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Easy Steps to Add Funds to a Bitcoin Wallet. How to fund a bitcoin wallet? How do I top up a Bitcoin...

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has generated a lot of excitement lately, with many investors globally joining the community. Investing in Bitcoin has changed countless people’s lives for the better, and you could be the next. For beginners, Bitcoin investing requires one to have a Bitcoin wallet, which is simply where you get to store your assets once acquired.

The wallet comes in different varieties. It is up to you to decide what is best. There are a lot of factors involved in choosing a wallet and tips to know on maintaining one. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about Bitcoin wallets, so sit back and learn more about how to top up a Bitcoin wallet.

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What Is a Bitcoin Wallet?

What most people think when they hear “wallet” is a purse accessory or foldable pocket that holds an ID, cash, credit and debit cards, and so on. However, Bitcoin does not exist physically and is not stored in a physical location. Alternatively, Bitcoin transactions and account balances exist on a blockchain. Instead of thinking of a traditional wallet, think of a Bitcoin wallet as a key to access your digital coins.

When purchasing your Bitcoin, you transfer them to your wallet for safekeeping until the next time you wish to continue trading. The wallet simply stores your Bitcoin or, more precisely, gives you access to your Bitcoin on the blockchain. If you want to know how to top up a Bitcoin wallet, you can just enter the address of the wallet and transfer the Bitcoin.

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How Does a Bitcoin Wallet Work?

To understand how a Bitcoin wallet works and how to top up a Bitcoin wallet, let’s use the example of a bank account. A bank can be compared to a blockchain in some regards. Both of them have purposes. For a bank, it is to allows the saving, lending, and spending of money and recording of transactions. For a blockchain, it is to allows digital information to be distributed and recorded in order to facilitate transactions. Your bank account number can be compared to the public key of a Bitcoin wallet.

When someone wants to send you cash, they require your bank account number. The same applies to Bitcoin, but in this case, it is the public key, which can be shared with anyone. If you are working with Bitcoin platforms such as NakitCoins, they will require your public key to send you Bitcoin. In this situation, you should be familiar with how to top up a Bitcoin wallet.

Your online banking app serves the same purpose as your crypto wallet. Its purpose is to enable you to access your savings, just like your Bitcoin wallet enables you to access your Bitcoin. When you want to log in to your bank account, you must enter your credentials, which are considered private. The same applies to Bitcoin wallets. You must have your private key, which is different from the public key. It allows you to log in to your wallet and should be kept private and safe to prevent anyone from accessing it. If access, anyone can transfer your Bitcoin, and in most cases, it cannot be recovered.

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How to Top Up a Bitcoin Wallet

Are you still wondering how to top up a Bitcoin wallet? Well, here are a few steps you need to follow.

1. Download a Bitcoin wallet app

The first step in how to top up a Bitcoin wallet is to download it. There are various Bitcoin wallet apps that you can install. Always search for the one you feel most comfortable with and download it to any of your gadgets like a phone or laptop. This is the place where you will be conducting all the trading and storage.

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2. Create your account

This is a simple step in how to top up a Bitcoin wallet. All you have to do is submit your credentials such as your name and password, and you are good to go to the next step.

3. Write down your private keys

As mentioned above, a Bitcoin wallet has two keys, the public and the private. You will have to set each key, it usually carries 12 symbols including numbers, letters, and signs. This helps to create uniqueness so that it is hard for one to guess or crack them. Your private key should be kept private, and the public key can be shared with interested parties when you have determined how to top up a Bitcoin wallet.

4. Transfer your Bitcoin to your wallet

The final step in how to top up a Bitcoin wallet is to transfer your assets. After successfully buying your Bitcoin, you can transfer it to your wallet. Go into the transfer-to-wallet section on the platform you are working with. Enter your public key and then the amount of Bitcoin you would like to transfer. Then, finally, click the “send” button. How to top up a Bitcoin wallet is a straightforward process that anyone can easily complete.

The Pros of Using a Bitcoin Wallet for Trading

A Bitcoin wallet is a perfect tool for storing your Bitcoin. It is easy to install and has some great features. Its benefits are endless; take a look at a couple of the top ones.

A Bitcoin wallet is simple to use

It has beginner-friendly features that make it easier for anyone to access, transfer, and store their Bitcoin. Many Bitcoin wallets are compatible with both mobile phones and laptops, increasing the convenience for how to top up a Bitcoin wallet.

They are secure

Security is an important aspect when selecting where you will be storing your digital assets. In this case, a Bitcoin wallet is a secure place to store your BTC as you wait for future trading. It provides you with private keys that safely lock your wallet from malicious intruders.

How to Choose a Reliable Bitcoin Wallet

When you are choosing a Bitcoin wallet, it is very essential to have a few things in mind. Remember that you require a safe place to store your BTC, a safe place to conduct transactions, and a place that will evolve with updates to provide you with new methods of using Bitcoin and getting new information about the market. So, a reliable Bitcoin wallet is a must, whether you are a beginner or an expert. A reliable one will make it easy for you to know how to top up a Bitcoin wallet. That said, let us look at all the factors to consider when choosing a Bitcoin wallet.


This is one of the most essential features a Bitcoin wallet should have. In case anything happens and your device and wallet fall into the wrong hands, the wallet should have a line of defense. To put it in simple terms, you are supposed to unlock your wallet at any time you need it. If you choose a PIN, sometimes this could be problematic to remember, especially if the wallet is meant to be used now and then. Alternatively, you can sometimes use a facial recognition lock or a fingerprint lock. This will ensure a high level of security, and at the same time, the access is simply a breeze for those who want to discover how to top up a Bitcoin wallet.

An easy-to-use wallet

A reliable Bitcoin wallet is also very easy to use. For example, the wallet could guide you through basic steps like how to top up a Bitcoin wallet and issue relevant notifications for transactions. Moreover, the wallet should be compatible with other cryptocurrencies as well. When the wallet is easy to use, the owner can organize their funds without a hurdle.

The wallet’s reputation

Before you choose a Bitcoin wallet, first check its user reviews or maybe ask a friend who has used it. What do they say about it? Is it safe? Is it fast? Can you rely on it? If the response or the reviews are positive, then that is the wallet you want to use for how to top up a Bitcoin wallet.

Availability of backup features

A good wallet should be able to easily manage private keys. The user should own their keys. And when it comes to maintaining them, the task might get a little burdensome. Sometimes, people find it difficult to remember their private keys. Some wish to have many wallets, and when you are dealing with many cryptos, all of them require different keys. This is where the backup features come in. All these processes are quicker and much safer because you can simply store the keys to the cloud backup.

How to Top Up a Bitcoin Wallet: Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Now that you already know how to choose a Bitcoin wallet, it will be easier to choose one whenever you need to. The other most important thing when it comes to understanding how to top up a Bitcoin wallet is the types of wallets available. We are sure that this might be a hassle, especially if you are a newbie in the Bitcoin world. You do not need to worry about anything, we have provided you with the types of wallets that you should choose from according to your needs and crypto goals.

1. Mobile wallet – There are so many ways that you can use Bitcoin. Some include paying for goods, making exchanges, and the like. A mobile wallet can be of great help when it comes to this. It is simply an app that you can install on your smartphone. You also simply store the private keys in your phone and access your Bitcoin to make transactions whenever you want. It is highly secure due to the availability of two-factor authentication. Hopefully, you have understood how to top up a Bitcoin wallet. So, why don’t you go ahead and start using a mobile Bitcoin wallet?

2. Desktop wallet – As the name suggests, these are wallets that you can download and install on a computer. Then, the private keys are stored on the hard drive or solid-state drive. This wallet is very secure because it does not require a third party. They are best for those who are selling or buying Bitcoin in smaller amounts.

3. Web Wallet – This is a type of hot wallet, and it can also be referred to as an exchange wallet. When you are using this wallet, you simply store your private key on the server. This type of wallet is really much more like an online account that you use to tell a third party what to do with your wallet in their custody. This fact can make it an especially simple method for how to top up a Bitcoin wallet because the website interface can be very intuitive.

4. Paper wallet – It is a physical paper document. This wallet comes with a public address that is used when the owner needs to receive Bitcoin or how to top up a Bitcoin wallet. It also has a private key to help the user when they want to spend their Bitcoin in any way or transfer it. What makes everything easier when using this wallet is that it is scanned to carry out a transaction. The only thing required is the use of the keys to complete a transaction. Paper wallets are very secure and fast.

5. Hardware wallet – This is one of the top secure forms of wallet because they store the private key in a physical device that often looks like a large USB thumb drive. The software used in this type of wallet is usually open-source. And another key advantage is that they have screens, which are used when verifying and displaying essential wallet information.


Without a doubt, you now have all the information required on how to top up a Bitcoin wallet. You know what it is, how to use one, how to choose one, the various types to choose from, and the benefits you are bound to enjoy if you decide to use one today. In case you forget anything, you can simply review this article.

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