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Solution of Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing

You are reading this blog then you must be facing the indexing issues on Bing. If you are reading this blog, then...

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URL cannot appear on Bing

You are reading this blog then you must be facing the indexing issues on Bing.

If you are reading this blog, then I can say with confidence that you are also facing the Indexing issue on Bing that is Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing. I know your website already has been indexed in Google but it is not getting indexed on Bing. So I can give two reasons for this, either you are a new webmaster or SEO guy or have not worked on much on Bing. 

As you are reading at Make An App Like then you will get a sure shot solution for this bing indexing issue that is “Blocked URL Cannot Appear on Bing”   

Let Get Started

Website indexing on Bing is the first step in order to receive organic traffic from Bing Search Engine, your webpage or website must be indexed by Bing. You’re doomed if your site isn’t indexed.

The first step to fixing an indexing issue on Bing is diagnosing the indexing issue. The below list will help you to find it.

  • The Site or Page(s) are Blocked With robots.txt
  • The Site Has NOINDEX in the Meta Tag
  • You Don’t Have a sitemap.xml
  • You Have Lots of Duplicate Content
  • The Site is Blocked by .htaccess
  • Your Site is taking 2.5 years to load.
  • Your Have Hosting Down Times most of the time. Upgrade it.

If you are using WordPress CMS, You’ve Turned On Your Privacy Settings

 Go to Admin → Settings → Privacy to check


URL cannot appear on Bing Blocked

What do most Beginners say?

I’m trying to get my site indexed on Bing, and I’ve tried everything I can think of, including watching a lot of videos and searching, but I still haven’t found a solution. When I inspect a URL, I get the following message:

Bing has the ability to index URLs. If it passes quality checks and is indexed by Bing, it may appear in Bing search results.

However, when I ask for Indexing, it says

Bing will not display a blocked URL.

Bing recognizes the inspected URL, but it has some issues that prevent us from serving it to our users. We advise you to adhere to the Bing Webmaster Guidelines.

I read the Guidelines and everything appears to be in order, including the custom robot text. This problem persists.

Solution if URL Cannot Appear on Bing

When Bing crawls and indexes web pages, it must make decisions about which pages are most likely to be popular with searchers. Because the Internet is virtually infinite in size, not all pages will be chosen. As a result, your pages may not appear in the Bing index right now. This article explains how to check if a page from your site is currently in the index, as well as the most common reasons why a page does not appear in the index, as well as some suggestions for how to improve your chances. Read Bing Webmaster Guideline

Indexed but cannot be served (URL cannot appear on Bing)

solution of Indexed but cannot be served

Google will index us, but Bing won’t. Why?

We’re not sure why Bing is crawling but not indexing our site, and we’re not sure why Google is indexing it properly. Do you have any ideas what the problem with Bing could be?

Here are some specifics to let you know what we’ve already verified:

  • We have four 301 redirects, and the rest of our site is in good working order.
  • We’ve already established that our Robots are in good shape and that we’re working on improving our site map.
  • We don’t see anything on the site that would prevent bingbot from accessing it.
  • There is no varnish or load balancers, so there is nothing blocking access on that end.
  • We also can’t find any rules in the apache or.htaccess configurations that would prevent access.

USE FETCH AS BINGBOT the most useful tool to find the indexing issues

Fetch as Bingbot is a fantastic troubleshooting tool. The Diagnostics & Tools section of the navigation menu contains this tool. Fetch as Bingbot lets you see what Bingbot sees when it downloads a page from your site. As a result, it’s an excellent tool for determining whether or not a page on your website can be crawled. To use it, simply type in your website’s URL and click Fetch. Because this tool will send your request to Bingbot for processing, it’s normal for it to take a few seconds to complete. The URL you requested (along with any previous requests) will be displayed just below the URL entry form. The status of the URL will change to Completed once Bingbot has completed your request. To see what Bingbot discovered at your URL, click the **Completed **link and scroll down to see the page source that Bingbot discovered.


Fetch as Bingbot shows you exactly how Bingbot sees your HTTP headers and page source. When you view the source of your page in this way, you can see exactly what Bingbot sees when it crawls the URL. This is particularly useful for locating areas where you want to ensure that content can be indexed, or in cases where your site has been compromised and is, for example, sending different HTML to Bingbot than to users. You can find things like links injected into blog posts or other types of additive items you didn’t put on your website by scanning the page source.

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