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What Is the Best Way to Hire Node.js Developers

10 tips to hire full stack developer node js in USA, UK, India in 2023. How to hire the best node js...

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Top Companies Using Node JS

Because giant companies such as Netflix and LinkedIn hire Node.js developers to achieve outstanding performance is a reason enough why Node.js is an excellent choice. 

Of course, picking backend technology is not just a walk in the park. Still, suppose you desire to concentrate on high-level performance and scalability while cutting development costs. In that case, your goal should be to hire dedicated Node js developer to help your business grow quickly. 

But what is the best way to hire a Node.js developer, and what are its advantages?

That’s what we are going to find out in this article, so let’s begin.

First of All, What Is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source environment used to develop and run web apps. Node is light on the server; multitasking is its forte, while it runs on a V8 engine for chromium browsers like Google. 

It was made by Ryan Dahl back in 2009, so it has years of experience in the global market. Its aim is also to develop an architecture that can make the creation of complex programs possible via basic ones. 

In essence, it’s a backend solution with a runtime environment that gives the option for JavaScript execution on the server. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic ecosystem for data-intensive apps since it uses an event-driven, single-threaded, asynchronous model. Every freelance Node js developer will confirm that Node.js is unique since it’s a scalable and light way to execute code.

Primary Advantages of Using Node.js

According to Statista, the famous company specializing in market and consumer data, Node.js is the most used web framework in 2022 all over the globe. 

This undeniable fact applies that there are many advantages of using Node.js, in this case, hiring a Node.js developer. We will focus on the primary ones, so here’s the list of the essential Node.js advantages:

  • It provides simple and easy hosting. 
  • Node.js is cost-effective since it desires less computational power to host web apps.
  • Because of the Node Package Manager, it offers effortless sharing.
  • It’s SEO friendly! Websites have better visibility thanks to its rendering capabilities.
  • Easy-deployment possibilities because of the ability to complete and test all aspects fast.

These are the primary advantages of Node.js; now, let’s move on to the Node.js developer responsibilities.

Node.js Developer Responsibilities

One of the first Node js interview questions you should ask a potential employee is what the Node.js developer’s responsibilities and roles are.

In essence, your Node.js developer has to be responsible for deploying and managing network apps in JavaScript and other similar technologies. They need to know how to control data exchange between users and servers, connect apps with third-party services, and develop backend components.

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But that’s not all, since they should also know how to support front-end developers via the integration of web-based apps. 

In order to be sure that your future Node.js developer is perfect for the job, you must check whether they have extensive knowledge of services based on Node.js. Furthermore, a Node.js developer with experience will have a level of expertise that will provide consistent yet secure data exchange. 

Therefore, you must pay attention to these essential skills and responsibilities if you want to hire the perfect Node.js developer:

  • Work together with front-end developers in order to integrate components.
  • Have knowledge of how to deploy and manage each server-side network element.
  • Make sure there’s optimal responsiveness to central database performance and front-end requests.
  • Report database schemas and other operations.
  • Design backend services and customer-facing UI for a large number of business operations.
  • Carry out appropriate data protection measures, safety protocols, and storage solutions. 
  • Write effective, reusable, and testable code to develop high-performing apps.
  • Have the ability to recommend and execute improvements.
  • Keep up-to-date about Node.js news, new trends, advancements, and technologies.
  • Last but not least, conduct tests to fix deficiencies while also providing tech support when necessary.

Your candidate needs to have at least a certain level of knowledge of all of the above responsibilities and skills. 

Top Companies Using Node JS in their Development Process

Where to Find the Best Node.js Developers?

A global talent network is the best way to find and hire Node.js developers.


Because it will provide you with a massive amount of top-rated Node.js developers with expertise and experience that can help your business grow fast. 

Instead of wasting your precious time and a large amount of money to find the perfect candidate and neglecting other essential aspects of your business while searching for developers, it’s much better to address a global talent network immediately. 

Once you collaborate with a global talent network, you will leave the hiring process in safe hands. You will pick the best candidates right away; therefore, you will have a lot more time to focus on other important tasks for your company.

Each Node.js developer on the list of a talent network has undergone a rigorous verification process, including technical and personal aspects. Furthermore, the network scales as you need, while you can quickly source, manage, and pay your workforce using the platform. Lastly, you will reduce expenses since you’ll no longer have to pay more than 75% markups for marketplaces and traditional staffing agencies. 

To Sum It All Up

Considering the advantages of Node.js that we have seen here, it’s evident that it’s a fantastic choice for your business. In addition, since some of the best companies, such as Netflix, use it, there’s no need to explain how much more efficient Node js can be for smaller companies. 

Please don’t waste more time starting your hiring process for Node.js developers via a global talent network since your business competitors are already trying to steal the best developers on the market. 

And since you know the essential responsibilities and roles of a Node.js developer, it’s time to go hunting!

Written by Ashok Kumar
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