebellious. 

Blend the Elements 

Blending design elements with text elements is always a win-win option for business owners who want their cards to look both original and professional. This trend can lend your card a visual pizzazz and make it more memorable without going overboard. This means you can choose some intricate sophisticated pattern and combine it with plain and straightforward text. Just make sure your color palette and font harmonize with the overall visual ensemble on your business card. By doing so, you’ll demonstrate your artistic taste without sacrificing the legibility of your contact details.

High Contrast 

Business card design trends 2022 example

Another modernist trend in graphic design is cards with high contrast. And this contract can be seen both in the typography and colors used in your business card design. You may start off with a traditional black or dark red background and spice it up with the flourishes of more vivid contrasting colors. You can also experiment with typography elements. Say, you can use letters of different sizes within one word or contract other typography elements to add a note of bold sophistication to your design. Such contrast will also help you accentuate the most important words and influence the way your audience perceives your brand.

Latest business card design ideas of 2023

  1. Shape-defying business cards
  2. Big and Bold Typefaces
  3. Etched business cards
  4. Rustic and Natural style 
  5. Business cards with coloured edges
  6. Interactive Business Card
  7. Hand-illustrated business cards
  8. Focus on Branding Elements
  9. Business cards with clean, minimal lines
  10. Minimalist Design
  11. Textured materials
  12. Bright Painted Edges
  13. Neon business cards
  14. Artsy and Fashionable
  15. Autograph business cards
  16. Transparent and Clear Business Cards
  17. Business cards with natural motifs
  18. Recycled Cardstock
  19. Monochrome business cards
  20. Business cards with colourful brush strokes

Here are the 8 most popular designs for business cards in 2023

Business card designs are available in a variety of forms and sizes that may be adjusted to meet your business need. The cards’ reverse sides will also be utilized to convey supplementary information. The utilization of white space features will be cleverly used to provide a sense of refinement and quality. The focus will remain on keeping the design simple, with little usage of typefaces and colours.

  1. Cards that speak for you
  2. Anti-cards
  3. Read between the elements
  4. Wrapped around your little card
  5. Modern-day modernism
  6. Pattern extensions
  7. Softie styles glow up
  8. Turn up the contrast

Here Are the Top 5 visiting card designs of 2023

  1. Classical White
  2. Use Of Card’s Flip Side
  3. Multiple Shapes
  4. Adding Visual Punch
  5. Focus On Quality


If used correctly, a business card with an attractive design can be an effective marketing tool in 2023. A well-designed business card has the ability to influence potential clients in a variety of ways. Colors symbols and other components are intentionally placed into the card design to speak positively about the company and brand. As a result, your business card is more than just a tool to communicate your company’s contact information. However, the card’s impact is determined by its appealing and fashionable design.

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