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7 Proven Ways To Be Very Good In An Online Poker Game

In this article, we’ll suggest some methods that can help you ace almost any game of poker with ease. So, let’s begin...

Written by Niel Patel · 2 min read >
Online Poker Game

Honestly, anyone can learn a fundamental poker strategy. Nonetheless, if you are new to the game, it might be better to come forward after learning a few tips and tricks.

And, that’s what we are going to do here. In this article, we’ll suggest some methods that can help you ace almost any game of poker with ease. So, let’s begin our journey right away!

Getting Started: Be Choosy about Your Starting Hand.

As a new player, you might feel a little too tempted to play each and every hand. After all, why should you sit and watch while everyone else is having fun, right?


All too often, you’ll get awful poker hands due to rotten luck. Therefore, if you play on the same round, you’ll put yourself at risk of losing money.

A Basic Tip: Be Confident and Aggressive.

When it comes to playing poker, being a little too aggressive can go a long way. For example, it can help you intimidate your opponent and make them wary of you. And this way, you will be able to manipulate weaker players even more.

However, be careful. When you are playing against a pro player, it may be better to be a little more cautious. After all, they are good at reading people. Thus, even if you are being way too aggressive with a small hand, they’ll catch you in the act right away.

Taking a Foxy Turn: Learn How to Bluff.

Bluffing is a core part of any poker game. And it can help you distinguish a good player from a novice individual. So, it’s best if you do it often.

How should you bluff, though? Well, to begin with, no matter what cards you have in your hand, you must be confident and show that you have a killer combination here.

It will take a good bit of lying. However, if you can execute it perfectly, it will be much easier for you to fool people out of the blue.

Being Careful: Don’t Lie too Much.

Bluffing every once in a while is certainly beneficial for anyone. However, if you tend to do it too frequently, you’ll end up becoming the obvious joe.

And as mentioned before, a professional poker player will always understand when a person is bluffing their way. If you get caught, you won’t be able to win again anymore.

Stating the Obvious: Never Limp.

When you are playing poker with a ground, especially Texas Hold’em, limping is something you must avoid somehow. And it’s even more important if you are going first.

It, in turn, will give away very favorable pot odds to all of your opponents. Hence, the chance of you winning the game will reduce massively. 

The only suitable situation of limping will be after someone else has already done it before. It can help you stay in hand and seek chances of catching a decent pot.

A Must-Do: Defend All of Your Big Blinds.

Although it’s quite obvious, we’re still going to reiterate it one more time. If you want to get or maintain a decent enough stack, you have to defend your big blind actively. 

After all, you have already invested here. Hence, for you, it’s an exclusive and eminent place to be. Sometimes, you’ll get in a situation where you have a tricky hand to defend the BB.

What should you do, then?

Well, try to defend it anyhow. If you don’t know what to do, effective bluffing can help you get out of the zone quickly. However, there’s still luck involved there, so be careful.

The Final One: Find Your Opponent’s Weakness.

No matter how good your opponent is, they will surely have some sort of weakness lingering over their shoulders. So, try to focus as much as you can on them at the beginning of the game and play your cards right when the time comes.

For instance, if someone is getting good hands but is pretty fearful, you can comfortably manipulate them by offering a strong and confident display. Also, if someone is being way too confident, you should try being less trigger-happy. 

This way, you can catch them off-guard later on.


So, that will be all for this blog. We hope we could offer you the best possible tips regarding poker and more. But if you want to know about something else, don’t forget to comment. We will certainly check it out and reply at the earliest.

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