A Complete Broker Analysis of AMP Global 

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Choosing the right broker can be challenging. TU experts suggest considering the ups and downs before signing up into any trading platform. AMP Futures is the best choice for aligning a trader’s strategy with his profit goals. Traders Union conducted a full analysis of its offerings and services to help traders make informed decisions, and compared them with the FXTRADING broker.

Exploring AMP Global

AMP Global is a regulated brokerage firm that offers Forex, Contract for Difference (CFDs), and Exchange-traded futures trading services. The company is linked through ownership to AMP Futures based in Chicago, United States.

The broker is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), one of the leading regulatory bodies in Forex, and is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund which prioritizes the safety and security of customers’ investment funds. According to Traders Union’s review, AMP Global secured a TU Overall Score of 5.14 out of 10, ranking 87th out of 383 trading companies featured.

Advantages of using AMP Global

AMP Global stands out for its strengths, notably, a compelling demo account and exceptional regulatory supervision. As reported by Traders Union experts, the benefits of choosing this broker include:

  • Stringent regulation by prominent Forex regulatory bodies such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).
  • Significant presence in major financial markets across North America, South America, Europe.
  • Membership in the Investor Compensation Fund, safeguarding client interests during unforeseen market downturns.
  • Presence of a comprehensive and free demo account that beginner traders can use to their advantage.
  • AMP Global’s top-tier offer tests unrestricted trading instruments, allowing users to try out several investment approaches that work with their investment goals.

Broker limitation

Although AMP Global offers look promising, the brokers’ conditions are suited for professional traders. 

  • Newcomers can still enjoy the demo account but cannot create micro-accounts.
  • It does not provide any copy trading and advisory services, two crucial components in boosting investment gains.
  • Users may struggle to look up the market news due to the lack of analytics tools and relevant news from the broker.
  • Engaging in market contests and receiving rewards from brokers keep the trading dream alive for most brokers.

To learn more about the broker, visit our site at Traders Union which offers a comprehensive analysis of the AMP Global, including its unique features, commission structures, and insider insights. 

A close competitor: (FXT), formerly known as Rubix FX, is a moderate brokerage firm in Sydney, Australia that is often placed as a direct competitor of AMP Global. The firm is officially approved and overseen by the trusted Australian regulatory body, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

Several experienced traders and investors worldwide value and see the broker as a highly reliable Forex partner due to its secure and convenient trading environment. holds a TU overall score of 5.34 out of 10 and ranks 82 out of 383 other trading companies in the TU ranking.

Advantages of using offers a free demo account making it a go-to platform for beginners looking to enhance their Forex strategies. Listed below are other advantages of using the broker:

  • 1:500 leverage on major pairs, making it a top-tier pick for traders and investors with a high-risk, high-reward investment approach;
  • runs on the prominent trading platforms MetaTrading4 (MT4) and MetaTrading (MT5), two of the most well-known Forex software in the industry;
  • offers a diverse range of assets, including 70 currency pairs and over 10,000 CFDs, offering market participants a chance to diversify and strengthen their investment portfolio;
  • It provides bonuses for trading volumes and a welcome reward for new customers which serves as a good source of passive income for traders.

Disadvantages of using the broker

The Forex market is 24/7, enabling traders to capitalize on it and make the most of their trading strategy. Unfortunately, this is a massive drawback for the broker since it only operates 24/5, leaving the weekends with no further assistance during crucial concerns.

According to experts, a wise decision is to devote their efforts to refining their investment strategy through a day trading simulator when a problematic time arises. But what is a day trading simulator?

A look into day trading simulators

A day trading simulator is a risk-free virtual tool for new users to practice and gain experience. It mimics real-time market conditions and allows users to develop strategies and build confidence before engaging in live trading with real money.

A simulator offers a variety of benefits and here are three of them:

  • Day trading simulators offer a risk-free way to learn and test trading strategies without using real money.
  • They aid in skill development by allowing traders to practice making trades, reading charts, and honing risk management strategies.
  • Some day trading simulators show real-time market data, helping traders understand the markets better and make smarter trading choices.

Trading without refining and practicing an investment approach leads to further losses. TU experts suggest traders learn more about simulators to boost their confidence and experience without fearing losing their actual capital.

Broker Comparison: AMP Futures and

Regarding long-term trading success, the debate revolves around AMP Futures and, as both offer comprehensive day trading simulators for free. Traders Union has conducted a thorough comparison between the two platforms to end the debate.

In terms of leverage, takes the lead with its 1:500 leverage offer, while AMP Futures only provides a 1:100 leverage option. Meanwhile, traders who opt for brokers with a low minimum deposit, is a clear winner for its $50 deposit compared to AMP Global’s $100.

Although is ASIC-approved, many traders still go for AMP Global due to the stronger regulatory oversight. The Newsbtc has released an article based on Traders Union analysis. As noted here, AMP among the strong points highlighted in the review is AMP Futures’ membership in the Investor Compensation Fund serves as a guarantee that safeguards a client’s interest in a dispute. In addition, the AMP Global platform is regulated by CySEC, a regulatory body which exists to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the financial markets. 

Tying the knots

Researching and understanding a broker’s strengths and weaknesses is essential to maximizing potential investment profits. AMP Global and have distinctions that align only with specific market participants who put in the effort.

Traders who seek security for their funds while enjoying an unlimited demo account should opt for AMP Global. On the other hand, experts refer users to if they are looking for high leverage and various assets. Additionally, TU experts suggest refining day trading strategies through a day trading simulator before engaging in both platforms to avoid unwanted capital losses. 

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