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Top 55 Biggest & Popular & Profitable Blockchain Companies WorldWide

55 Biggest Blockchain Development Companies In USA 2022 | Most Promising Blockchain Companies

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Blockchain is almost a decade old now. It has given a new sight to the world of how our future can be. With every day new businesses coming forward to see their future possibilities in technology, the blockchain continues to grow at a fast pace now. And, if you also want to see your business working in this technology, consider these biggest companies in blockchain around the world. These professional companies can help you to achieve this aim with ease. 

Most popular & successful blockchain companies worldwide

  1. IBM
  2. Innowise Group
  3. AWS
  4. TCS
  5. Accenture
  6. Binance
  7. Royex Technologies 
  8. Colan Infotech
  9. Rock ‘N’ Block
  10. Hyperlink InfoSystem
  11. Timeline Technology Solutions
  12. Ethos Global Solutions
  13. ApphiTect
  14. UnicSoft
  15. SoluLab
  16. OpenXcell
  17. BrancoSoft Private Limited
  18. QuyTech
  19. DxMinds Technologies Inc
  20. Trendline Global
  21. NineHertz

Top 10 Most Popular Blockchain Companies from USA 2022

1. IBM – Biggest Companies in Blockchain

International business machine corporation, the tech giant, has been to a farfetched level in the blockchain industry. It is also one of the top companies in Dubai to enter into blockchain technology. And when you want to find the best, IBM makes the mark as one of the most important blockchain companies in this technology. 

It is one of the leading companies in Dubai to provide enterprise solutions for supply chain and digital assets, so if you are thinking of taking your business into the world of crypto, IBM can be your first choice. IBM has recently announced its first government-endorsed platform-as-a-service in the UAE and has announced to offer data authority and lower operation costs.

2. Innowise Group – a top global blockchain company

Innowise Group is a global company with 93% clients’ retention rate, 1000+ experienced developers, as well as multiple offices worldwide. The company has recommended itself as one of the top providers of smart and secure blockchain solutions. The company’s blockchain talents can advance projects of any complexity.

Innowise Group makes sure its clients receive bug-free, easily scalable, rich in features blockchain apps of different types. Do not hesitate to contact the company to connect to the top Solana, Solidity, and Hyperledger blockchain developers.

3. TCS – Most Profitable Blockchain Companies

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services provider. And along with the other east Asian regions, it operates in the UAE on corporate levels. It provides blockchain-based consultancy. 

TCS aims to provide solutions for financial firms by means of better security and understanding of blockchain. In UAE, TCS follows the motto to help the business unleash the full potential of blockchain with their consultancy services.  

4. Accenture – Important Blockchain Companies

Accenture is another reputable mention in the list. Accenture is an Irish-based company operating in different regions including Dubai. Just like TCS, Accenture also provides blockchain consultancy. 

Accenture yields great opportunities for businesses who are looking to invest in blockchain. Accenture’s area of expatriates goes far beyond converting metaverse, ledgers, and digital assets solutions. Businesses who want to explore the future for their business in the field of blockchain can start looking it up with Accenture. 

5. Binance – Successful Blockchain Companies

Binance provides the world’s largest crypto exchange platform and now it has gained a license to operate in Dubai. Also, it has secured the license for a cryptocurrency exchange in many countries including one in Bahrain.

Now it is all set to be a game-changer for Dubai’s businesses. 

It aims to set up a blockchain hub in the country by the end of this December 

Binance had said to be cooperating with the Dubai World Trade Center Authority to set up a blockchain hub in the city. Today’s license is likely to further progress to that end. Now Binance has cleared almost the path with all obstacles, now it’s Dubai’s turn to take benefit from it and become crypt heaven for the investors. 

6. Royex Technologies – Most Promising Blockchain Companies

Royex Technologies deliver website development and mobile app development solutions. The company mainly operates in Dubai and provides mobile apps, web, and design solutions for small to large-scale industries. It has deployed more than 300 projects for its clients in Dubai, UAE, and other Middle East countries.

At present Royex Technologies has three offices, our Office of Sales and Support in Dubai, And two other offices in India and Bangladesh that oversee design and development. So, now you can guess the company’s new target is to provide blockchain solutions for other small businesses in Dubai.

The benefit of working with Royex keeps costs and prices lower than their competitors making it one of the most profitable blockchain companies. So, it is worth trying with Royex Technologies. 

7. Colan Infotech – Promising blockchain startups

Colan Infotech works on client-centric projects making them a fully client-oriented company. They aim to energize the success of small or large businesses around the world through the imagination of our people and smart technology. 

Colan infotech is well known among its clients for providing easy-to-use software and services from cloud services and analytics to mobile and web technology, payroll, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and payments.

Now they have birthed a new niche for their business, blockchain development. They offer various services in the field of blockchain including, blockchain development, private blockchain development, cryptocurrency development, smart contract development, and supply chain development. 

8. Rock ‘N’ Block – One of the biggest blockchain companies

Rock ‘N’ Block is an official Enterprise Ethereum Alliance member of blockchain implementation. Their area of practice is engaged in custom development and implementation of software-based blockchain technologies for small to large businesses and startups. 

They provide crowdfunding support and have taken one step ahead for their corporation by launching their own STOs. They provide services in infrastructure like token creation & distribution, STO platform hosting, landing page design, etc. 

Smart contracts which are an integral part of the blockchain, Rock ‘N’ Block have deployed them more than 1500+ times. They have audited over 50 ICO contracts and saved over $300 million of investor funds. So, if you are tempted to transact via a Blockchain in or outside of Dubai? Then, the only quick solution is to get in touch with Rock’N’Block.

9. Hyperlink InfoSystem – largest blockchain companies in India

Hyperlink InfoSystem is another reputable member of the blockchain community. It is one of the most trusted IT & Software development companies when it comes to blockchain operations in Dubai, UAE, and other Middle East countries. It has almost 10+ years of experience. And the journey of the company has met the expectations of over 2,300 clients around the world. 

The company has a portfolio of working on more than 200 blockchain projects to date. Other than the blockchain they offer world-class IT services like web and app development, custom software development, Cryptocurrencies, AI, IoT, CRM, ERP, Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, Big Data, Salesforce, Mobile Games, and many more. So, what do you think about HyperlinkInfotech? 

10. Timeline Technology Solutions – biggest blockchain startups

Time Technology Solutions provide industry-specific software solutions based in Dubai, UAE. They also work in the area of artificial intelligence and offer tailored innovative software solutions using integrated technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Experience Design, Blockchain, Cloud & DevOps, IoT, and Cybersecurity.

11. Ethos Global Solutions – biggest companies using blockchain

Ethos Global Solutions have more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry. And with this streamlined experience, they have worked on more than 200 tech projects in the field. 

Their business motto is to make brand perception management and provide custom resolution to help every business obtain and maintain their positive web presence. They focus on making the business visible in a short period of time. Ethos Global Solution also has become a top blockchain solutions provider in Dubai. So, if you want to trust the experience, you can go for Ethos Global Solutions. 

12. ApphiTect

Apphitech is also one of the top blockchain providers. They have clients in more than 40 countries and have worked with other top companies like Accenture and Cbazaar. Their area of work includes mobile applications other than the blockchain. With more than 1000+ clients they have proudly deployed the 600+ app projects.

 And with that much experience now they are on the mission to serve their clients with future technology like blockchain. 

Founded in 2008, now Apphitech entered blockchain to provide eCommerce blockchain solutions. They have more than 200+ employees working for them to deliver their projects efficiently and fastly. The business that is looking to build an eCommerce or supply chain can consider working with ApphiTech. 

13. UnicSoft – large blockchain company

UnicSoft is a blockchain development service company active in Dubai. It provides the infrastructure of any size and business domain with blockchain-powered distributed solutions. And if you have an already existing blockchain project.

 They can embed it or adjust it into a new blockchain project, which is going to be built from scratch. They have worked on projects like Crypto Analytic Tool for maker DAO and SoccerCoin. With these two and the other two projects they already have hands-on experience, which you can trust for your business in the blockchain.

 Along with blockchain Unicsoft work on the other integrated and non-integrated technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Big Data, and Data Science. Needless to say, Unicsoft has a lot to impress you. 

14. SoluLab – biggest blockchain startup company

SoluLab is one of the most trusted companies. And if you look at their portfolio, you will find that they are the only company in this list that covers almost every use case of the blockchain. The blockchain use cases that they cover include, finance, healthcare, logistics, transportation, and oil and gas making them one of the top blockchain development companies with over 50M+ active users. 

Their client area spread from apps to industry-competitive 97% customer success score. Over the years SoluLab has partnered with Fortune 500 enterprises to high-growth startups and become one of the most successful blockchain companies. Their partners include well-known media giants in the industry like Walt Disney and other organizations like Goldman Sachs, the University of Cambridge, Mercedes Benz, and more.

15. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is an India-based blockchain company. You can hire a blockchain developer according to your requirement. They offer flexible 

engagement and cost models for apps like digital cash systems, smart contracts, Blockchain wallets, ledger transactions, etc. So, you don’t have to go for a rookie, when OpenXcell can provide your highly trained and experienced developers.

 With them, you can request to work on a single blockchain application or on an entire suit. It is up to you how you can how you want the process to be. You can expect complete transparency, enhanced efficiency, improved traceability, and the best quality of Blockchain apps when you hire a Blockchain developer with them.

16. BrancoSoft Private Limited

Now, if you want to craft something digitally awesome BrancoSoft can be your partner. They are another India-based mobile app development company. They offer reliable and timely solutions for small to large businesses. The company provides services like mobile and web apps for both brands and start-ups. 

With more than 5 years of experience and 80 + employees, they have built apps that have an installation number of more than 150 million. Overall 5 years they have supplied their projects for almost 20 countries. They have achieved a lot within this short period of time. 

17. QuyTech

Quytech is an India-based, trusted Mobile app, AI/ML, Blockchain, and Game development company. Through the process of gaining 10 years of experience, they have helped startups to guide through the right direction. They have found uniqueness and offer the latest technology to craft your mobile app idea into reality. 

They develop applications that are appreciated for highly interactive UI/UX design, and smooth functionalities that help startups to deliver an impeccable user experience to target their desired audience.

With services like Blockchain development, Unity/Unreal game development, AR/VR app development, and more, they aim to fuel the success of hundreds of businesses from every use case of blockchains like healthcare, Fitness, Sports, Education, Retail, eCommerce, Real Estate, and other verticals.

18. DxMinds Technologies Inc

DxMinds Technologies is one of the fastest-growing digital transformation companies. It operates mainly in America, and the silicon valley of the USA but it also has branches in India, Peru, UAE, and Australia. 

They provide solutions in art technologies and best industry practices. They have a team of 100+ professionals and in-house engineers who grasp the art of carving out the best solutions using technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, Machine learning, IoT, AR/VR/MR, and so on. 

19. Trendline Global

It is the first entry of a Ukrainian-based company on this list. However, Trendline Global is another honorable mention. They provide software development and excellent blockchain solutions to their clients. And, mind that, if you want to work with the Fintech business model, Trendline Global can be your choice. 

They cover almost every Blockchain use case like smart contracts, Dapps, Integrating AI in Blockchain, Crypto funds, tokenization, trading platforms, Whitehat audit, and public and private blockchain development.

20. NineHertz

Based in India, The NineHertz offers exceptional service in the field of Blockchain development, mobile application development, and web design company. The NineHertz aims to deliver the best-suited solutions at a competitive cost around the world 

We have a team of more than 50 full-time employees, consisting of project managers, developers (smartphone apps, web design, and development), and quality assurance experts. In the last 8+ years, NineHertz has delivered outstanding results for clients while also earning ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.NineHertz strives to provide the best solution at a reasonable price with complete client satisfaction.

So, that is our list of most promising blockchain companies in blockchain technology. And as we know their blockchain is going to change the world forever, so it is better to step out and take some help rather than fail in this technology race. 

21. AWS – Most Popular Blockchain Companies

There is no business that hasn’t heard about the AWS business. Amazon Web Service Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon business. AWS provides cloud computing and API solutions in every field from individuals and companies to governments. 

Recently AWS has found its way to the Blockchain and soon after, it became one of the most popular blockchain companies in the field. The upcoming projects of AWS target the business enterprises in the UAE. 

It will consist of three availability zones and become AWS’ second region in the Middle East giving customers more choice and flexibility to leverage advanced technologies from the world’s leading cloud. 

The top five blockchain firms by market capitalization in the Global 2000 list

  1. Microsoft
  2. Alphabet 
  3. Meta 
  4. Tencent 
  5. Oracle 

The World’s Largest Blockchain Company 2022

Biggest Companies in Blockchain

Top 20 Blockchain-Based Companies by Category

CategoryBlockchain Company
Capital MarketsAxoni
Consumer YieldCelsius Network
Custody & Wallet ServicesFireblocks
Data & AnalyticsNansen
Infrastructure & DevelopmentAlchemy
Institutional Crypto ServicesNYDIG
NFTs & GamingForte Labs
RegTech & SecurityChainalysis
Staking & Node HostingBlockdaemon
Biggest Companies in Blockchain

List of Top 10 Most Promising Blockchain Companies in USA

  1. Orion infosolutions
  2. Hidden Brains InfoTech
  3. S-PRO
  4. Consagous Technologies
  5. Prismetric
  6. Dot Com Infoway
  7. Intellect soft
  8. Sphinx Solutions
  9. HashCash Consultants
  10. 4ire Labs

10 Most Successful Blockchain Companies in Australia

  1. Aspired
  2. Labrys
  3. Infograins
  4. Quytech
  5. OpenGeeksLab
  6. TechGropse Pvt. Ltd
  7. SAG IPL
  8. Parangat Technologies
  9. DxMinds Technologies Inc
  10. Blockchain Australia

Top 10 UK Based Blockchain Startups and Technology Companies

  2. Elliptic.
  3. Zamna.
  4. Adhara.
  5. Argo Blockchain.
  6. Everledger.
  8. Coinfirm.
  9. Fetch
  10. SETL

Top Biggest Blockchain Companies in Australia 2022

  1. Labrys – Leading Australian Blockchain Development Company
  2. EB Pearls – Multi-Award Winning Mobile app developers
  3. Five2One – We solve your biggest problems with great code
  4. Power Ledger – Blockchain Developer in Australia
  5. DigitalX – Limited Financial & Technical Services for the Blockchain
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