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7 Best Ways To Track Someone’s Car Location

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Being able to keep track of the location of your car is a very essential and convenient skill that will always be useful. It can help you manage your business vehicle, primarily if you are operating a fleet in designated routes. You can also monitor family vehicles in other people’s use to monitor their activities and safety, mainly when young people use the car. Tracking can also help you deal with emergencies like the case of a stolen car or just in case your business vehicle experiences mechanical concerns while in transit. 

The need for motor vehicle tracking has always existed as long as vehicles have been used. Technology is making it easier with constant inventions to provide new techniques and continuous innovation to improve quality, the already invented car tracking tactics. Law enforcement officers have been deploying lots of remote technology—long before the Global Position System (GPS) era —which can still work today.

Here are the seven best ways to track your car:

  1. Using GPS Tracking Devices

GPS car-tracking devices remain at the top of technology regarding car location tracking. A versatile tracking system for cars like RAM car trackers has excellent features that give more information than the car’s location. You can know if the fuel is sufficient, and you can also receive updates on the mechanical fitness of the vehicle and know when your car may need servicing. 

On the other hand, the real-time updates of this particular device will help you stay informed and monitor subtle features like careless driving and re-routing. Any suspicious behaviours or unnecessary stoppages can help you detect matters of concern to enhance safety and cost-effectiveness. RAM trackers also analyze your reports to help you make reasonable interpretations, even without hi-tech expertise. GPS trackers remain at the top of the game for perfect location tracking. 

  1. Phone Tracking Using GPS

Phone Tracking may need you to have an additional smartphone. With your gadgets in place, you can download one of the multitudinous free phone GPS trackers for Android and iPhone.  You will then safely hide the smartphone you want to use as a tracker in your vehicle and ensure its location is turned on for this technique to be viable. You must be careful to ensure it is on silent mode, or notifications will attract an unnecessary audience and make it dead on arrival.

While phone tracking is free, unlike most GPS tracking devices with monthly fees, you may need a small budget for cellular data to get value from this technology fully. You may need to charge your phone regularly to ensure it doesn’t go off since this technique only works when your tracking phone is on.

  1. Car Trackers For Business

At the core of every business is the need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With this in mind, most companies now utilize fleet management systems (FMS) to track the vehicles their personnel drive and remain informed of where their cars are. If the company’s fleet management system covers your vehicle, that should end your concerns with tracking solutions because it will address your tracking needs.

Fleet management systems also give much more than location tracking. These additional benefits include fuel management, traffic updates, weather updates, speed updates, and a comprehensive report on the state of the engine.  All these are a great aid to fleet safety and contributor to top-notch management and car safety.

  1. Signal Tracking on Cell Phones

Signal tracking employs the technique police officers or individuals use to trace a lost phone. Such efforts may involve calling the mobile phone provider for vital information about recent activities. In case of theft, and the intelligent thief disables the phone’s location, he can still be traced if he connects to a Wi-Fi by monitoring the network site. A call or SMS from such a phone may also give away the thief. 

Mapping the concept to traffic goals and having a functional phone in the vehicle may prove as helpful as having a GPS gadget. For this purpose, the phone must remain on since you can’t receive any signals from a switched-off phone. 

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Tracking of Radio Transmitters is an old technology used by cops in the 1960s, yet it remains viable for use in the twenty-first century. The execution involves connecting a radio transmitter to your vehicle and purchasing a receiver capable of receiving this signal. 

A built-in FM radio may not be the one since it is only a receiver but cannot transmit traceable signals. Citizen Band (CB) radios can work well for this purpose. A point of caution is that radio transmitters can only tell you where the signal is coming from, not where the car is. Nonetheless, it is a worthy clue to aid your quest.

  1. Using On-The-Road And Onboard Equipment

On-The-Road And Onboard Equipment is an old fashion way technique that comes to you as the last resort when all else has disappointed you. The procedure starts by carefully placing a camera in your car that the thieves or any other potential rat cannot see. This camera will shoot everything ongoing onboard in your absence, and you can review it by analyzing the elements of the tape to keep up-to-date with information.  

Roadside cameras used by the police can also give you some finer details just in case your car has used that route. Roadside cameras can be effective if they are numerous along the way. Access to CCTV cameras can also aid with self-investigation. You can also try Insecam, which provides free access to various running IP cameras from across the globe.

  1. Tracking Of Licence Plates

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A car’s license plate always provides more information about it, including its automotive characteristics, the owner, and the vehicle’s history by just using those digits. Can they assist you in locating the car? Oh yes, after satisfying some requirements. 

The license plate doesn’t emit any signal; therefore, the first condition involves acquiring a locating device and then using the GPS tracking device to interlink your license plate. You will need an account on your location’s central GPS server, a car with a tracking appliance, and a database of license plates interlinked to the server. This technique is deemed by many as the future of vehicle tracking technology.


Car tracking solutions are vital for individual and business use. It helps you remain informed about the safety of your car and its location and aids in retrieving it in case of theft or loss. There are many ways you can track your vehicle. This article gives you the seven best ways to consider.

Written by Ashok Kumar
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