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Top 20 Big Tech Companies in Houston – 2023 | Best Tech Firms in Houston

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Houston is home to some of the most exciting companies in IT. The city has been a leader in technology and innovation for decades and continues attracting new startups and established corporations. This list includes some of our favorites—they’re all headquartered in Houston!

There are many top Tech companies located in Houston. Some of the top companies include:

#Company NameIndustryLocationYear Founded
1AccentureProfessional ServicesDublin, Ireland1989
2IBMTechnologyArmonk, NY1911
3DeloitteProfessional ServicesNew York, NY1845
4HP Inc.TechnologyPalo Alto, CA1939
5Cisco SystemsTechnologySan Jose, CA1984
6OracleTechnologyRedwood City, CA1977
7MicrosoftTechnologyRedmond, WA1975
8ExxonMobilEnergyIrving, TX1870
9SchlumbergerOil and GasHouston, TX1926
10ShellEnergyThe Hague, Netherlands1907
Please note that these companies all have locations and operations in many other locations around the world in addition to their headquarters locations listed above.

Best Tech & Startups Companies in Houston

1. Oceaneering

Oceaneering is a global distributor of engineered services as well as products to the offshore oil and gas industry. The company has been providing this service since 1964. Today, Oceaneering has become one of the leading tech companies in Houston and EPCIM providers, with offices throughout North America and Europe.

Oceaneering offers services such as design, construction management, installation and maintenance on jackup rigs and non-submersible installations, including pipe lay vessels (PLVs).

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational software corporation operating in Huston. It is the world’s largest software maker by revenue and market capitalization and a major Internet technology company with an extensive collection of websites.

Microsoft has created products such as Windows Operating System, Office Suite, Xbox One Console, and HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset.

It works around its core competencies in software development, design engineering and manufacturing. The company tries to maintain its position as one of the leading providers of computing services across all major industries by providing innovative solutions that meet customer needs across every industry vertical.


PROS is a software company that provides cloud-based solutions for the IT channel. With annual revenue of over $500 million, it’s one of the largest privately held companies in Texas and has been around since 1985. PROS was founded by enthusiasts who wanted to start a business where they could use their computer science skills to build products and services that help businesses succeed in today’s digital world.

Since then, PROS has grown into one of Houston’s largest technology companies, with more than 3,000 employees worldwide who work on projects ranging from enterprise software development (eSight) to big data analytics platforms like CubeCart Online Shopify Marketplace integration services.

4. Cardtronics

Cardtronics is a global leader in financial technology. The company provides solutions that enable people to save time, money and resources while increasing customer satisfaction.

Cardtronics’ high level of expertise in ATM technology enables it to provide complete solutions for both traditional and digital channels. Its products include readers, tags and software solutions that enable businesses to identify customers at the point of sale (POS).

5. BMC Software

The company provides software solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of managing IT infrastructure. BMC Software’s solutions work for more than 100,000 organizations in over 170 countries.

Its offerings include:

  • BMC CloudSuite – A cloud-based platform for DevOps teams to manage their application lifecycle from development through production using a single view across all life cycle stages.
  • BMC Data Center Automation – An automated orchestration software solution for managing large-scale data center environments, including virtualized servers, storage arrays, networks and applications across multiple locations or clouds.

6. Adapt2 Solutions

Adapt2 Solutions’ headquarters in Houston provides cloud-based software for every big industry. It has over 400 employees and is a Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner.

They have you covered for all your operational and contract management needs for using, producing, and maximizing your energy assets. You can pick their Adapt2 B2B (bid-to-bill) solution for power trading and settlements in the North American energy markets. Also, if you need solutions for power scheduling, you can select Adapt2 T2T (trade-to-tag). However, if you need green renewable-centric solutions, you need theirAdapt2 Green renewable. 

All of their products also offer remote monitoring capabilities, so you can stay up-to-date with updates related to their systems’ security status while they’re away from their offices.

7. Entelligence

Entelligence is one of the best technology companies in Houston. Also, it is a global consulting and technology services company that helps clients transform their businesses through digital transformation. Just to let you know more about them, Computerworld magazine recognized them as one of Houston’s top 20 IT companies.

They have committed to helping our customers succeed with technology. They focus on providing their customers with the right tools and expertise at the right price point, so they can focus on what matters most: their customers.

8. HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise is a global provider of technology infrastructure, software and services to customers in the public and private sectors. The company has more than 55,000 employees worldwide. HP Enterprise provides hardware, software and services to customers in the public and private sectors.

HP Enterprise provides hardware, software and services to customers in the public and private sectors. The company has more than 55,000 employees worldwide. HP Enterprise provides hardware, software and services to customers in the public and private sectors.

9. AvidXchange

AvidXchange is a software company based in Houston. It provides payment processing and management software for small businesses, as well as other solutions for the financial industry. 

AvidXchange has over 3,000 employees and has earned its rank on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies every year since 2012.

Since then, they’ve expanded significantly. In 2021, they went public and remained committed to strategically investing in and acquiring market-leading businesses like FastPay, Core Associates, and BankTEL. 

They provide cost-cutting, visibility, and efficiency-boosting assistance to 8,000 North American businesses. Over the past five years, they have gained the confidence of 825,000 suppliers paid through AvidPay Network, processing $180 billion in spend management in 2021. 

Their businesses have allowed them to grow into a top payment solutions provider and account payable (“AP”) automation software for middle market companies and their suppliers.

10. SAP

SAP is a global commander in enterprise software. It offers a wide range of solutions to help companies of all sizes and industries run better. With over 365,000 customers across the country, SAP helps them make smarter decisions by making data understandable and actionable.

SAP offers industry-specific applications that include ERP, EHS, CRM systems like Salesforce or NetSuite (both cloud-based), and IoT platforms like Machine Learning Platforms.

11. AutomationEdge

AutomationEdge provides enterprise-class cloud software that enables IT organizations to automate and orchestrate their cloud and on-premises workloads. 

Their flagship product, Automation Edge Orchestrator (AEO), helps IT teams manage their hybrid environments by automating security compliance checks and streamlining provisioning processes in the public cloud. 

AEO also simplifies the management of private clouds by providing a single pane for common core infrastructure and specific application deployment scenarios such as SQL Express vs. Oracle RAC vs. Hyper-V instances. The company has offices in Houston, TX, with over 250 employees.

12. Recode Solutions

Recode Solutions is a software development and one of the top tech companies in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2001, it has over 500 employees and has been acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing companies in Houston.

Recode Solutions specializes in building custom software for small businesses. The company’s products include CRM systems and sales automation software for managing leads and sales processes through closing customer contracts. 

Recode Solutions also offers cloud-based solutions that allow businesses to store their data on servers hosted by Recode Solutions rather than maintaining their infrastructure or paying extra fees every month (which can add up quickly).

13. Adit

Adit is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) company that provides business management software for the construction industry. Founded in 2009, Adit’s founder saw an opportunity to help his customers manage their projects more efficiently with an all-in-one platform that would meet their needs and save them time.

Today, Adit has over 1 million users across North America and has been called “the Microsoft of construction” by Time magazine.

14. Quorum Software

This one is a software company specializing in financial and operational management software for the healthcare industry. Quorum Software’s headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, with more than 1,500 employees worldwide.

They provide various services that can help your organization to run forward. You can look forward to the company for the various services offerings like cloud software systems to workforce management. Founded in 2014 Alex and Jonathan Marks have established it. 

15. Primus Global Services

This company is one of the big tech companies in Houston and a  provider of IT services and solutions. Primus Global Holdings is the parent company of Primus Global Services, which has over 50 offices worldwide.

The company provides its clients with access to over 1,000 top-tier IT professionals who specialize in delivering innovative technology solutions that meet their business needs by integrating best practices across all industries.

16. Cognitive Space

Cognitive Space is a full-service technology solutions provider that helps companies transform their business, improve performance and drive growth. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, it is recognized as one of the most trusted partners in Houston for implementing cloud solutions.

Cognitive Space’s experienced team has been able to deliver high-quality cloud services at competitive prices since its inception in 2009. They have helped small businesses and large enterprises alike transform their businesses by providing strategic technology solutions, including:

  • Cloud Services (Microsoft Azure) – advanced enterprise infrastructure designed for rapid innovation with lower costs than on-premise infrastructure or private clouds.
  • Data Center Designing & Management – designing data centers that maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

17. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT service management company. The company provides software that helps IT professionals manage their services, applications and users in the cloud. 

ServiceNow was founded in 2003 by Fred Luddy, Pat Sullivan and William Ballhaus. ServiceNow is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

The company’s products include Service Desk Manager (SDM), Cloud Platform Manager (CPM) and Self-Service Portal (SP). The company was originally called “Future Now” but changed its name to ServiceNow after being acquired by CA Technologies in 2007. 

Since then, it has grown rapidly through acquisitions of other companies, including K2 (2010), AppDynamics (2015) and Nozomi Networks (2017).

18. Republic

Republic is a cloud-based contact center software solution that helps businesses increase customer engagement and revenue. Republic’s cloud-based platform offers easy access to your customers through an intuitive web interface, mobile apps, automated email marketing campaigns and more. With this company’s revolutionary approach to customer engagement, you can acquire more sales for less cost. And you can also focus on what matters most: creating amazing experiences for your customers wherever they are in the world.

19. Enverus

Enverus is a software company that provides cloud-based workforce management solutions for the hospitality industry. The company was launched in 2007 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Enverus’ flagship product is Workforce Management (WFM), designed specifically to help hospitality businesses manage their labor departments and ensure compliance with federal regulations like OSHA or Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 

WFM provides online scheduling, time tracking, self-service onboarding/offboarding tools, employee reviews & feedback via mobile devices. Plus, it offers custom reporting capabilities based on your specific needs.

20. is a cloud-based project management software designed for teams of all sizes. It’s also one of the most popular tools for managing Kanban boards, which display work in progress and organize tasks by priority.

Monday’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create new projects, manage calendars and tasks, collaborate on files in real time (and even use them offline!), and share documents with other members of your team or organization—all while keeping track of progress through its robust reporting capabilities. The platform also has an intuitive mobile app that lets you access your content wherever you are—whether at your desk or on vacation abroad!

RankCompanyFundingEmployeesEmployee GrowthRevenue
1QuarterNorth En…162479%$15M
5Rimkus Consulti…7538%$107.7M
7Axiom Space$150M516136%$161.2M
8Syzygy Plasmoni…$30M6244%$7.5M
9The Howard Hugh…$495M75213%$835.9M
12Contango Oil an…$75.4M26746%$70.3M
We have listed the top tech startups located in Houston. 2023 technology companies in Houston


There are many reasons why Houston is such an attractive city to well established companies as well as the tech startups Houston. For one thing, it’s home to over 50 Fortune 500 and 40 Fortune 1000 companies. In addition, the city has a strong economy with low unemployment rates and low crime rates.

But perhaps most importantly, Houston offers a highly educated workforce with a high percentage of college graduates willing and able to support new technology innovations in their fields. This means you can hire talented individuals with the skills necessary for today’s digital world!

If you’re looking for a city with all these things going for it but also encourages innovation on an ongoing basis, Houston may be an ideal place for your business needs too!

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